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Toshiba Data Recovery Services from an Industry Leader

Toshiba Data Recovery Services from an Industry Leader

Secure Data Recovery Services provides comprehensive data loss solutions for all types of Toshiba devices. We specialize in hard drive data recovery, and our teams have the equipment and expertise to treat any Toshiba system safely and restore essential data after a hard drive failure or virtually any other event.

Our engineers work in a carefully controlled laboratory when treating Toshiba devices in order to provide the best possible results.

We Helped Thousands Get Their Lost Data Back

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Toshiba Corporation is one of the world's largest electronics vendors. The brand markets and sells hundreds of products including laptops, desktop PCs, and mobile devices. Many other companies have relied on Toshiba hard drive technology, and in recent years, Toshiba has branched out into solid-state drives, cloud services and other emerging markets.

While Toshiba storage devices are reliable, all storage devices can fail. Secure Data Recovery Services provides Toshiba users with a reliable set of disaster recovery solutions. We will never void your active warranties by providing our services, and our overall success rate is a remarkable 96 percent.

Other features of Secure Data Recovery Services:

  • Warranty-Safe Data Recovery for All Toshiba Devices
  • 24/7/365 Same-Day Emergency Services
  • No Recovery, No Charge Guarantee
  • Specialized Services for RAID Data Recovery and Repair
  • SSAE 18 Type II SOC-1 Security Certification

We offer free media evaluations for Toshiba hard drives, solid-state drives and other devices. By performing several tests, our engineers can determine whether your device has recoverable data and provide you with a price quote and turnaround estimate. Contact us today to get started.

Toshiba Data Recovery Reviews

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This service was rated 5.0 out of 5.0 based on 26 review(s)
Laura Mcginnis

Top Notch Service!

I was distraught over my computer crashing and not being able to retrieve anything because of a Bit Locker issue. I didn''t even know there was such a thing. Secure Data Recovery Services saved the day! Eric was fabulous. First, they said they could get my data. Second, my data was recovered in a much shorter timeframe than expected. Customer service was top notch and very timely. I highly recomme... Read More

David Pratt

Back up drive recovery

My back up external hard drive stopped working; it would make sounds and grind to a halt. I reached out to Secure Data and Scott helped me through the process. I was unsure at first, but he walked me through all my options and always returned emails in under 12 hours. I got almost all my data back, only one file out of 1TB was unrecoverable. Would definitely use Secure Data again.

Scott Waller

Really appreciate their work

I don''t regularly leave reviews but want to in this case. I recently had an external hard drive fail. If it had just been work files or something like that, I wouldn''t have bothered with a recovery. I''m not a big cloud storage user. I had recently transferred more than 20 years of digital family photos to the external hard drive in order to work in another location with some folks on a family p... Read More

Nora Evans

Data Recovery

Jonathan Nguyen was my representative. He responded to my questions and inquiries in a timely manner. He is very helpful and addressed all my concerns in a very kind and respectful way. I appreciated all his help. Nora

Phillip Schmidt


To whom it may concern,

First and foremost, Mr. Jonathan Nguyen it''s a definite asset to the company SDRS!
I initiated a call to SDRS and Mr. Nguyen answered the phone in a professional tone with clear and concise instructions of what I needed to do. He bled me for information on which files I was needing the most if the drive was only partially salvagable.
After our ... Read More

Andrés Fabián Herrera Flórez

A solution for a difficult case

After of more than 3 years waiting for a good chance to try to recover my data from a external Hard drive Toshiba, I took advantage of a trip to United States to contact "Secure Data Recovery". Their policy of not charging for a diagnosis of the problem and for giving an estimate price of the work, plus the impressive rate of recovering that they have, gave confidence to try to recover my files (s... Read More


State of the Art Technology for Toshiba Data Recovery

When a storage device fails, engineers need to repair damaged components in order to temporarily restore the hardware to a functional state. The data recovery process requires advanced technology, and at Secure Data Recovery Services, we invest heavily in our laboratory in order to provide dependable service.

We perform hard drive repair and RAID repair procedures in a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, a specialized environment that prevents media contamination. Our engineers also use a number of proprietary tools designed for various operating systems and file systems, and our expansive media library allows for fast, safe treatment. We always take appropriate steps to keep data secure, and we fully comply with various information standards including PCI-DSS.

Secure Data Recovery Services also offers a no recovery, no fee guarantee for all Toshiba data recovery cases. While unrecoverable cases are extremely rare, we will not process a service charge if we cannot recover your important data. Our services will never void your warranty, and our turnaround options help you maintain your budget.

What to Do When a Toshiba Storage Device Fails

Because data loss symptoms can vary greatly, you should take appropriate precautions when you cannot access data on a Toshiba system. Turn your computer off and keep it powered down until you can get a professional evaluation. Do not attempt to recover your own data. Never open a sealed Toshiba product, as you may accidentally void your warranty or endanger your files.

Contact Secure Data Recovery Services to set up a risk-free standard evaluation.

Our engineers can treat all failure scenarios including:

  • Hard Drive Head Crashes and Media Damage
  • Electronics Failures
  • Computer Boot Issues
  • File Corruption and Firmware Corruption
  • Accidental Overwrites and File Deletion
  • Virus Damage, Fire Damage and More

Secure Data Recovery Services offers the most dependable options for Toshiba data recovery, hard drive repair and other advanced data loss solutions. We use dedicated hardware and state-of-the-art proprietary tools to treat every case, and our exceptional security credentials ensure that your data stays safe throughout the process. Set up your free evaluation today by calling our 24/7 toll-free line at 800-388-1266.