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Professional Data Recovery Services

When data loss strikes, you need help from a qualified data recovery company to get back on your feet again.

Secure Data Recovery Services has experienced engineers, a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom and the industry's best data repair facilities. When you need files from a hard drive, flash drive, RAID array or any other type of digital device, our specialists deliver results. Click on one of the services listed below for a detailed description or call our customer service team today to start a case.

We offer a varied set of recovery services to help you quickly recover from data loss events. Our services include:

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard Drive Recovery

Secure Data Recovery Services offers expert data recovery and repair services for all desktop, laptop and external hard drives.

» More about Hard Drive Recovery

Apple Mac Recovery

Apple Mac Recovery

We specialize in Mac OS X systems and can safely treat damaged iMacs, MacBooks and more while maintaining your warranty.

» More about Apple Mac Recovery

Laptop Data Recovery

Laptop Data Recovery

Whether you accidentally overwrite your laptop's data or you have a crashed hard drive, our experts provide dependable results.

» More about Laptop Data Recovery

Desktop Data Recovery Services

Desktop Data Recovery

We offer a full set of media repair and recovery services for all desktop computers regardless of operating system or file system.

» More about Desktop Data Recovery

RAID Data Recovery

RAID Data Recovery

We can safely treat all types of RAID, and by recreating your array with specialized equipment, we can recover data without access to your original hardware.

» More about RAID Data Recovery

RAID Repair

RAID Repair

Our engineers can repair damaged RAID arrays, giving you a simple, comprehensive disaster recovery plan that helps your business avoid downtime.

» More about RAID Repair

SAN Data Recovery

SAN Data Recovery

Our specialists can effectively restore data from your storage area network (SAN), preventing significant downtime while protecting your privacy through state-of-the-art security.

» More about SAN Data Recovery

NAS Data Recovery

NAS Data Recovery

Secure Data Recovery Services can prevent NAS downtime, quickly returning a full, working copy of your files after any type of disaster.

» More about NAS Data Recovery

Server Data Recovery

Server Data Recovery

We specialize in server recovery. Our engineers can repair your server while recovering data, minimizing downtime during a data loss disaster.

» More about Server Data Recovery

Tape Data Recovery

Tape Data Recovery

We are one of the only companies that can treat physically damaged DLTs, LTOs and other data tapes without risking media damage.

» More about Tape Data Recovery

Database Data Recovery

Database Data Recovery

Our specialists have expertise with all database types and RDBMS systems including MySQL, Oracle, Access and more.               

» More about Database Data Recovery

Encrypted Data Recovery

Encrypted Data Recovery

Encrypted files present serious challenges for data recovery engineers. We have unparalleled experience with EFS and all other encryption implementations.

» More about Encrypted Recovery

Database Data Recovery

Remote Data Recovery

We offer the world's most confidential data recovery services by using logical media handling procedures and state-of-the-art technologies.

» More about Remote Data Recovery

On-site Data Recovery

On-site Data Recovery

We offer on-site professional data recovery services. This option is reserved for the most difficult and critical delicate data loss situations.

» More about On-site Data Recovery

SSD Data Recovery

SSD Data Recovery

Solid-state drives are a relatively new storage technology. We have the tools to safely rebuild SSDs and SSD-HDD hybrids without risking media damage.

» More about SSD Data Recovery

USB Flash and SD Card Data Recovery

USB Flash Data Recovery

We can treat physically and logically damaged flash media including thumb drives, camera cards and more.

» More about USB & SD Card Services

File Recovery

File & Email Data Recovery

If you need to recover a single email or an entire archive file, our specialists can quickly restore the missing information.

» More about File & Email Recovery

Mobile Data Recovery Forensics

Mobile Recovery & Forensics

We are uniquely qualified to recover data from phones, and we can securely access lost messages and application data without voiding active warranties.

» More about Mobile Recovery

Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics

Secure Data Recovery Services applies leading-edge computer forensics expertise to extract and preserve challenge-proof digital evidence for any business, private, civil or criminal investigation.

» More about Digital Forensics

eDiscovery Services


Attorneys depend on our E-Discovery service to unearth digital data most relevant to their case in compliance with Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

» More about eDiscovery

Additional Recovery Services

Additional Services

If you need to recover data from a storage device, Secure Data Recovery Services can help. Our facilities are equipped to treat all digital devices.

» More about Additional Services

Service Options

Service Options

Whether you need a fast turnaround or you are working within a budget, our expansive set of service options helps you meet your goals.

» More about Service Options

Emergency Data Recovery

Emergency Data Recovery

When you need fast access to critically important data, we offer an average turnaround of less than 48 hours. Our emergency data recovery services provide a fast way to get critical files back up and running after any media disaster. With certified security and an average turnaround of less than a day, we offer the best set of options for professional data recovery and media repair.

» More about Emergency Services

All of our data recovery services include a no recovery, no charge guarantee, and we maintain your confidentiality with exceptional security systems. To learn more about our services, use our online data recovery services contact form or call our customer service department today.

Customer Reviews

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  • Top Quality Service

    Reviewed on Dec 8 2017

    I had a hard drive fail unexpectedly that I needed data recovered from. Mitchell Moore was a pleasure to work with. He kept me updated on the status of the recovery the whole way and explained things is detail. I would not hesitate to recommend Secure Data Recovery and Mitchell to any one who needs data recovery services.

    Authenticated East Elmhurst, NY
  • I almost lost 25 Years of Work!

    Reviewed on Nov 30 2017

    When my computer with all of my work from almost three decades crashed and I learned the back-up information was also lost, I was not sure what to do. Mitch and the staff at Secure Data Recovery were quick to respond, answered all my questions and were helpful and professional throughout the process.

    Secure Data Recovery was able to repair the very damaged hard drive and retrieve EVERYTHING!

    If you find yourself dealing with a damaged hard drive, Secure Data Recovery is the company you need!

    Authenticated Munroe Falls, OH
  • Top quality service.

    Reviewed on Nov 27 2017

    Had a external USB drive go bad. Called Secure Data Recovery and talked with Mitchel. He thoroughly explained everything I needed to know from delivery to diagnostics and repair. Always promptly responded to any email/phone messages and followed up with me to insure the process went smooth. I liked how this company is committed to customer service with knowledgeable people. Unfortunately the drive was in pretty bad shape and after receiving the diagnostic report I opted not to get the recovery done (no cost to me). However I felt that this whole experience with this company was worth commenting on. I would definitely recommend Secure Data Recovery to anyone and would certainly come back for any future data recovery need.

    Authenticated Saratoga, CA
  • Great Service and Speed

    Reviewed on Nov 16 2017

    Excellent service for a very fair pair from Secure Data Recovery Service Team. They were able to recover 100% of the data from a HDD that I was about to give up on. Mitchell, the representative was very helpful in keeping me informed regarding their recovery efforts. Will definitely recommend their services to any friends or colleagues that might need their services in the future.

    Authenticated Brooklyn, NY
  • Gr8 Work

    Reviewed on Nov 15 2017

    I moved and both my hard drive and back up would not start up after moving everything but I sent my Hard Drive in and Mitchell Moore helped me get all my data back so happy everything turned out fine A+ work!

    Authenticated Conneaut, OH
  • 2TB Recovery Family Photos

    Reviewed on Nov 14 2017

    If you're reading this you've already lost your data and are searching for a recovery service. I sent my damaged 2TB HD to Secure Data and my case was picked up by Mitchell Moore. Mitchell provided very timely responses to my questions and was able to recover over two years of family photos I had lost with no backup.

    Authenticated LaVale, MD
  • Very Fast

    Reviewed on Nov 13 2017

    We recently loss a hard drive and with in a week we were able to recover the data. Mitchell Moore and his team were absolutely outstanding!

    Authenticated Leetonia, OH
  • Great Service

    Reviewed on Nov 9 2017

    I damaged an external drive and decided tos end it over to Secure Data Recovery - so glad I did - had no idea how professionally they manage the whole process and follows ups. Definitely the company to go with if you need such a service.

    Authenticated Miami, FL
  • Reliable Service

    Reviewed on Nov 2 2017

    I had an SSD recovered from my MacBook Pro. My point of contact was Alec Sakenes and he made the process quite seamless. It was reassuring to have a dedicated person to call or write, considering the stress of potentially lost data! Hoping to not need the service again, but if I do, I'll come to Secure Data Recovery.

    Authenticated Charleston, WV
  • Best Service & Data Recovery

    Reviewed on Oct 30 2017

    Hardware failure and data loss can have a catastrophic impact on the operation of any business. The good news is when those events happen, Secure Data Recovery is there to help. A quick call to SDR put us in touch with our account representative Mitchell Moore. The hardware arrived at their lab the next business day, with a same day bench test and diagnostic. The clean room repair was managed quickly allowing for a massive amount of data recovery. The data was returned to us with minimal downtime. 100% customer satisfaction, the only place to send hardware for data recovery. Thanks, SDR & Mitchell.

    Authenticated Craig, CO
  • Great service

    Reviewed on Oct 25 2017

    When my 13 year old UNIX station died along with my HDD I knew I'd have a hard time recovering my data. Thankfully, it wasn't the case - SDR (especially Mitchell Moore) provided exceptional service - quick, reliable and with real-time updates at every step of the recovery process. The whole process was transparent and explained in detail - Mitchell's e-mail and phone availability was much appreciated. A welcomed bonus was that my data was recovered in full (and in record time). I would recommend SDR for anyone who wants a professional and reliable data recovery system!

    Authenticated Montreal, QC
  • Satisfied Customer

    Reviewed on Oct 18 2017

    I work in a multinational organization, we had a case where one of our Employees dropped their laptop and hard drive stopped working.
    I reached out to Secure Data Recovery and "Mitchell Moore" reached out to me in a timely manner and was able to fulfill our needs. our Employee received all his files back and is a satisfied customer.

    Highly recommended.

    Authenticated Pendleton, IN

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