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Proven iPhone Data Recovery Services

Proven iPhone Data Recovery Services

Since 2007, our skilled engineers have specialized in restoring data from damaged or unresponsive iPhones across all models and iOS versions. In that time, we have recovered millions of files from iPhones, including photos, videos, contacts, numbers, calendars, and notes. With our experience, expertise, and custom tools, we can retrieve lost data in the most challenging cases. Even when local repair shops or other services claim it is impossible. When you need your files back, trust the leaders who can make iPhone data recovery look routine.

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Certified iPhone File Recovery

Successful iPhone file recovery starts with extensive knowledge of the mobile device. At Secure Data Recovery, we understand the iPhone’s hardware and software. Our Apple-certified technicians are familiar with all of these details across each generation. We are a proud Authorized Apple Service Provider with access to genuine parts and tools. These resources allow us to deliver better results in a fraction of the time.

Our Apple data recovery experts have handled highly complex iPhone failures. We can extract data from the smartphone’s memory cells and repair the logic board. We also have the forensic-grade software to sort out issues like boot loops and iOS error codes. No matter the case, our innovative approach achieves the best outcomes possible. Our team has returned important data to thousands of iPhone users. And we can do the same for you.

Data Recovery for iPhones

Data recovery for iPhones is rarely straightforward. Therefore, we have developed advanced methods to resolve difficult situations. That includes methods to restore an iPhone’s data after a severe impact or natural disaster. These cases could damage its internal circuits, integrated storage, and sensors. In addition, newer iPhones feature built-in encryption, meaning chip-off recoveries are no longer viable.

As a result, we have refined our tools and techniques over the past decade to address each of these instances. We will do our best to ensure that catastrophic data loss does not add to the stress of replacement. Your iPhone could have suffered damage due to a sudden drop or shock. Or it might have been exposed to a fire or submerged in water for a prolonged period. We can still help. Even though the device might appear irreparable.

Our engineers have state-of-the-art soldering stations and cutting-edge equipment to repair damage in the most extreme phone data recovery cases. Our wealth of experience with NAND flash memory is an asset when retrieving files from cracked, burned, or water-damaged iPhones. Call us to learn more about our transparent process, 96% success rate, and No Data, No Recovery Fee guarantee.

Verified Reviews From iPhone Users

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Jacob Loucks

Friendly helpful service

Elliot at secure data recovery was very helpful throughout the process. Very quick to answer any questions I had.

Kari Rills

Quick and Easy

This company was quick and easy. They had great communication and sent my phone back to me within the needed time frame.

Kathy Stanczak

Excellent Service and 100% Recovery!

I had the pleasure of speaking with Account Representative Jason Molinaro. He was friendly, informative, honest, and came through with a 100% recovery of lost data from an iPhone! I would highly recommend Jason and Secure Data Recovery!

Alisa Dale

Excellent Customer Service

Jonathan was so patient and level as he explained the more "technical" parts of everything. He took great care and time to answer all of my questions, making all of it very understandable. My iPhone got run over, and as a result of bad cloud settings on my part, I lost all my photos and videos. Including the ones from my son''s wedding. (And that phone was squashed like a bug - no screen. concave,... Read More

James Kassner

Great to work with and Patient

Needed to recover some files from an old phone that had died. Thought it was impossible. Wasn''t quite sure what and when but they made the process easy. Thanks Jason.

Brandon Cook

iPhone Recovery

Excellent support, Eric F. was prompt and responsive with communications and very informative, I was kept updated and in the loop at all times, data recovery was quick and affordable. They recovered all my data and had multiple pricing options including a basic price range before I even sent the device in. Would recommend for any data recovery needs.


Causes of iPhone Data Loss

The iPhone’s durable, secure design is a selling point to users around the world, but it can complicate data retrieval. Restoring an iPhone’s files requires a deep knowledge of failure types and potential fixes. Here are the most common causes of data loss for iPhones:


  • Component Damage
  • Component Displacement
  • Water Damage
  • Electrical Damage
  • Fire Damage


  • Deleted Data
  • Factory Reset
  • File Corruption
  • Lost Passcode
  • Malicious Software

Our data recovery services can deal with these failure modes on all relevant models. Call now and speak with one of our experts to find out more about data loss on iPhones. Lost data on an Android device? Check out our Android data recovery solutions.

iPhones and Water Damage

iPhones have higher water resistance than most smartphones. No mobile device is waterproof, though. The IP68 rating of recent iPhones signifies that these models can withstand some contact with liquid substances. The iPhone is no longer resistant past a certain depth and duration. Internal components can malfunction and corrode when ingress occurs, leading to data loss. But data loss does not have to be permanent.

How To Fix Water-Damaged iPhone

Sometimes, iPhones with water damage can be restored without losing files. Follow these simple steps to fix water-damaged iPhones:

  1. Turn the iPhone off as soon as possible.
  2. Remove the device from its case.
  3. Take out the battery and SIM card.
  4. Wipe the iPhone with an absorbent cloth or clean towel.
  5. Tap the device against the palm of the hand, with the charging port facing downward, to dislodge moisture.
  6. Let the iPhone dry for at least 48 hours.

Contact us if the smartphone will not turn on or the Liquid Contact Indicators (LCIs) show red.

What NOT To Do With Water-Damaged iPhone

In our experience, not all advice for fixing an iPhone with water damage is helpful. Avoid the following:

  • Plugging the iPhone into a power source
  • Placing the iPhone in front of a heat source
  • Putting the iPhone in a bag of rice
  • Dismantling the iPhone to inspect the logic board
  • Restoring the iPhone to factory settings

Connect with our customer service if the stored data is essential. Our technicians have retrieved data from thousands of iPhones with water damage. We are confident our well-trained team can recover your data, too.

You Should Know: Free iPhone Data Recovery

Users can find plenty of free data recovery software and do-it-yourself methods for failed iPhones. However, these options come with limitations and risks. It can even make the situation worse. Data recovery software cannot address situations that involve physical damage and could exacerbate iOS issues. Touching sensitive components could inflict further damage to the iPhone. The first data recovery attempt is vital. A certified engineer with specialized hardware and software offers the highest chance at success.

iCloud and iTunes Backups

Users often try to restore their iCloud backup once they experience data loss on iPhones. But iCloud could have removed the file after syncing, or the iPhone did not upload the data. In addition, iTunes backups can encounter hardware issues and software conflicts, such as Error 14 and 1110. We can rise to the occasion if disaster strikes and backups fail.

iPhone Success Stories

We have come a long way since 2007. Yet, we are still committed to our mission. We will continue to push boundaries and provide unrivaled results in the shortest time frame. All with our No Data, No Recovery Fee guarantee. You get your data back, or pay nothing. Here are some of our satisfied iPhone users:

Crypto Wallet Salvaged ffrom Water-Damaged iPhone XR

Crypto Wallet Salvaged ffrom Water-Damaged iPhone XR

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does data recovery cost for iPhones?

    It depends. The difficulty of the case determines data recovery costs. The failure type, model, iOS version, and time investment to retrieve the lost data are a few factors. These factors are often unique to your case. Our standard service includes a free diagnostic and quote. You can approve or decline the job. Payment is due upon recovery. Call to learn more about our pricing.

  • Do you have specific tools and techniques for iPhones?

    Yes. We are an Authorized Apple Service Provider. As a proud member, we receive access to repair resources from Apple, including authentic iPhone parts and tools. The program allows us to deliver the best results in less time compared to other services.

  • Are your results guaranteed?

    Yes. Our No Data, No Recovery Fee guarantee covers iPhones. You pay nothing if we cannot restore your data.

  • How long does it take to recover lost data?

    Timelines vary based on the selected service. We offer several service options that range from less than 48 hours to between 7 and 12 days. You can choose the timeline that fits your needs.

  • Can I recover my iPhone’s files with data recovery software?

    Sometimes. However, iPhone data recovery software has severe limitations and could worsen issues. Despite its claims, software cannot retrieve data from a damaged iPhone, restore most deleted files, or resolve complex iOS issues. Proceed with caution when using these products. An expert engineer represents the best chance to regain critical data.

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