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SSD Recovery Experts

We have provided reliable SSD data recovery for all types of solid-state drives in every data loss scenario. Our engineers have decades of experience with flash storage and understand the cutting-edge technology of modern SSDs. Retrieving data from an SSD requires a wide range of custom tools, technical skills, and replacement components. We have proven our expertise across thousands of challenging cases. Trust the pros with a record of results and a No Data, No Recovery Fee guarantee to restore your files.

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Certified Solid-State Drive Recovery

Since 2007, we have partnered with leading brands and invested in ongoing research to develop new tools and techniques. As a result, we can provide solid-state drive recovery solutions for home users and enterprise clients that others cannot.

Our SSD experts have encountered numerous data loss events. We have resolved cases involving exhaustion, controller failure, corruption, electrical issues, physical damage, and deletion, to name just a few. That is possible because we have talented technicians, groundbreaking software, state-of-the-art soldering stations, and an extensive collection of replacement parts. Whatever the case, our best-in-class tools give you the best chance to reclaim your important data.

What To Expect With Us:

  • Free Diagnostics and Quote
  • No Data, No Recovery Fee Guarantee
  • Specialized Hardware and Software
  • Large Library of SSD Components
  • Most Industry-Specific Certifications

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NAND Flash Specialists

Our history of innovation is an asset as solid-state drives continue to evolve. SSDs electronically store data in billions of NAND flash memory cells and offer much greater speeds than hard disk drives. However, form factors and architecture vary between drives. Your SSD might have single-level cells (SLC), multi-level cells (MLC), triple-level cells (TLC), or quad-level cells (QLC). Cells with higher density are more intricate and demand more advanced techniques. No matter the design, we can restore your data.

We also specialize in other SSD technologies. SSDs have complex algorithms and processes that help the device function but complicate data recovery. They include wear-leveling, error correction, garbage collection, compression, overprovisioning, deduplication, and encryption. It is critical to understand these methods and their impact on recovering data to maximize the odds of success. And our team does.

Examples of Supported SSD Hardware:

  • 2.5-inch and M.2 SSDs
  • NVMe
  • PCIe
  • SATA
  • SAS

Partners With Storage Companies

We partner with the most respected SSD brands in the storage industry. These close ties provide unique access and insights into hundreds of solid-state drives. That knowledge allows us to deliver the best service to you without voiding your warranty. Data loss can be unavoidable. But, when it does occur, we are prepared to reverse it. We can get your data back regardless of the brand, model, file system, and operating system of your SSD. Here are some of our close partners.

Apple Data Recovery for NAND Flash Memory

A laptop containing an SSD sitting on a desk in an office.

Apple uses NAND flash storage across its laptops, desktops, and mobile devices. Our Mac data recovery experts have experience with all Apple hardware and macOS versions. Modern MacBooks, iMacs, Mac minis, and Mac Studios have SSD modules that are soldered right onto the board. As an Apple Certified Mac Technician (ACMT), we can extract data from these integrated designs without destroying it. We can also restore data from SSDs in Mac Pro workstations and Fusion Drives in older models.

We are proud to be part of the Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP) program. Being a trusted member provides access to genuine Apple parts, tools, and resources, ensuring we meet the highest standards.

Retrieve Data From SSDs With Encryption

Many solid-state drives have encryption by default. However, most SSDs differ in how they encrypt data. As a result, encryption can present several obstacles, but it does not prevent us from retrieving your data. These drives often store keys in a secure area of the drive. In cases with damaged controllers or firmware and corruption, they can be difficult to reach. Some encrypted SSDs also limit the amount of attempts. That makes it vital to get it right the first time. Call one of our experts to learn more about encrypted data recovery.

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John Vernon

Excellent help

Thought I had lost everything when my drive failed called and spoke with Scott, his knowledge helped put my mind at ease. I decided then to go ahead with Secure Data. He kept me informed throughout the process and once the project was complete I was notified by Scott that all my files were recoverable. I am very pleased with the service and I''m very excited to receive my new hard drive with all m... Read More

Kwame Curtis, Au.D.

5 Stars!

After getting coffee spilled on my Mac and it shorting out; I was pretty sure hope was all lost. However, thankfully I came across Jake and the guys at Secure Data. The process was pretty easy and it went pretty smooth. I was able to ship it out the day I discovered the website and it was all handled from there. data was recovered and returned to me relatively quickly. I can''t say that... Read More

John Capone Jr

Secure, private, and professional recovery!

A++++++ data recovery company that 5 stars it''s profession on securing your lost data! Highly recommended!!!

Jason Brustad

Thank you for the recovery!

I appreciate the professionals at Secure Data Recovery, as they were able to successfully recover important photos and files from an older laptop. I appreciate their professionalism and results, thank you!

Ken Smith


The guys at Secure Data Recovery performed like pros in every sense of the word. Daniel Novak was my representative. He is very technically competent, readily answered all my questions, and made himself available. If called and Daniel wasn’t available, there was always someone there who could help me. They are cheap, but you get what you pay for. By the way, they were are to recover 100% of the da... Read More



After trying a few other locations that said my M.2 SSD drive was dead after receiving an error upon start up, I was advised to try Secure Data Recovery and I am extremely glad I did. They were very professional, prompt and kept me in the loop of the whole process. I sent my drive in and within the next day or so, I had an update they figured out what the issue was with my drive and walked me thro... Read More


Common Causes of Data Loss

While SSDs are seen as more reliable than other storage options, the devices can still fail. Also, SSDs frequently have different failure modes compared to hard drives. Resolving these issues requires a separate set of skills and tools. Some of the most common causes of data loss for SSDs include:

  1. Exhaustion: NAND flash memory has a finite number of write cycles. When an SSD reaches its limit, its data may become inaccessible.
  2. Controller Failure: An SSD controller manages stored data across billions of cells. Without it, the drive will not function.
  3. Corruption: The amount of bad blocks in SSDs increases with continued use despite efforts to mitigate that effect. If the device saves data to these sections, it could lead to file corruption.
  4. Firmware Damage: Firmware dictates how that specific SSD operates. Damaged firmware impacts performance and data storage.
  5. Power Surge: A sudden power spike can ruin electronic components on the SSD’s printed circuit board (PCB).
  6. Unstable Voltage: Similar to power surges, an erratic electrical supply can destroy essential components on the PCB.
  7. Physical Damage: SSDs are durable devices, but they are not immune to physical or thermal damage. Degraded cells and burnt-out electronics can prevent people from accessing their files.
  8. Manufacturer Defect: Sometimes, SSDs can have defective connectors, components, or solder joints due to poor materials or placement errors.

We can restore your lost files in many instances. No matter the cause of SSD data loss, our team knows how to recover it. Start your case today.

Success Stories: How We Restore Data From SSDs

Restoring data from SSDs is often complex and constantly changing. Yet our goal stays the same. We want to produce the best results in the shortest period of time for each solid-state drive we see. Thousands of people trusted us when it counted, and we delivered. The following success stories showcase some of our unique abilities.

Successful Recovery of Samsung S9 Backup from Laptop SSD

Successful Recovery of Samsung S9 Backup from Laptop SSD

Microsoft Surface Pro Requires Chip-off Data Recovery

Microsoft Surface Pro Requires Chip-off Data Recovery

MacBook Pro internal SSD Fails after Water Spill

MacBook Pro internal SSD Fails after Water Spill

Successful Data Recovery from SSD Memory Wear

Successful Data Recovery from SSD Memory Wear

WD BLUE HDD Crash Threatens Years of Personal Images - Successfully Recovered

WD BLUE HDD Crash Threatens Years of Personal Images - Successfully Recovered

Custom Data Recovery from Dell E6320 Laptop SSD

Custom Data Recovery from Dell E6320 Laptop SSD

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to recover data from an SSD?

    It varies. The cost depends on the complexity of your case. We offer a free diagnostic of your solid-state drive to determine the cause of data loss. At that point, we present an exact quote for the recovery that you can accept or reject. Payment is due once we provide proof of your recovered files. Contact us to learn more about our process.

  • Can SSD data be recovered?

    Yes. However, for the best results, you need a service that specializes in SSDs. We have the tools and expertise to resolve the toughest data loss cases. Since 2007, our engineers have maintained a 96% success rate across all media types.

  • Why is it harder to recover data from an SSD?

    SSDs have sophisticated algorithms and processes that scatter data across billions of cells. Plus, many SSDs encrypt data, and those methods vary from model to model. These features make locating and recovering lost data on SSDs harder than other storage devices.

  • Do you have several recovery options?

    Yes. In addition to our standard service, we have expedited and emergency options. Our emergency service is available 24/7 if needed and offers turnaround times of less than 48 hours. We can also provide remote and onsite services if required.

  • Are your results guaranteed?

    Yes. We stand by our No Data, No Recovery Fee guarantee. We get your data back, or you pay nothing.

  • How do you return my recovered files?

    Upon payment, we return your recovered data on a secure device of your choosing.

  • Can I recover my files with free data recovery software?

    It is possible. However, most file recovery software is ineffective when it comes to SSDs. Consider a professional service if the data is truly critical. Learn the risks before proceeding with software.

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