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Our Data Recovery Services

Professional Data Recovery Services

Data recovery is the process of accessing and recovering information from digital media that is not accessible through standard means. This is a necessary service in a variety of situations from user error and deletion, to mechanical and physical damage on your storage device. If you are experiencing data loss, you need to contact a certified data recovery company to restore your digital life.

Secure Data Recovery has over a decade of experience in recovering data from all device types including RAID, hard disk drive, flash drives, and more. Our experienced engineers have seen every device failure scenario and boast an overall 96% success rate. We invest heavily in our Research and Development to create and implement innovative data recovery methods for existing and emerging media on the market. This commitment to staying ahead of the curve in a competitive market in addition to our numerous certifications make us the most reliable data recovery service in the industry.

We offer a variety of recovery services to fit your data loss scenario including:

Hard Drive Recovery

Secure Data Recovery works with desktop or laptop hard drives and external drives in every failure scenario from hard drive clicking to the device not booting up.

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Apple Mac Recovery

Our engineers specialize in Mac OS systems and can treat iMacs, MacBooks, and iPhones without voiding your warranty.

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Laptop Data Recovery

Whether it be a Lenovo, Asus, HP, or any other laptop model, our engineers can recover data from a crashed laptop hard drive, accidental overwriting of laptop data, and more.

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Desktop Data Recovery

We provide a full set of media repair and recovery services for your desktop computers. We recover your files from Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, and all other operating systems.

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RAID Data Recovery

Our secure imaging process for failed RAIDs keeps your original hardware from experiencing further damage. Our engineers use proprietary tools to recover your data from all RAID types.

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RAID Repair

Our engineers repair damaged RAIDs in a Class 10 ISO 4 certified Cleanroom. We will offer a comprehensive disaster recovery plan to avoid downtime after a RAID failure.

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SAN Data Recovery

We are trained to work with all manufacturers of Storage Area Networks (SAN) including HP, NetApp, EMC, Dell and more. Secure Data Recovery can retrieve your files from both physically and logically damaged SAN storage.

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NAS Data Recovery

NAS systems require professional recovery services to return your files to you promptly. Secure Data Recovery has the fastest turnaround times in the industry for NAS systems.

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Server Data Recovery

Servers are larger storage systems that require extensive work. Our engineers will repair your server and recover your data while minimizing your downtime that results from data loss.

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Tape Data Recovery

Digital data tape offers reliable backup for decades that reduce costs for businesses. When these tapes do fail, Secure Data Recovery engineers will treat your physically damaged DLTs, LTOs, and other data tape models.

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Database Data Recovery

Our experts have experience with all database types including Oracle, SQL, Access, and more. We have a 96% success rate for database data recovery and use the highest security protocols during the recovery process.

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Encrypted Data Recovery

Other data recovery companies may struggle with encrypted data recovery services, but we have unparalleled experience with EFS and all other encryption implementations. We will return your encrypted files to you on secure transfer media.

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Remote Data Recovery

Secure Data Recovery has the latest remote recovery tools that keep the entire process confidential for the client. We employ secure handling procedures for the recovered data.

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On-site Data Recovery

We provide on-site professional data recovery services for the most difficult and sensitive data loss situations. Our data recovery experts can perform recovery services on any device in your business setting.

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SSD Data Recovery

SSDs are a popular type of flash memory for storing critical data both individually and at an enterprise-level. We are prepared to rebuild and recover from SSD and SSD-HDD hybrids without risking media damage.

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USB Flash Data Recovery

We have developed innovative techniques for data recovery on USB flash drives, SD Cards, and any other flash memory type. We can treat both physically and logically damaged devices.

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File & Email Data Recovery

If you need one email or an entire archived email chain recovered, our specialists treat each email file recovery with the same level of quality service.

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Mobile Recovery & Forensics

We employ certified mobile phone recovery experts to work on both Android and Apple mobile devices. Secure Data Recovery can securely access lost messages and application data without voiding warranties.

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Digital Forensics

Our team of examiners use the latest tools in digital forensics to find court-admissible evidence of digital crimes for business, private, civil or criminal lawsuits.

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Legal professionals rely on our eDiscovery process to find digital data relevant to a case while abiding by Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

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Additional Services

Our services include database conversion, secure media disposal, media conversion, and more. The facilities in which we work are equipped to handle procedures on all digital devices.

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Service Options

We tailor our customer service to the needs of the client with standard service, expedited service, and emergency service options. Solve your data loss issue with the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

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Emergency Data Recovery

When you need access to your critically important data in a hurry, Secure Data Recovery offers emergency services with an average turnaround of 48 hours. We offer the best set of options for professional data recovery and media repair and will produce quality service while minimizing your downtime.

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Our Secure Process

When you choose any of our data recovery services, the process begins when you ship your media directly to our lab or drop it off at one of our over 250 locations nationwide.

After performing diagnostics on your media, our engineers will determine the price point and estimated turnaround time for the recovery on your device. If the client approves, our engineers will perform the recovery and will not charge any more than the agreed-upon price, even if the recovery requires more work than anticipated.

When the recovery is completed, our engineers will deliver your recovered files to you on FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certified transfer media for total security of your files in transit.

Why Choose Our Services?

Secure Data Recovery engineers have successfully recovered data from media that was considered to be unrecoverable by other companies. We have successfully performed data retrieval on fire and water damaged cases, encrypted devices, and logically damaged media.

We respect our clients’ privacy as proven by our SSAE 18 Type II Certification. We perform all of our work in-house without any third party access. In our secure environment, we use Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanrooms for recoveries, giving you the best chance at receiving your files back.

We use proprietary tools and have performed data recovery services on every type of device on the market. If for some reason we are unable to recover your files, we stand by our “no data, no recovery fee” guarantee. We understand how important your data is to you and offer a variety of services to fit your data loss needs. Call us at 1-800-388-1266 to start a case.

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Customer Reviews (105)

Average Rating:

This service was rated 4.9 out of 5.0 based on 105 review(s)

  • Reviewed on May 14 2021  |  Newark, NJ

    Great Customer Service

    By far, Secure Data Recovery seems to be the best source for data recovery, not to mention the customer service was also great! I appreciate it !! ????

  • Reviewed on Apr 24 2021  |  Homestead, FL

    Very impressed

    My computer crashed due to an overhead lighting strike, the surge protector and battery backup kicked in but couldn''t protect my electronic equipment. I couldn''t get my computer to boot up and I took it to a local chain store. They couldn''t get it to boot up or recover any files from the hard drive. I tried to recover the files with a different computer but I could not access the hard drive.

    I contacted Secure Data Recovery via email and received a response rather quickly, after speaking with a representative on the phone I had enough information to move forward. I shipped my hard drive in and a few days later they contacted me and told me it looked good for recovering my files. When they emailed the document listing the recovered files I was amazed. 100% of my files were recovered. Several files I had completely forgotten. Images I couldn''t replace, documents I needed, videos, music files, programs and more.

    It wasn''t as expensive as I thought it would be and worth every penny.

    I hope I never need their services again but if I do I know that I can rely on them.

  • Reviewed on Jun 5 2020  |  Sammamish, WA

    Comforting Answers

    Secure Data Recovery was one of the companies I called to inquire about recovering the data on my recently fried hard drives. Scott Moses was incredibly comforting without being too pushy over the phone, and he didn''t shame me at all for my mistake of switching out my PSU but not my PSU cables. He answered all my questions about what might be happening with my drives and gave me all the information I would need to send my hard drives over. Had I not found someone local, which allowed me to not have to ship my hard drives with a carrier, I would have followed through with Scott. :) Thank you so much for bringing comfort in a depressing and embarrassing point in my life!

  • Reviewed on Jun 1 2020  |  Allentown, PA

    Great Customer Service!

    I had a failed hard drive sitting around for awhile. I reached out to Secure Data and Scott Moses helped me at every step along the way. While it ended up that my hard drive was unrecoverable, the customer service was exemplary and I would totally use the service again. Thanks Scott!

  • Reviewed on May 26 2020  |  Pasadena, MD

    Great Service!

    Scott was VERY helpful throughout the whole process and kept me in the loop on every aspect. The service was efficient and affordable! Would highly suggest any data recovery needs be handled by these experts!!!

  • Reviewed on Apr 27 2019  |  Pewaukee, WI

    Professional, Personable, Complete Service!

    I foolishly decided to update my Mac to the latest iOS version without first backing up. It occurred to me right as I was hitting the update button...Augh! Due to the presence of a Tardisk, the update kept hanging. I went to Apple to solve the issue, but because I didn''t have a back up and they informed me that I''d likely lose my information, I was too nervous to proceed; so they sent me home with instructions on how to perform a backup given my situation. My husband is an IT guru, so no problem, right?

    Unfortunately, the way Apple suggested to do the back up didn''t work, so we used RecoverIt. All of my files appeared, including their respective sizes. Problem solved! Seeing all the files present and accounted for, we removed the Tardisk and presto - the iOS loaded completely. The downside - it wiped the memory clean. No worries, we''ll just upload that RecoverIt backup, right... No! Nothing would load. Hello Secure Data Recovery!

    Scott Moses was amazing from our first contact to our last! The local store that served as their agent to receive the backup drive, despite having an open sign on in the window and having open hours according to their website and front door, was never open over the course of 3 or 4 days. Due to the inconvenience, Scott arranged for overnight shipping to their data recovery location at no cost to me, and upgraded our case to expedited. Scott kept me informed along the way, and was straightforward about my recovery. IF there were actual files on the drive, they were so corrupted, they couldn''t be recovered. More likely, he explained, is that RecoverIt pulled the names and sizes, but not the actual files, thus, I lost everything from my last backup on. Normally that wouldn''t mean much, but I''ve saved A LOT of information to my computer from the last backup to date... So disappointing! As a result, Scott also arranged to return our drive free of charge.

    Was Secure Data Recovery able to recover my data, no, but I feel like they offered me my best option and did so in a professional, communicative way. If I ever find myself if a similar situation (thought God knows, I will ALWAYS back up my info going forward!), I will absolutely be a return customer. Thanks, Scott for your excellent customer service!

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