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Solid-State Drive Recovery from an Industry Leader

SSD Data Recovery Services

We were one of the first companies in the United States to offer professional repair and recovery services for solid-state drives and hybrid drives. Whether you lost access to your files after accidentally deleting a key folder or your device stopped responding entirely, our specialists are able restore your data to a working condition within a matter of days.

SSD Data Recovery

While solid-state drives are a relatively new technology, our teams have experience with hundreds of SSD cases.

Solid-state drives consist of a series of flash memory chips assembled to act as a single storage device. Manufacturers have offered SSDs since the 1980s, but significant price decreases have made the technology much more affordable for consumers over the past decade.

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As leading SSD recovery specialists, we regularly invest in technology research and development. Our engineers have years of experience with NAND flash technology, and we can provide data recovery services for all SSD and SSHD brands. With specialized flash recovery tools and the industry's best set of certifications, you have access to a fast way to recover from any type of unexpected SSD data loss. Contact us today to set up a free evaluation.

Common Causes of Solid-State Drive Data Loss

Many computer users assume that solid-state drives cannot crash or suffer other issues commonly associated with traditional hard drives. While solid-state drives have no moving components, they have a number of sensitive electronic components that can sustain damage and fail for a variety of reasons.

The good news is that most of these issues do not cause permanent damage, but data recovery specialists need a special set of tools to successfully perform SSD repairs. Secure Data Recovery Services operates the industry's only certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, which allows our engineers to perform safe physical repairs, and we have developed an extensive set of flash data recovery tools to provide the best possible results for our clients.

Solid-state drives can lose data due to:

  • Physical or Electronic Component Damage
  • File Corruption Caused by Software or Operating System Issues
  • Bad Sectors
  • Memory Wear Caused by Excessive Overwrites
  • Accidental File Deletion
  • Damage from Viruses, Trojan Horses and Other Malicious Programs
  • Fires, Floods and Other Natural Disasters

Solid-state drive failures can catch you off guard, and you face serious consequences when data loss occurs. We offer several service options to help you manage turnaround times and data recovery costs, and unlike many other providers, we will never void your warranty while providing our services. We offer a full no recovery, no charge policy for all SSD and SSD RAID data recovery services.

What to Do When a Solid-State Drive Fails

If your solid-state drive loses data, keep it turned off. While an SSD cannot sustain physical component damage during operation, it can overwrite files, contributing to corruption and reducing your chances of a successful recovery. Solid-state drives can also suffer from memory wear or other physical issues, and by keeping your drive powered off, you maintain your media in its original condition.

Never use data recovery software or disk utilities on your solid-state drive, as these programs can contribute to flash media issues by writing data to your disk.

We can provide a free solid-state drive data recovery evaluation through any of our offices. Our experts will determine whether your drive has recoverable data and provide a price quote and turnaround estimate.

Security Credentials and Advanced SSD Repair Technology

Because we specialize in solid-state drive data recovery, we can successfully treat the vast majority of cases. We maintain a 96 percent overall success rate, and our talented engineering teams always work to find creative solutions to media failure issues. With the use of strict security controls and advanced networks we can guarantee your confidentiality. We hold a number of compliance certifications to demonstrate the effectiveness of our security systems, and reputable third-party companies regularly audit our facilities. You can learn more about our all of our certifications through the menu above.

When you need a dependable, trustworthy provider with experienced solid-state drive repair experts, Secure Data Recovery Services can help. By maintaining state-of-the-art facilities, we offer the industry's best services for solid-state disk drives and hybrid drives of all sizes. To set up a free evaluation or for more information regarding our solid-state drive data recovery services, contact our 24/7/365 customer service team today.

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  • Reviewed on Jun 24 2021  |  Durham, NC

    Professional and Communicative

    I appreciated the efficient and professional communication. Thanks!

  • Reviewed on May 19 2021  |  Wayne, PA

    Customer Service Experience with Kim Nguyen

    I would like to provide a review for the service Kim Nguyen provided to me. Kim provided an excellent customer service during my data recovery experience. She has been always prompt in communicating and guiding me through the data recovery process and this transaction. I am very happy that I was dealing with Kim. She has been a great help and due to her effective communication and excellent customer service skills I was convinced to use Secure Data for my data recovery needs. I would highly recommend Secure Data to my friends and family for their data recovery needs. Kim is an asset to this organization. I am very grateful to her service. Again, Kim Thank you so much for all your support during my data recovery experience with Secure Data.
    Harish Suri

  • Reviewed on May 19 2021  |  Encinitas, CA

    Jonathan Nguyen Review

    Jonathan has been superb from the start to the finish of my data recovery. His communication has been clear, transparent, supportive and personal throughout. He is timely in his messaging without being intrusive, always offering to talk through any issues or questions. I must say your company''s online system is one of the clearest and most user friendly that I have experienced and I would highly recommend you to anyone in need of data recovery services. Heartfelt thanks to both Secure Data Recover and especially to Jonathan.

  • Reviewed on May 17 2021  |  Oxnard, CA

    To the Rescue

    After visiting four computer repair facilities, including Apple, after my computer crashed and I lost all of my data, I was referred to Secure Data Recovery because everyone said they couldn''t help me. I was in a panic, in a jam and needed important information for a client meeting. Secure Data Recovery, beginning with my initial conversation with Kim N, was professional and followed through on the commitments they made to me. While it was pricier than I would have liked, no one else would even touch this job. Secure Data Recovery repaired my computer and retrieved 100% of my data. Kim and the entire crew in LA stepped up and turned my emergency project into success.

  • Reviewed on May 14 2021  |  New Baltimore, MI

    Relieved and Thankful

    I owe a lot to Secure Data Solutions and Anna Kazakovtseva. They were able to recover all our data that we thought we''d lost, which was all of our data. This would have been devastating to our business. From the beginning Anna was understanding, responsive and helpful. Secure Data Solutions stuck to their quote and provided us exactly what we needed, exactly when they said they would. Very happy with the outcome and would recommend to anyone in need of Data Recovery services.

  • Reviewed on May 12 2021  |  Livonia, MI

    Excellent Customer Service and Timely Response!

    I came to Secure Data Recovery with an SSD that had failed, and I wanted to try every avenue available to recover it. Timur Granovskii was my customer service representative, and he was extremely courteous and answered all of my questions in a timely manner as well as very respectfully. He also gave me some very good advice about avoiding companies that try to scam you, as well as explaining to me in layman''s terms the nature of the damage on my drive.
    Although the drive couldn''t be saved in the end due to too much damage, Timur worked with me diligently and I would recommend Secure Data Recovery to anyone who needs to save their important files. And with their No Recovery, No Charge payment plan, there''s always a guaranteed safety net for their customers. Thank you Timur and thank you SDR!

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