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Professional Data Recovery Services

When data loss strikes, you need help from a qualified data recovery company to get back on your feet again.

Secure Data Recovery Services has experienced engineers, a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom and the industry's best data repair facilities. When you need files from a hard drive, flash drive, RAID array or any other type of digital device, our specialists deliver results. Click on one of the services listed below for a detailed description or call our customer service team today to start a case.

We offer a varied set of recovery services to help you quickly recover from data loss events. Our services include:

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard Drive Recovery

Secure Data Recovery Services offers expert data recovery and repair services for all desktop, laptop and external hard drives.

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Apple Mac Recovery

Apple Mac Recovery

We specialize in Mac OS X systems and can safely treat damaged iMacs, MacBooks and more while maintaining your warranty.

» More about Apple Mac Recovery

Laptop Data Recovery

Laptop Data Recovery

Whether you accidentally overwrite your laptop's data or you have a crashed hard drive, our experts provide dependable results.

» More about Laptop Data Recovery

Desktop Data Recovery Services

Desktop Data Recovery

We offer a full set of media repair and recovery services for all desktop computers regardless of operating system or file system.

» More about Desktop Data Recovery

RAID Data Recovery

RAID Data Recovery

We can safely treat all types of RAID, and by recreating your array with specialized equipment, we can recover data without access to your original hardware.

» More about RAID Data Recovery

RAID Repair

RAID Repair

Our engineers can repair damaged RAID arrays, giving you a simple, comprehensive disaster recovery plan that helps your business avoid downtime.

» More about RAID Repair

SAN Data Recovery

SAN Data Recovery

Our specialists can effectively restore data from your storage area network (SAN), preventing significant downtime while protecting your privacy through state-of-the-art security.

» More about SAN Data Recovery

NAS Data Recovery

NAS Data Recovery

Secure Data Recovery Services can prevent NAS downtime, quickly returning a full, working copy of your files after any type of disaster.

» More about NAS Data Recovery

Server Data Recovery

Server Data Recovery

We specialize in server recovery. Our engineers can repair your server while recovering data, minimizing downtime during a data loss disaster.

» More about Server Data Recovery

Tape Data Recovery

Tape Data Recovery

We are one of the only companies that can treat physically damaged DLTs, LTOs and other data tapes without risking media damage.

» More about Tape Data Recovery

Database Data Recovery

Database Data Recovery

Our specialists have expertise with all database types and RDBMS systems including MySQL, Oracle, Access and more.               

» More about Database Data Recovery

Encrypted Data Recovery

Encrypted Data Recovery

Encrypted files present serious challenges for data recovery engineers. We have unparalleled experience with EFS and all other encryption implementations.

» More about Encrypted Recovery

Database Data Recovery

Remote Data Recovery

We offer the world's most confidential data recovery services by using logical media handling procedures and state-of-the-art technologies.

» More about Remote Data Recovery

On-site Data Recovery

On-site Data Recovery

We offer on-site professional data recovery services. This option is reserved for the most difficult and critical delicate data loss situations.

» More about On-site Data Recovery

SSD Data Recovery

SSD Data Recovery

Solid-state drives are a relatively new storage technology. We have the tools to safely rebuild SSDs and SSD-HDD hybrids without risking media damage.

» More about SSD Data Recovery

USB Flash and SD Card Data Recovery

USB Flash Data Recovery

We can treat physically and logically damaged flash media including thumb drives, camera cards and more.

» More about USB & SD Card Services

File Recovery

File & Email Data Recovery

If you need to recover a single email or an entire archive file, our specialists can quickly restore the missing information.

» More about File & Email Recovery

Mobile Data Recovery Forensics

Mobile Recovery & Forensics

We are uniquely qualified to recover data from phones, and we can securely access lost messages and application data without voiding active warranties.

» More about Mobile Recovery

Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics

Secure Data Recovery Services applies leading-edge computer forensics expertise to extract and preserve challenge-proof digital evidence for any business, private, civil or criminal investigation.

» More about Digital Forensics

eDiscovery Services


Attorneys depend on our E-Discovery service to unearth digital data most relevant to their case in compliance with Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

» More about eDiscovery

Additional Recovery Services

Additional Services

If you need to recover data from a storage device, Secure Data Recovery Services can help. Our facilities are equipped to treat all digital devices.

» More about Additional Services

Service Options

Service Options

Whether you need a fast turnaround or you are working within a budget, our expansive set of service options helps you meet your goals.

» More about Service Options

Emergency Data Recovery

Emergency Data Recovery

When you need fast access to critically important data, we offer an average turnaround of less than 48 hours. Our emergency data recovery services provide a fast way to get critical files back up and running after any media disaster. With certified security and an average turnaround of less than a day, we offer the best set of options for professional data recovery and media repair.

» More about Emergency Services

All of our data recovery services include a no recovery, no charge guarantee, and we maintain your confidentiality with exceptional security systems. To learn more about our services, use our online data recovery services contact form or call our customer service department today.

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  • Satisfied Customer

    Reviewed on Oct 18 2017

    I work in a multinational organization, we had a case where one of our Employees dropped their laptop and hard drive stopped working.
    I reached out to Secure Data Recovery and "Mitchell Moore" reached out to me in a timely manner and was able to fulfill our needs. our Employee received all his files back and is a satisfied customer.

    Highly recommended.

    Authenticated Pendleton, IN
  • Professional Service

    Reviewed on Oct 18 2017

    Recently we lost our gage of record computer in one of our manufacturing areas, the hard drive was clicking and the PC would not boot at all. Mitchell and his innovative team were able to carefully transfer all of our data over to a new hard drive which booted our gage system up perfectly the first time it was tried. I would highly recommend Secure Data Recovery services for their prompt attention to detail and their great customer service.

    Authenticated Warren, MI
  • Good job

    Reviewed on Oct 18 2017

    They did a very good job with recovering my data. This is the second time I have used them and will use them in the future.

    Authenticated Detroit, MI
  • Excellent Customer Service

    Reviewed on Oct 7 2017

    After experiencing hard drive failure on our iMac, we researched various data recovery companies and read multiple reviews on each. The high ratings Secure Data Recovery consistently received was the determining factor for choosing them. They delivered! I worked with Mitchell Moore throughout the process. He was patient with the many questions I had and was able to break down technical descriptions into terms that were clear to me. I really appreciated the quick response to emails and telephone inquiries throughout the process.

    Because turn around time was not a priority for us, pricing was adjusted accordingly. Years of photos comprised the majority of data we wanted to recover, and we were completely satisfied with the recovered files!

    Based on excellent customer service, price comparisons, quantity/quality of recovered data, and turn around time, we give Secure Data Recovery 5 stars!

    Barb Mundis

    Authenticated Eden Prairie, MN
  • Fantastic Service!

    Reviewed on Oct 2 2017

    I will have to admit that initially I was skeptical when I sent my broken cell phone to Secure Data Recovery. I had been crying for days about the pictures I had lost. Mitchell Moore walked me through the process and now I am ecstatic to have pictures back that I had totally even forgotten about. Can't thank you all enough for your professionalism and your excellent customer service. The many memories that I once thought I had lost are now back for me to look fondly on!! Would recommend this company to anyone! Thanks again Mitchell!

    Authenticated Crofton, MD
  • Outstanding Service, from start to finish

    Reviewed on Sep 28 2017

    My situation was dire, my desktop was knocked over by my kids and would not boot up, it had 10 years of vital data. To make it worse, my hard drive backup crashed a couple weeks earlier, all before I had a chance to replace it. I took it to a local computer store but they could not offer very much help after running several diagnostics and trying some various tricks of the trade. They finally said the last option was to send it to a contract data recover service (which was quoted at twice the price I was eventually quoted at SDR). I eventually found SDR who had great reviews but even after doing all my homework I was still a bit hesitant to send off my hard drive to a total stranger. After all it had all my personal identifiable information (PII). However, my representative (Mitchell Moore) quickly put me at ease by carefully explaining the entire process, and he answered the numerous questions I had. I really liked that he did not pressure me to use their service and he was very patient with me, and clearly laid out a game plan for moving forward. What I also liked was the fact that you will not be charged anything if they cannot recover data, no questions asked! This feature was not offered by other data recovery services I contacted. What I also appreciated was the fact that while Mitchell remained positive at the probability of recovering my data (all before SDR even received my hard drive) he did not sugar coat anything. He said that while there was a good chance of at least partial recovery, there are still instances where it's not recoverable. I appreciate that honesty. Mitchell kept me updated during the entire process and answered his phone every time I called. SDR also sets up a personal webpage where you can check your case status. Unlike many businesses today, you really feel like like SDR is there for you,and only you. After about 10 days he passed along the results, while there was damage to my hard drive they still recovered over 98% of my data!! I got everything back, the thousands of pictures, documents, and other items I was told was a complete loss by other "professionals" I consulted prior to SDR. Even my IT buddies at work were impressed with the amount of data recovery and the price which I paid. While data recovery is not inexpensive you won't find a better price (or better customer service) than SDR. I give them my highest recommendation, look nowhere else!

    Authenticated St. Louis, MO
  • Great Service

    Reviewed on Sep 26 2017

    I am a wedding photographer and was devastated and frantic when my hard drive crashed with 5 weddings on it and no back up! I found secure data recovery by searching on google and am so glad I did! They were absolutely wonderful and kept me updated the entire time! I got 98% of my hard drive recovered and got every wedding back to my clients! It was such a relief!! I am so appreciative of their service! I would recommend them to anyone! Mitch was my representative and he was great!

    Authenticated North Manchester, IN
  • Professional and Competent

    Reviewed on Sep 19 2017

    Mitchell and the team at Secure Data Recovery are professional and competent. If you need data recovered, they are the team to get it done.

    Authenticated Bristol, IN
  • These guys are unreal. Can't thank them enough.

    Reviewed on Sep 8 2017

    I live in the UK and tried everything. I sent my data to London and various other places that basically take your money to even look at your hard drive. I thought it was game over for me. One shop managed to recover a few hundred files and told me the hard drive was dead and to move on. The data was priceless to me and I couldn't accept that. I never gave up hope, searched all over the web and found Secure Data Recovery. I sent an email explaining my predicament and that I was from the UK. Nothing was a problem for Mitchell. He told me to send the data to LA with tracking number and looked at the hard drive without taking a penny off me. Mitchell seemed confident he could rescue my data and kept me up to date throughout the process. Secure data recovery were different from anyone else I'd dealt with before and spoke to me on a personal level rather than seeing pound/dollar signs and ripping me off. Even when I emailed Mitchell(sometimes a few times a week-I was desperate) nothing was a problem for him and he always updated me with the process. After a couple of weeks Mitchell sent me the file list and had recovered over 80% of my data. I couldn't believe it. This stuff was priceless to me. It took three days to send the recovered data back to the UK. I looked through all my important files I thought I'd never see again. EVERYWHERE in the UK told me to give up because the data was gone. I spent a fortune getting ripped off. Then came these guys, they never took a penny off me until I knew exactly what I was getting back and were honest throughout. Mitchell I really can't thank you enough. Hope you liked the photo I sent you with tears of joy and my data back :) Unreal. The best in the business.

    Authenticated Glasgow,
  • Saved the day

    Reviewed on Aug 31 2017

    Mitchell Moore and Secure Data Recovery Services really saved the day. After we were hit by the NotPetya "RansomWare" attack, including our backup server, we thought all was lost, and were told as much by several IT groups. Not only were the machines un-bootable and the ransom un-payable, the MBR on all drives were toast, so we couldn't do normal data recovery efforts. Enter Secure Data Recovery Services. We sent the drives (Raid arrays) in from two separate servers and the required data (proprietary format/Not encrypted by the virus) was pulled off the un-readable drives! From the data recovered, we were able to restore both servers and loose zero data. Couldn't be happier with the results, or their service. Would recommend them to anyone with tough data problems.

    Authenticated Beaver, PA
  • Relieved! Great Service - look nowhere else!

    Reviewed on Aug 28 2017

    My external hard drive failed without any warning on a Sunday morning. After a search online I found Secure Data Recovery. I called the emergency line and from there I knew exactly what to expect. Jeremy Provchy was my main point of contact throughout the process. It was not an easy time, but Jeremy made it easier. He is very attentive and thorough. I got all my data back. It wasn't cheap, but comparable to the rest out there. What you get tough is a top notch customer support and transparency in costs and service which I did not sense elsewhere. When you are faced with the potential loss of 10+ years of personal data, money becomes less relevant while trust becomes your priority. You need to trust who you are giving your hardware with your data. Trust them. They are worth every penny! I did not see anyone from Secure Data Recovery when I dropped my hard drive, not even an actual office and that I have to admit made me a little nervous. Everything happens in the cyberspace or over the phone. I got over my nervousness as Jeremy was very responsive and so the others on the phone. All in all I am very glad that I found Secure Data Recovery. Thanks Jeremy and the team for managing a 100% recovery of my data!

    Authenticated Washington, DC
  • Awesome service!

    Reviewed on Aug 24 2017

    We had a 3TB drive fail and parts of it were not backed up. (My bad) Secure Data was able to recover over 2,000,000 files from the drive. Only one file, an iPhone movie, was not recoverable. The drop off of the bad drive and delivery of the replacement were very professionally done. Signatures were required at both drop off and recovery, and the process unfolded on the timeline they outlined before I had agreed to send them the drive. Overall, I am very satisfied with the result and highly recommend their service.

    Authenticated Bellevue, WA

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