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Secure Data Recovery Services provides expert computer forensics services to attorneys, businesses, and individuals worldwide. We collect, preserve, and analyze evidence in criminal and civil cases. We also provide our clients with preventative forensics services and education on the legal and technical issues surrounding electronically stored information.

Digital Data Forensics is a Science. It requires extracting electronic information which can be both visible to a normal user and hidden in the protected areas of a device. Today's digital devices are critical aspect of our work and home environment, so it is no surprise that almost all of the "evidence" is stored and can be found on them. Such evidence including e-mail, metadata, browsing history, application logs and documents are vital in proving wrongdoing in any criminal, civil or internal dispute.

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Our experience and forensically certified process will supply with verifiable proof which will reveal all secrets previously hidden in the complex digital world.

Specific Forensics Services

Providing forensically verifiable results is just a part of the Secure Data Recovery process. We are experts in using high tech forensic tools to uncover electronic evidence which has been deleted or formatted and our forensics data recovery services have been proven invaluable settling countless criminal and civil disputes.

Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics

Our state-of-the-art tools plus years of experience gathers and preserves evidence from any computer or digital media for court cases.

Apple Mac Recovery

Mobile Forensics

Our forensics capabilities extend to any type of mobile device including phones, tablets and laptops.

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DVR Recovery

DVR Recovery

We are experts in recovering deleted or corrupted video camera or CCTV footage for investigative purposes.

» More about DVR Recovery

Imaging and Erasure

Imaging and Erasure

Expert bit-by-bit digital media images preserve evidence admissible in court while our erasure service makes data completely unrecoverable.

Analysis & Investigation

Analysis & Investigation

Thorough, detailed forensics are invaluable to any investigation or analysis of inappropriate or illegal actions including their sequence.

Expert Testimony

Expert Testimony

We provide expert forensics evidence in civil and criminal litigation related to a computer’s use or a user’s activities.

In today's hyper digital world businesses, schools, law firms and government agencies require sophisticated document preservation in order to comply with ever changing rules and regulations. Secure Data Recovery's data analysts have a deep understanding of processing large volumes or structured and unstructured data. Our expertise goes far beyond solving standard forensic problems with the help of our R&D department we are able to solve custom projects involving noncommercial or custom built systems.

Legal Forensics Services

Regardless of the type of investigation calling for our expert forensics service, we collect, preserve and analyze relevant data using methodologies that result in an evidence chain-of-custody whose authenticity will stand up in a court of law. If needed, we provide expert testimony regarding the evidence and what it reveals.

Divorce & Custody

Divorce & Custody

Our data discovery and gathering capabilities are extremely useful in adversarial situations where a party attempts to hide information.

Infidelity Investigation

Infidelity Investigation

We uncover information that may reveal inappropriate behavior despite the use of obfuscation, privacy or encryption software.

Intellectual Property Cases

Intellectual Property Cases

Since most IP exists in digital form, forensics are essential in detecting whether it has been transferred outside the company.

Employment & Contracts

Employment & Contracts

Our forensic services ensure departing employees do not take client data, supplier information or intellectual property with them.

Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims

Forensics are crucial in determining if or when claim-related documents were accessed, deleted or transferred to other media.

Social Media Analysis

Social Media Analysis

We have the ability to trace users’ social accounts activities, which often reveals patterns helpful in investigations.

Our Forensic Engineers have decades of experience at recovering data from physically damaged devices and maliciously deleted data situations. Secure Data Recovery's staff will work side by side with you, your IT, Human Resources and Legal Department to provide custom investigation reports which will be iron clad during litigation.

Secure Data Recovery are experts in obtaining forensic images from all File Systems and Data Storage Devices, including:

  • Hard Drives, Desktop Computers, Workstations, Laptops
  • Removable Media, USB Thumb drives
  • Email Servers, Database Servers, RAID Arrays, Application Servers, File Servers
  • Smartphones, Tablets, SIM Cards
  • Surveillance Cameras, Digital Recorders

Throughout our long history we have extensively worked with Federal and Local Law Enforcement agencies and through our regular interaction excel with providing the highest levels of data security to protect electronic data and its integrity. The Secure Data Recovery Labs are secure certified, audited and hold a SSAE16 Type SOC II certification. While handling the client's data during a forensics investigation our engineers and staff maintain a strict chain of custody and deliver the strongest results possible.

Specializing in case types:
  • IP Theft | Non-Compete | Non-Solicitation
  • White-Collar Crime | Fraud | Embezzlement
  • Breach of Fiduciary Responsibilities
  • Contract Disputes
  • Destruction of Data
  • Domestic Relations
  • Insurance Claims
  • Negligence | Product Liability
  • Privacy Violation | Breach
  • Professional Malpractice
  • Wrongful Termination

Secure Data Recovery is one of the most recognized names in the data recovery industry and is a proven leader. Our dedicated team of data professionals will walk you through the project in plain terms and cover all aspects of your case to deliver forensically verified results.

Customer Reviews (10)

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This service was rated 5.0 out of 5.0 based on 10 review(s)

  • Reviewed on Aug 17 2021  |  Chicago, IL

    Excellent service and reassuring rep

    The partition on a 4TB drive with 50 years of family video was wiped (and the file structure) by a glitch / surge and the True Image backup drive also damaged and of course I had been intending to back this up to the cloud. I didn''t dare attempt to recover and called SDR. Eric was very responsive and had me set up to drop of both disks in short order.

    I opted for quick service and paid the inspection fee. I received a list of the files found in the directory and a price for extracting them and associating them with a tree. I was shocked by the price and Eric did a good job of explaining the difficulty involved in the case and though I was not convinced that the price wasn''t high, I was convinced that SDR would get everything back and signed for the go ahead.

    Eric kept me informed of the progress and promptly responded to my questions by mail and with phone calls.

  • Reviewed on Aug 11 2021  |  Itasca, IL


    I worked with Scott and it was really a pleasure! He was super quick to respond to emails and I knew exactly where we were in the process. I truly recommend this company to extract your data. I thought all my data was going to be gone (I have a two year old and you can imagine all the pictures and videos) but they were able to retrieve everything. Thank you so so so much those memories are priceless to me. Defiantly recommend!

  • Reviewed on May 18 2020  |  Puyallup, WA

    Digital Forensic RE: Criminal Investigation

    My partner and I have been dealing with some criminals that were targeting us to harm us physically and financially. We were fortunate to be able to obtain the assistance of Secure Data where we met Jake Gambatese. His professionalism and patients with us and our case is absolutely the best service we could ask for. He was prompt, made himself available when he could, and took our matter serious.

    Because of his confidence in their services, the analysis for, and their Forensic Team, he brought comfort and confidence in our decision to use their services. Furthermore, after speaking with the LAPD and FBI they were thrilled to assist us with this matter especially due to their work.

    We are still awaiting our criminal charges case; however, Secure Data allowed us to feel comfortable with a digital footprint again and to begin reaching out to our friends after being forced into isolation by these hackers ability to control our communication and data.

    Thank you Jake and the analysis that worked on our case along with all the employees that made our entire experience worth wild. Words can not express our gratitude.

    Many Thanks

    ( Secure Data = Digital Hero''s )

  • Reviewed on Aug 5 2019  |  St. Augustine, FL

    Jeff was great!

    Jeff was always timely with his responses and was able to give me great answers! Almost all of my data was recovered. Great service!

  • Reviewed on Jul 19 2019  |  Addison, TX

    Best Computer Forensics

    I gotta say these guys are awesome forensics specialists. I needed to get a hard drive forensicsally imaged and then for them to get me a report that something was indeed copied off my company''s computer and these guys really did a fantastic job. They performed a forensic analysis and then came back with a report my lawyer used in court and we won the case. I wouldn''t hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing digital forensics in the future.

  • Reviewed on Jun 20 2019  |  Sebring, FL

    Happy Customer

    Luke Marrali was the Customer Service Rep I worked with when my external hard drive got mad at me when I dropped it and it was no longer able to access any of my data on it. He was so helpful from the start! I was excited to learn that my data was recovered and decided to ship my new external hard drive to Secure Data Recovery. I did give Luke a heads up when the new hard drive was delivered to their lab and he followed up with them right away. By the next day, my new drive with all my data was on it''s way back to me! Fast service from the lab and excellent customer service from Luke. I would highly recommend Secure Data Recovery should anyone find themselves in a pickle, like I did.

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