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Professional Data Recovery Services

Data recovery is the process of accessing and recovering information that is not accessible by normal means. This service can be required for a variety of reasons, everything from user error and deletion to mechanical or physical issues with your storage device. If you are experiencing a data loss situation then you need help from a qualified data recovery company to get you back on your feet.

Secure Data Recovery Services has experienced engineers, a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom and the industry's best data repair facilities. We also heavily invest in R&D in order to solve complex data recovery cases and to be able to recover data from new storage media. Couple that along with our certifications and number one rating by Business.com and you have a full service data recovery firm. When you need files from a hard drive, flash drive, RAID array or any other type of digital device, our specialists deliver results. Click on one of the services listed below for a detailed description or call our customer service team today to start a case.

We offer a varied set of recovery services to help you quickly recover from data loss events. Our services include:

Hard Drive Recovery

Secure Data Recovery Services offers expert data recovery and repair services for all desktop, laptop and external hard drives.

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Apple Mac Recovery

We specialize in Mac OS X systems and can safely treat damaged iMacs, MacBooks and more while maintaining your warranty.

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Laptop Data Recovery

Whether you accidentally overwrite your laptop's data or you have a crashed hard drive, our experts provide dependable results.

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Desktop Data Recovery

We offer a full set of media repair and recovery services for all desktop computers regardless of operating system or file system.

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RAID Data Recovery

We can safely treat all types of RAID, and by recreating your array with specialized equipment, we can recover data without access to your original hardware.

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RAID Repair

Our engineers can repair damaged RAID arrays, giving you a simple, comprehensive disaster recovery plan that helps your business avoid downtime.

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SAN Data Recovery

Our specialists can effectively restore data from your storage area network (SAN), preventing significant downtime while protecting your privacy through state-of-the-art security.

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NAS Data Recovery

Secure Data Recovery Services can prevent NAS downtime, quickly returning a full, working copy of your files after any type of disaster.

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Server Data Recovery

We specialize in server recovery. Our engineers can repair your server while recovering data, minimizing downtime during a data loss disaster.

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Tape Data Recovery

We are one of the only companies that can treat physically damaged DLTs, LTOs and other data tapes without risking media damage.

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Database Data Recovery

Our specialists have expertise with all database types and RDBMS systems including MySQL, Oracle, Access and more.

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Encrypted Data Recovery

Encrypted files present serious challenges for data recovery engineers. We have unparalleled experience with EFS and all other encryption implementations.

» More about Encrypted Recovery

Remote Data Recovery

We offer the world's most confidential data recovery services by using logical media handling procedures and state-of-the-art technologies.

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On-site Data Recovery

We offer on-site professional data recovery services. This option is reserved for the most difficult and critical delicate data loss situations.

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SSD Data Recovery

Solid-state drives are a relatively new storage technology. We have the tools to safely rebuild SSDs and SSD-HDD hybrids without risking media damage.

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USB Flash Data Recovery

We can treat physically and logically damaged flash media including thumb drives, camera cards and more.

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File & Email Data Recovery

If you need to recover a single email or an entire archive file, our specialists can quickly restore the missing information.

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Mobile Recovery & Forensics

We are uniquely qualified to recover data from phones, and we can securely access lost messages and application data without voiding active warranties.

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Digital Forensics

Secure Data Recovery Services applies leading-edge computer forensics expertise to extract and preserve challenge-proof digital evidence for any business, private, civil or criminal investigation.

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Attorneys depend on our E-Discovery service to unearth digital data most relevant to their case in compliance with Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

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Additional Services

If you need to recover data from a storage device, Secure Data Recovery Services can help. Our facilities are equipped to treat all digital devices.

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Service Options

Whether you need a fast turnaround or you are working within a budget, our expansive set of service options helps you meet your goals.

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Emergency Data Recovery

When you need fast access to critically important data, we offer an average turnaround of less than 48 hours. Our emergency data recovery services provide a fast way to get critical files back up and running after any media disaster. With certified security and an average turnaround of less than a day, we offer the best set of options for professional data recovery and media repair.

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All of our data recovery services include a no recovery, no charge guarantee, and we maintain your confidentiality with exceptional security systems. To learn more about our services, use our online data recovery services contact form or call our customer service department today.

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Customer Reviews (98)

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This service was rated 4.9 out of 5.0 based on 98 review(s)

  • Reviewed on Jan 31 2019  |  CASTAIC, CA

    Above and beyond service

    My daughter lost some important photos through an accidental delete command. Scott was truly amazing. He spent the time to understand the issue and explain my options. He was in touch throughout the process and went above and beyond to make sure they did everything they could to find them and that we were satisfied. They were able to find all of the missing files. While I hope we do not need their services again, I would recommend Secure Data Recovery and Scott without question.

  • Reviewed on Aug 27 2018  |  Macomb, MI

    Data Recovery

    Thanks to Jeremy and the team at Secure Data Recovery, all my consulting files along with my doctorate research material were retrieved. Fantastic job! With a recent file structure issue - Secure Data Recovery was able to correct the problem and return the external hard drive in 24 hours. Would highly recommend Jeremy Provchy and the team at Secure Data Recovery to solve ANY data, file issues.
    Dr. David Bazzetta

  • Reviewed on Aug 12 2018  |  Melbourne Victoria,

    Great Experience

    I experienced a hard drive failure and had lost very important and valuable data.I consulted three big data recovery companies but due to the severity of the crash they were unable to retrieve any data. From the moment I contacted Secure Data Recovery till the successful retrieval of the entire data,the process was extremely straight forward and professional.I would like to thank Brett Olsen for his exceptional customer service through out this process.Brett was accommodating,considerate and prompt.They were able to retrieve all the files from the corrupted hard drive.I could not be happier with the data recovery.I highly recommend the company's services.Thanks to the entire team of Secure Data Recovery.

  • Reviewed on Aug 10 2018  |  Lake Alfred, FL

    Thank You

    They recovered all of my files when the heads stopped working on a portable hard drive. I had all of my family photos of my kids on there since birth so these were priceless. Staff was very professional and timely with response; my fault for not saving these to the cloud or having another redundant backup. Lesson learned; not cheap by any means but you get what you pay for and I’m glad this service was available; would definitely recommend

  • Reviewed on Jul 28 2018  |  Hoschton, GA

    Great Work!

    After my laptop died Secure Data Recovery was able to help me get all of my important files off the drive with a quick turnaround. Scott was so much help during the entire process with answering any questions I had quickly. I will be recommending this service to anyone that needs it!

  • Reviewed on Jul 21 2018  |  Stone Mountain, GA

    Scott and his team do incredible work.

    These past few months I have had the absolute privilege and pleasure to work with Scott of Secure Data Recovery and his team of experts. I was in the unfortunate position of having an SD card go bad soon after putting files on it which were of utmost importance to me. I Googled around and found Secure Data Recovery. I was impressed by the site and the reviews I found and submitted an request to discuss the case. Scott reached out with the quickness and friendliness that I would come to see as part of his high character.

    Reputable data recovery is by no means free but Scott and Secure Data Recovery were able to offer an incredibly reasonable price for the service and turnaround time. The guarantee of only having to pay if they recover the data you're seeking is crucial from an end consumer perspective and shows the company's dedication and focus on satisfying the customer. Often on the web you reach out to a company for assistance and are met with a faceless and corporate style of response. Scott is down to earth, patient and thoughtful in his responses. I did have a lot of questions about the process and he was always receptive to them. I am truly grateful to say Secure Data Recovery was able to procure the data I sought. If I ever need their services or know of someone who does, I will be glad to give them my highest recommendation.

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