Secure Data Recovery for Hitachi Storage Devices

Under the brand Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (HGST), the multinational conglomerate Hitachi was a leader in internal, desktop, and portable hard drives and solid-state drives. Its data storage innovations include the introduction of perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) drives with storage densities of 233 gigabits per square inch. Western Digital acquired HGST in 2012 and discontinued it in 2018, but HGST drives and new models based on their technology continue to be widely used by consumers and businesses. The expert technicians at Secure Data Recovery Services can successfully recover lost data on any Hitachi HDD or SSD device.

Hitachi Data Recovery Services Hitachi Data Recovery Services
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Advantages of working with a Platinum Data Recovery Partner:

  • Any Hitachi warranty associated with your device remains valid
  • 15% discount for Hitachi customers
  • Industry-leading 96% success rate and a No Data, No Recovery Fee guarantee
  • 250+ convenient nationwide drop-off locations or free inbound shipping
  • Certified Class 10 ISO 4 cleanrooms and SSAE 18 SOC 1, 2 and 3 auditing

Hard Drives

As a subsidiary of Western Digital, HGST pioneered the replacement of air in hard drives with helium when it introduced its Ultrastar He6 in 2013. Helium reduces drag on spinning platters, which improves energy efficiency and drive longevity. HGST storage devices have been used in everything from laptop and desktop computers to massive data centers, automobiles, and video recorders.

Hard drive technology continues to evolve as read/write speeds improve and storage densities increase. But the delicate internal components of hard drives remain subject to a variety of problems that could lead to damaged or lost data. Even slight shocks to HDD devices can break actuator arms and read/write heads, which in turn can cause catastrophic damage to the platters that store data.

For more than a decade, the data recovery engineers at Secure Data Recovery Services have developed custom utilities and solutions for every data loss scenario. Each data recovery case is unique, and our expert technicians specialize in creating proprietary tools to meet each new challenge. Our services provide comprehensive support for all Hitachi interfaces, capacities, and models including:

  • Ultrastar DC HC550
  • Ultrastar DC HC530
  • Ultrastar DC HC520
  • Ultrastar DC HC330
  • Ultrastar DC HC320
  • Ultrastar DC HC310
  • Ultrastar DC HA210
  • Ultrastar DC HC510
  • Ultrastar Hs14
  • Ultrastar He10
  • Ultrastar He12
  • Ultrastar 7K6
  • Ultrastar 7K2
  • Ultrastar 7K8
  • Ultrastar 15K147
  • Ultrastar 15K300
  • Ultrastar 15K450
  • Ultrastar 5K3000
  • Ultrastar 7K3000
  • Ultrastar 7K4000
  • Ultrastar 7K6000
  • Ultrastar A7K1000
  • Ultrastar A7K2000
  • Ultrastar Archive Ha10
  • Ultrastar C10K1200
  • Ultrastar C10K147
  • Ultrastar C10K300
  • Ultrastar C10K600
  • Ultrastar C10K900
  • Ultrastar C15K147
  • Ultrastar C7K1000
  • Ultrastar He6
  • Ultrastar He8
  • Travelstar 5K1000
  • Travelstar 7K1000
  • Travelstar Z5K600
  • Travelstar Z7K500.B
  • Travelstar 5K15000
  • Travelstar 5K320
  • Travelstar 5K500.B
  • Travelstar 5K750
  • Travelstar 7K320
  • Travelstar 7K500
  • Travelstar 7K750
  • Travelstar Z5K1
  • Travelstar Z5K320
  • Travelstar Z5K500.B
  • Travelstar Z7K320
  • Travelstar Z7K500
  • CinemaStar Z5K500.B
  • CinemaStar C5K1000.B
  • CinemaStar 5K1000
  • CinemaStar 5K1000.B
  • CinemaStar 5K2000
  • CinemaStar 5K320
  • CinemaStar 7K1000.B
  • CinemaStar 7K1000,C
  • CinemaStar 7K1000.D
  • CinemaStar C5K1000
  • CinemaStar C5K500
  • CinemaStar C5K750
  • CinemaStar Z5K320
  • CinemaStar Z5K500
  • CinemaStar Z7K500
  • Deskstar 5K1000
  • Deskstar 5K1000.B
  • Deskstar 5K3000
  • Deskstar 5K4000
  • Deskstar 7K1000
  • Deskstar 7K1000.B
  • Deskstar 7K1000.C
  • Deskstar 7K1000.D
  • Deskstar 7K2000
  • Deskstar 7K3000
  • Deskstar 7K4000
  • DeskstarE7K1000
  • Endurastar J4KK320
  • Endurastar J4K100
  • Endurastar N4K100
  • Touro S
  • Touro Mobile
  • Touro Mobile Pro
  • Touro Desk
  • Touro Desk Pro

Solid-State Drives

Hitachi made important contributions to the improvement of solid-state drive technology. After the HGST brand was acquired by Western Digital in 2012, it released the first 12GB/s SAS solid-state drive, doubling the fastest previous SAS interface speed. The lack of any movable internal components makes SSD storage faster and more efficient. While SSD devices are less prone to damage from accidental drops or other minor physical damage, they are not immune to data loss that requires professional data recovery services.

Common problems that require data recovery services include issues related to TRIM control and “garbage collection,” wear leveling, RAW Bit Error Rates (RBER) and bad blocks. SSD devices can often require chip soldering and the repair or replacement of failed drive controllers. Advanced SSD data storage technology requires specialized services, and Secure Data Recovery’s expert technicians provide professional data recovery services on all Hitachi SSD devices including:

  • Ultrastar DC SN840
  • Ultrastar DC SN630
  • Ultrastar DC SN640
  • Ultrastar DC SS530
  • Ultrastar DC SN200
  • Ultrastar DC SA210
  • Ultrastar SN100 PCIe SSD
  • Ultrastar SN200 PCIe SSD
  • Ultrastar SSD1000MR SAS SSD
  • Ultrastar SSD1600MM SAS SSD
  • Ultrastar SSD400M
  • Ultrastar SSD400S
  • Ultrastar SSD400S.B SAS SSD
  • Ultrastar SSD800MH.B SAS SSD
  • Ultrastar SSD800MH SAS SSD
  • Ultrastar SSD800MM SAS SSD
  • ZeusIOPS SSD
  • Ultrastar DC SS200 SAS SSD
  • Ultrastar SS300 SAS SSD
  • Ultrastar SA210 SATA SSD
  • FlashMAX PCIe SSD
  • MACH16 Slim SATA SSD
  • s230 Slim SATA SSD
  • s260 mSATA SSD
  • s265 mSATA mini SSD
  • s620 SATA SSD
  • s840Z SAS SSD
  • s841 SAS SSD
  • s842 Micro SAS SSD
  • s842 SAS SSD
  • s846 Micro SAS SSD
  • s846 SAS SSD

Out Data Recovery Process

Any digital storage device can experience failures or data loss regardless of their quality or technical sophistication. If issues arise with your Hitachi HDD or SSD device, avoid the risk of additional damage or the permanent loss of data by immediately turning off your device.
Contact us at 1-800-388-1266 for a free consultation.

After receiving your device at one of our secure data recovery centers, we will complete a free and full diagnostic to assess the source of the problem. You will then receive a comprehensive report along with a no-obligation estimate of the cost for our professional data recovery services.

When you accept the estimate, your data will successfully be recovered and returned to you on whatever transfer device you choose. Our customers pay nothing until their data is successfully restored. That is our “no data, no recovery fee” guarantee.

Hitachi customers can be assured that they have the best chance of recovering lost or damaged data by contacting Secure Data Recovery Services. Our expert technicians maintain a documented 96% success rate.