Secure Data Recovery Services for G-Technology Devices

G-Technology, a subsidiary of Western Digital, specializes in high-performance HDD, SSD, and RAID array storage systems aimed at creative professionals working in the Apple ecosystem, though drives can also be used with Windows PCs. With high storage capacities and ultra-fast read/write speeds of up to 2800 MB per second, G-Technology drives are widely used by professional filmmakers, photographers, and other digital content creators who require scalable storage solutions that are also portable.

G-Technology Data Recovery Services G-Technology Data Recovery Services
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Thunderbolt 3 ports enable daisy-chaining for more flexible storage solutions, and fast transfer rates support 4K, 8K, VR, high dynamic range (HDR), and high frame rate (HFR) multi-stream production workflows, as well as real-time multi-camera editing for film production. G-Technology provides innovative storage and workflow solutions for creative professionals in the studio and on location. But data loss can affect even the most sophisticated storage systems. That’s why our development team at Secure Data Recovery Services has created custom utilities to meet data loss scenarios for every G-Technology storage system.

Advantages of Secure Data Recovery Services:

  • No threat of voiding any G-Technology warranty associated with your device
  • 15% discount on data recovery services for all G-Technology devices
  • Free and thorough diagnostic report and no-obligation price estimate
  • Documented 96% success rate
  • No Data, No Recovery Fee guarantee
  • 250+ partner locations in North America for media drop-off and free inbound shipping
  • Class 10 ISO 4 certified cleanrooms and regular SSAE 18 SOC 1, 2 & 3 auditing

Hard Drives

G-Technology external HDD devices have been designed to deliver flexible connectivity options and high capacity for storage-intensive multimedia files such as HD video, photos, and music. Whether you’re on the job, in the studio, or backing up your business-critical data, G-Technology drives deliver reliable and professional results geared specifically toward Apple computer and software users. But hard drives at every level of technical sophistication rely on delicate internal components that can become damaged over time or as the result of physical damage. Broken actuators or read/write heads can damage HDD platters and result in permanent data loss. Secure Data Recovery Services provides industry-leading professional data recovery services for all G-Technology HDD devices, including:

  • G-Technology ArmorATD
  • G-Drive
  • G-Drive Mobile
  • G-Drive ev RaW
  • StudioRAID Module

Solid-State Drives

G-Technology delivered the world’s first 1 TB external portable hard drive in 2008, and the brand has continued to drive innovation with its line of ultra-fast solid-state devices designed specifically with Mac OS creative professionals in mind. In addition to its traditional portable SSD, the next-generation ArmorLock SSD has advanced data security and drive management features, including XTS-AES 256-bit hardware encryption and user authentication via a mobile app. G-Technology SSD devices lack the sensitive internal components of HDD devices, and they generally don’t suffer as much from physical trauma. But they can sustain damage from sudden power fluctuations as well as issues related to TRIM controls, wear leveling, the soldering of damaged chips, and the repair of failed drive controllers. The expert developers at Secure Data Recovery Services specialize in custom solutions for advanced data recovery on all G-Technology storage devices including:

  • G-Drive Mobile SSD
  • G-Drive Mobile Pro SSD
  • G-Drive Pro SSD
  • G-Speed Shuttle SSD Module
  • Atomos Master Caddy 4K
  • ArmorLock Encrypted NVMe SSD


G-Technology RAID systems aim to provide scalable and portable production workflow solutions that demand high-capacity storage, fast access and transfer rates, and bandwidth to support multi-camera editing and effects rendering in real time. G-Technology hardware RAID storage is optimized for use with Apple computers and MacOS, and it supports multiple configurations in both HDD and SSD options. These advanced storage systems offer creative professionals innovative tools for onsite or in-studio workflows, but their drive components are still subject to damage or failure that could result in permanent data loss. The RAID specialists at Secure Data Recovery Services have spent more than a decade creating custom utilities and proprietary tools for RAID data loss scenarios, and they can provide successful data recovery on all G-Technology RAID storage systems including:

  • G-RAID
  • G-Speed Shuttle
  • G-Speed Shuttle SSD
  • G-Speed Shuttle XL

Out Data Recovery Process

The data recovery engineers at Secure Data Recovery Services are Apple Mac Certified and specialize in data storage optimized for Mac computer systems. If G-Technology customers experience drive failures or data loss on their HDD, SSD, or RAID array, they should power down the device immediately to avoid additional damage or the risk of permanent data loss.
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Once we receive your G-Technology device, our data recovery engineers will conduct a free and full diagnostic in one of our certified labs to determine the cause of your problem. They will also provide a thorough report and a no-obligation quote for the cost of all required data recovery services.

When our professional services have been authorized, we will complete our data recovery operations and return your data on a transfer device that you select. Our “no data, no recovery fee” guarantee means that you never pay anything until your data has been successfully restored.

Our professional data recovery engineers lead the industry with a documented 96% success rate. So whatever problems might arise, we give G-Technology customers the best chance of restoring lost data.