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Professional iPhone Data Recovery Services Professional iPhone Data Recovery Services

iPhone Data Recovery Services

Our iPhone data recovery services come with a Documented 96% success rate. Need help with an iPhone stuck on Apple logo? Can’t access your pictures or videos due to iPhone bootloop?

All modern iPhones use a robust hardware based encryption layer built into the device itself. Due to this, a more straightforward iPhone chip-off recovery becomes impossible and the device has to be repaired in order for any of the data to be restored. Our technicians support all types of iPhone logic board repair including fire and water damage. We employ forensic level tools to assist with iOS corruption, resulting from iPhone Error 14, iPhone stuck in recovery mode or Error 4013.

iPhone Data Recovery Reviews

Average rating 5.0
This service was rated 5.0 out of 5.0 based on 34 review(s)
Jacob Mitterling

Highly Satisfied Thanks to Daniel Novak

If you''re in need of some data recovery magic, look no further than Secure Data! My service representative Daniel was there to make the process as smooth as butter. He was incredibly communicative and prompt, and even chased me down for a response to his emails when I delayed. Daniel, you really deserve a round of applause!

But let''s get real for a moment – the cost. Yes, the price of... Read More

Kierra Middleton

Samsung 21 water damage recovery

Scott was incredibly helpful in the process of getting my pictures and data off my water damaged phone. This came at the worst time for me so having understanding customer service really meant a lot to me. Thanks again Scott and Secure Data Recovery!!

Robert Najgebauer

iPhone Photos Recovery

Dmitry Myasnikov helped me recover photos from an iPhone. Quick shipping, turn around time and excellent customer service.

Omar A Sulaiman

Awesome service!

Secure Data was awesome at recovering my phone''s lost data. Eric was incredibly helpful and super responsive to any emails with questions I had. He always gave me an update whenever requested and was really accommodating. Great service!

Yi Zhou


Anthony Lupica was fantastic. I was really panicked about losing all the data from my iphone, which had gone completely dead, and was so relieved that all of it was able to be recovered. Anthony could not be more understanding and responsive, listened to our needs, kept us updated on timelines and delivered what we thought was impossible! Would definitely come to him again if we ever needed our da... Read More

James Dawny

Unexpected experience

So my iPhone X randomly was stuck rebooting the apple logo and I didn’t get to back it up and it couldn’t connect to computer after trying dfu mode, resets, hard resets everything. Apple said nothing they could do but restore it and erase the data. Which is sickening.... the thought of losing the super important data. Let’s start with the user interface of the website, EASY TO USE. Now customer s... Read More

Supported iOS Data Recovery Supported iOS Data Recovery

Supported iOS Data Recovery:

We can restore files from any iPhone, iPad or iPod model and data loss scenario.

Type the model of your device below to see if our iPhone Data Recovery Services can help:

Dropped iPhone in Water and Need Data Recovery? Dropped iPhone in Water and Need Data Recovery?

Dropped iPhone in Water and Need Data Recovery?

We can get your files back if you dropped your iPhone in water! Our expert data recovery technicians have recovered thousands of water damaged iPhones. We have repaired and recovered iPhones from river beds, ocean floors, and the most common bathroom fixtures. . For the highest success rates, our engineers utilize pro-grade ultrasonic cleaning systems. All of the work is performed inside of secure audited SSAE 18 SOC 1, 2 & 3 labs ensuring your data stays protected throughout the process.

What to Do with a Water Damaged iPhone What to Do with a Water Damaged iPhone

What to Do with a Water Damaged iPhone

You may be wondering how to fix a water damaged iPhone. Follow these simple steps to restore your iPhone to functional condition or successfully recover the data without making the files unrecoverable:

  • Deep breaths, don’t panic! Modern iPhones are water resistant
  • Wipe the phone down and gently tap the charging port against the palm of your hand, with the port facing down
  • Turn the device off to let it air dry
  • Refer to the Liquid Contact Indicators
  • If your iPhone turns on and completes the bootup sequence
    • Backup your data as soon as possible
    • Attempt to run the Water Eject app to dislodge any of the liquid that may be present on the speaker
  • If none of the above mentioned steps helped. Turn, the device off and contact our experts for assistance
What Not to Do with a Water Damaged iPhone What Not to Do with a Water Damaged iPhone

What Not to Do with a Water Damaged iPhone

  • Do not attempt to charge or power on your liquid damaged phone
  • Do not attempt to dry your iPhone in rice or with any heat source. Debris from rice particles or excessive heat may cause further damage to the intricate circuitry of the logic board
  • Do not restore the device to factory settings. As this will cryptographically erase your data
  • Do not attempt to take the iPhone apart yourself as this may cause further damage
Dependable iPad Data Recovery Dependable iPad Data Recovery

iPad Data Recovery

Looking for iPad data recovery? We offer free diagnostics and guaranteed results or you pay nothing! With over a decade of experience, our data recovery engineers support all legacy and latest generation iPad tablets.

iOS data recovery is performed under a microscope due to the complex circuitry used inside of modern iPhones and iPads. The toolkit needed to deliver efficient iPad data recovery is quite extensive. Our specialists utilize micro-soldering stations, custom board adapters, preheat appliances and proprietary software to get your data back.

Secure Data Recovery Services have what it takes to assist with data recovery from your failed iPad for common issues as well as more critical scenarios.

Secure iPhone Data Recovery from Industry Leaders Secure iPhone Data Recovery from Industry Leaders

Secure iPhone Data Recovery from Industry Leaders

If you need iPad or iPhone data recovery, choose Secure Data Recovery Services as your solution. The expertise of our engineers along with state-of-the-art recovery tools contribute to our 96% success rate and, as a result, the satisfaction of our customers. We are available 24/7 to answer any of your questions and guide you through your data recovery process to a successful outcome.

Our commitment to the client is further evidenced by our “No Data, No Recovery Fee” guarantee, with all data recovery fees payable only upon success. To start your risk-free evaluation today, call us at 800-388-1266.