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Secure Data Recovery and Repair for iOS Devices

Apple devices offer an incredibly intuitive way to stay organized and productive. They also provide a convenient means of managing critically important files, and iPhones and iPods can automatically sync with your computer or back up data via Apple's iCloud service. Despite these features, data loss is still a potential problem on iOS devices. Sudden data access issues can have serious consequences for Apple users.

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Some of the most common causes of data loss include:

  • Impact Damage
  • Damage to USB Components
  • Overheating and Electronics Damage
  • Memory Wear
  • Hard Drive Damage for HDD-Based Apple Devices
  • Water Damage
  • Fire and Smoke Damage
  • Accidental Deletion or Formatting
  • Data Access Issues Due to iOS Updates

Secure Data Recovery Services offers professional repair and data recovery for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod, iPad, iPad Mini and all other Apple devices.

As iOS specialists, we provide the best data recovery option for Apple media. Our expert engineering teams regularly work with the iOS operating systems, and by using proprietary utilities, we can return a functional copy of your data in a matter of days. Call our customer service team today to set up diagnostics for your Apple device.

Identify your Apple Device

What type of iPhone / iPad or iPod do you have? Find, identify and lookup serial number of you apple device using the tool below. Just enter a model number found on the back of your device to identify the exact type.

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Our Data Recovery Process for Apple Devices

We start each case by testing your media to determine the chances of a successful recovery and to create an appropriate treatment plan.

Secure Data Recovery Services operates dozens of offices across the United States, and we can diagnose your Apple device within 24 hours at any of our facilities.

After evaluating your device, we treat any physical media damage in an appropriately controlled environment. Secure Data Recovery Services operates a Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, which allows our engineers to safely repair mechanically damaged iPhones, iPods and other Apple devices. Our Cleanroom allows fewer than 10 contaminants per cubic foot, eliminating any chance of accidental damage due to media contamination.

After performing physical repairs, we create a complete copy of your Apple device. Depending on your device's storage media, we may use specialized flash media readers or hard drive clone stations. Our engineers work with the imaged copy of your data through the rest of the data recovery process to maintain the original condition of your media.

Our engineers can successfully recover data within 2-5 business days under most circumstances. If you need faster service, our 24/7/365 option provides an average turnaround time of less than a day. Secure Data Recovery Services is one of the only data recovery companies offering true 24/7/365 services for Apple media, and we always maintain excellent media safety and security controls while expediting your case. Contact our customer service team for more information.

A Certified Secure Option for Data Recovery

Many Apple users store personal data on their phones and tablets. You need a reliable data recovery provider that will take appropriate precautions when handling recovered information.

iPhone Data Recovery Service

Our iPhone Data Recovery Service recovers contacts, files, images and all other data from any iOS device.

At Secure Data Recovery Services, security is always our highest priority. We were the first data recovery provider to earn SSAE 16 Type II Certification, and we post detailed security audit reports online to give our clients peace of mind.

Our credentials include:

  • PCI Security Certification
  • SAS 70 Certification
  • SSAE 16 Type II Certification
  • Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) Member
  • General Services Administration Contractor Certification

Secure Data Recovery Services regularly handles cases for government institutions, Fortune 500 businesses and other high-security clients. To read detailed letters from our data recovery customers, visit our testimonials page.

Media Diagnostics for All Apple Devices

Secure Data Recovery Services' engineering teams have recovered thousands of Apple devices. Whether you need to restore your music collection from a damaged iPod or you need key business documents from an iPad, we can help you quickly regain access to your data. Our specialists can also simultaneously repair your device while recovering your information, greatly limiting your downtime after a data loss disaster.

Advantages of Secure Data Recovery Services include:

  • Years of Experience with All Apple Devices
  • Specialized File Utilities for iOS and Mac OS X
  • Fast Turnaround Times and High Recovery Rates
  • A Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom for Safe Media Repairs
  • Online Case Monitoring Tools
  • Affordable Rates for Personal Computer Users and Businesses

If you need repair and recovery services for an iPod, iPad, iPhone, or any other Apple device, call our customer service team today to set up a media evaluation. Our experts can quickly provide you with a price quote, a turnaround estimate, and other key case information to help you make an appropriate data recovery decision for your case.

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This service was rated 5.0 out of 5.0 based on 10 review(s)

  • Scott Moses rocks!

    Reviewed on Jun 26 2018

    Secure Data Recovery Services helped recover precious data from a iPhone 6S that one day had decided to die for absolutely no reason. The worst part was, I had no backup.
    Scott Moses was my rep and he was extremely polite, prompt and helpful throughout the recovery process. The initial estimate for the cost of the recovery was a shock, but he kindly worked with the lab manager and was able to negotiate an affordable price for the recovery.
    Thanks to Scott, I now have all my data back. Although they said the iPhone was repaired only enough to recover the data, when I received it, much to my surprise it functioned normally again!
    Many thanks to Scott Moses and Secure Data Recovery Services for a full recovery of my data!

    Authenticated Sendai-shi, Miyagi-ken ,
  • So grateful!

    Reviewed on Apr 27 2018

    Over the summer my family and I took an epic three week RV trip through Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and up into South Dakota. The plan was to write all about our adventures on our travel blog, www.HealthyFamilyTravel.com. Unfortunately, soon after leaving once-in-a-lifetime places like Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse my iPhone completely died. And wouldn''t you know it, I hadn''t backed it up in a couple of days. Our precious family memories were completely gone. We had to drive all the way from South Dakota to Boulder, Colorado to the "nearest" Apple Store, but when we got there they told us they couldn''t fix my phone. When we returned home I started the process of trying to get my photos recovered. I went to multiple local data recovery companies in my area, but no one could retrieve my information and said I needed a company with a cleanroom. I had already spent a bunch of money in evaluation fees and was starting to lose hope. I was hesitant to send my phone to another state, but I decided to give it one last try. Secure Data checked out my phone without a diagnostics fee. They said it would be challenging, but they had a high percentage rate of recovering data off of dead iPhones. I worked closely with Jeff, who was really supportive and helpful. Losing treasured family photos can be heartbreaking, but Jeff was really patient and reassuring. I think he was just as happy for me as I was when we found out they were able to retrieve all my pictures! I''m so excited to get the photos and finally get to write all about our trip on our blog! Secure Data Recovery really saved the day! They gave us back our memories and now we can share them with the world! Thank you Jeff and SDR!

    Authenticated Encinitas, CA
  • Great People! Great Service!

    Reviewed on Jan 19 2018

    My data recover was handled professionally and promptly. I definitely recommend them and would use their services again.

    Authenticated Mechanicsburg, PA
  • Excellent Service!

    Reviewed on Dec 18 2017

    Recovered my damaged iPhone when Apple store said it would not be possible. Quick and responsive service. Very satisfied.

    Authenticated Cumberland,
  • Iphone Data Recovery

    Reviewed on Nov 3 2017

    Thank you Secure Data Recovery! Having not backed up my Iphone in years, it was destroyed accidentally by my daughter, I saw years of memories get destroyed as well as I heard the phone shatter. The phone was crushed in a door, that left the phone with a 45 degree bend right in the middle of the phone. The screen was shattered and I couldn't get the phone to turn on to download the data. I sent the pieces to Secure Data. Alec Sakenes was my contact. He was professional, prompt and relayed the details of my case as they progressed. I am SO thankful to say they recovered all of the data from my phone. It was such a relief when they sent me a drive back in the mail. I highly recommend this company and am thankful to them for recovering my family's memories.

    Authenticated Sterling , MA
  • So Grateful

    Reviewed on Oct 5 2017

    I cannot say enough about Jeremy and the team at Secure Data Recovery. After my iPhone dropped into water I felt sick about losing some treasured photos and videos that I hadn't backed up. Despite being told by local professionals that there was little chance my data was recoverable, Secure Data Recovery was able to recover every one of my precious photos, videos, and voice memos. It took Jeremy less than four hours to respond to my initial request - which was placed at 3:30 AM! - and to begin the very clear and simple process of having my device assessed. From start to finish, he was helpful, understanding, and communicative. I highly recommend these miracle workers!

    Authenticated Rumford, RI
  • IPhone 6 Data Recovery- Water Damage

    Reviewed on Jun 19 2017

    I was very upset when my iPhone 6 was not holding a charge; I was on Grand Canyon rafting trip and the phone did get wet even though it was in an otter box. Apple Genius Bar could not retrieve my precious pictures. I reviewed and elected the best rated data recovery services. They were great. They analyzed the damage, worked with me to fit a price within my budget, and recovered all my pictures! Alec Sakenes was extremely helpful, professional, and I was extremely satisfied with the service. I highly recommend them! You will not be disappointed!

    Authenticated Alexandria, VA
  • Best at what they do

    Reviewed on Jun 2 2017

    My iPhone was crushed and thrown in the toilet in an attempt to destroy precious data. I immediately contacted Secure Data and Mitchelle Moore who by the way works directly close with the engineers took care of my case. They were very professional and gave me confidence that they can indeed retrieve the datas stored in my phone; photos, contacts, messages, logs. 2 weeks later they sent back my phone and a flash drive with all the data they retrieved. It was almost perfect but there is one particular set of messages that was missing from a particular person. I'm a father who has an upcoming child custody battle and my case could get a better fighting chance if these messages were retrieved. Turns out these messages were deleted prior to the damaged in an attempt to cover up and destroy the evidence. I contacted Mitchell Moore, Secure Data about the unprecedented plight and assured me that it can be retrieved but through a different approach had we known what we're looking for. 24hrs later, Mr. Moore contacted me to bring me the good news; they have retrieved the particular messages I was looking for which is vital to my case. And here's the kicker, they sympathize with my cause that they even so much didn't charge me for the extra process. These guys are amazing and highly competent. And trustworthy. I wouldn't look for any other company, but SecureData. Highly recommend it if you need such services. I am extremely satisfied and happy for the service they have provided. Excellent.

    Authenticated Houston, TX
  • Thank You Secure Data Recovery & Jeremy Provchy

    Reviewed on May 15 2017

    My iPhone 6 crashed unexpectedly while I was attempting to (finally) back it up to a computer. It had all of our pics, videos, and memories from my son's first year of life on it. Talk about a moment of panic - I was afraid they were lost forever! After looking online for solutions, I stumbled upon Secure Data Recovery and saw that they had an office location less than an hour from my home. I was able to drop my phone off to them, and they were able to recover 100% of my data!!!! Words cannot express how thankful I am. I also want to acknowledge Jeremy Provchy for his wonderful customer service throughout the process. He was easy to reach, happy to help with my questions, and always quick to respond. Thank you for returning such priceless pictures and videos to me. I cannot be more pleased with this company and the outcome.

    Authenticated Cameron, NC
  • 5.0
    Reviewed on Jan 24 2017

    HI All, during a heated conversation with my wife, my phone ended up in a bowl of beans ( I made them by the way and they were excellent). Needless to say, we kept the beans but my IPhone 6 did not withstand the heat, water and grease... I lost everything... including over 2000 photos all of which were important.

    We sent the phone to a local "repair" store and they came back with a "no go", lost forever etc.

    I contacted Secured Data and worked with Alec Sakenes. Alec was helpful, professional and knowledgeable. We sent the phone in and about three weeks later I not only had all my 2000+ photos, but all contacts, calendar items, notes etc.

    I was very impressed with Alec and the Secured Date Recovery Team. A+ effort and results.

    Business Owner, El Paso, Texas

    Authenticated El Paso, TX

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