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Data Recovery Options

Every data recovery case is critical. When a company server or virtual machine goes down, it’s more than just revenues at stake. Thumb and portable USB hard drives, small as they are, play an outsized role in conveniently storing some of the most precious memories we have. If a hard drive breaks or malfunctions, the images and video that we thought would endure permanently could be lost forever.

Data Recovery Options Data Recovery Options
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Since 2007, Secure Data Recovery Services has helped thousands of government agencies, corporations, small businesses and individual consumers regain access to irreplaceable information. Our expert data engineers have decades of combined experience in hard drive recovery and use proprietary utilities that are purpose-built for each data recovery case. Whatever the particulars of your data loss situation, we have the right data recovery option for you.

Our data recovery options include:

Standard Service

Standard Service

Our Standard Service option includes free diagnostic analysis of damaged or malfunctioning media. Secure Data Recovery technicians will provide a comprehensive recovery report within 24-72 hours that includes estimated cost, turnaround time, a list of recoverable files when possible, and any other essential details specific to the case. The average turnaround time for Standard Service is 4-9 business days – the fastest available anywhere.

Expedited Service

Expedited Service

When timing is more critical, our Expedited Service option gives you the same free diagnostic analysis and a comprehensive report about estimated costs, turnaround times, and any other essential details specific to your case, but delivered within 24 hours of receiving damaged or malfunctioning media. The average turnaround time for the Expedited Service option is 2-4 business days.

Emergency Service

24/7 Emergency Service

For critical situations where there’s not a moment to lose, Secure Data Recovery offers round-the-clock Emergency Service – our fastest recovery option. Our technicians will complete all diagnostic reporting immediately upon receiving your damaged or malfunctioning media. Emergency Service customers will also have access to a dedicated support line for immediate updates throughout the recovery process. The Emergency Service option has an average turnaround time of less than 48 hours.

Secure Data Recovery also specializes in emergency data recovery and repair services for any RAID configuration. We operate a dedicated RAID recovery lab, and our expert development team modifies existing utilities and creates case-specific solutions for successful enterprise data recovery that includes SAN storage, VMware® and Hyper-V™ systems.

Remote Data Recovery

Remote Data Recovery

In some circumstances, data loss cases require a more immediate solution than in-lab or on-site services can provide. Our remote data recovery option minimizes downtime, allows our technicians to begin work over any network immediately regardless of the hardware location, eliminates any security concerns about sensitive data leaving the premises, and gives customers immediate access once data is recovered.

On-Site Data Recovery

On-Site Data Recovery

When your data can’t come to Secure Data Recovery, we come to you. Our expert technicians have conducted successful on-site data recovery services across North America and globally. In addition to on-site diagnostic analysis, our data engineers use a mobile clean cell to perform safe and secure data recovery on the go to eliminate any possibility of additional damage during the recovery process.

High Security Data Recovery

All of our customers receive the highest level of protection for their information during data recovery operations, but some cases require additional measures because of the nature or sensitivity of the data being recovered. Secure Data Recovery’s secure labs are SSAE 18 SOC 1, 2, and 3 audited, and it’s one of the only data recovery services that makes its compliance reports available for viewing online

Secure Data Recovery’s expert technicians have the most industry-specific credentials available and are recommended by all major hard drive manufacturers. At Secure Data Recovery, customer information is totally secure through every step of the recovery process. Recovered data is stored on in-lab secure servers and can be returned to customers on FIPS-validated and hardware-encrypted SecureDrive removable storage devices.

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