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Secure Data Recovery Services was one of the first companies in the U.S. to offer professional repair and recovery for solid-state drives (SSD) and solid-state hybrid drives (SSHD). Our expert engineers can resolve any failure or data loss scenario on any SSD device. Our research and development teams continue to drive innovation in data recovery services for all major manufacturers and brands of solid state drives, hybrid drives, and all forms of NAND-based memory systems.

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Solid state drives consist of a series of flash memory chips assembled to act as a single storage device, making SSD data recovery much more specialized than traditional hard drives.

Solid-state drives can lose data from:

  • Physical or Electronic Component Damage
  • File Corruption Caused by Software or Operating System Issues
  • Bad Sectors
  • Memory Wear Caused by Excessive Overwrites
  • Accidental File Deletion
  • Damage from Viruses, Trojan Horses and Other Malicious Programs
  • Fires, Floods and Other Natural Disasters

The good news is that most of these issues don't necessarily lead to permanent damage. They do, however, require specialized knowledge and methods. In addition to the industry's most comprehensive set of data recovery certifications, Secure Data Recovery has developed an extensive set of flash data recovery tools for every major SSD manufacturer and brand to provide the best possible results for our clients.


Custom data recovery tools for all Glyph SSD storage devices, with our “No data, no recovery fee” guarantee and a 20% partner discount for Glyph customers.

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Professional data recovery on all G-Technology SSD devices. macOS or Windows. 96% successful recovery rate. 15% discount.

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Users of one of the largest manufacturers of SSD devices have a trusted partner in the leading data recovery provider in the industry, all at a 15% discount.

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Our data recovery experts specialize in data loss solutions for all Kingston solid-state drives, flash drives, and SD cards.

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We offer professional data recovery services for all LSI solid-state storage drives, RAID adapters and drive controllers.

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Expert data recovery solutions for one of the biggest manufacturers of solid-state and NAND-based memory systems.

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Our innovative and customized data recovery solutions enable us to perform professional data recovery on all SanDisk SSD and flash memory devices.

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Secure Data Recovery is an official partner with Seagate Technologies and provides expert data recovery services for all Seagate SSD devices.

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Toshiba customers have access to expert data recovery solutions for all Toshiba SSD storage devices with no risk to any existing warranty.

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Western Digital

Our expert technicians provide professional data recovery services for the full WD line of SSD portable, NAS, and RAID storage systems.

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SSD TRIM, Garbage Collection, and Advances in Flash Memory

SSD drives and flash memory devices handle deleted data much differently than HDD drives. When a user deletes data from an SSD drive, it will eventually become unrecoverable. But advances in the way computers process data from SSD drives make it possible to restore lost or accidentally deleted data under certain circumstances.

TRIM is part of a set of maintenance protocols for SSD drives. When users delete or change data, the data does not immediately disappear. The area that stores it is designated by TRIM as unneeded and ready for reuse. A process commonly referred to as "garbage collection" resets the bits in these areas to the same value to prepare them for holding new data.

TRIM coordinates this process, amongst others, in order to make sure free space is available when needed. Current operating systems interact with TRIM to make better decisions about when blocks of storage need to be reset by garbage collection or rotated out of use by wear leveling.

Such advances in TRIM support help lengthen the lifespan of SSD devices, since every write diminishes the lifetime of the transistors (and garbage collection counts the same way as writing to the drive) that comprise the modern SSD. SSD devices won't immediately reuse areas where data has been deleted.

Timing is Everything for Recovering Deleted Data from SSD Devices

Advances in TRIM maintenance protocols are critical for SSD data recovery. When evaluating the potential for deleted data recovery, the primary determining factor is quantifying how many writes have taken place since the needed data was deleted. The exact number is impossible to determine, but technicians can draw some conclusions by analyzing the runtime and activities of the computer using the SSD device.

Simply put, the longer the computer has been powered up, even sitting idle, the greater the likelihood that blocks comprising deleted files have been optimized or reused. The best option then, once a user has realized that files require recovery, is to immediately power off the machine and leave it unpowered until recovery can be performed.

What to Do When a Solid State Drive Fails

If your solid-state drive loses data, keep it turned off. While an SSD cannot sustain physical component damage during operation, it can overwrite files, contributing to corruption and reducing your chances of a successful recovery. Solid-state drives can also suffer from memory wear or other physical issues, and by keeping your drive powered off, you maintain your media in its original condition.

Never use data recovery software or disk utilities on your solid-state drive, as these programs can contribute to flash media issues by writing data to your disk. Contact a Secure Data Recovery representative immediately to set up a free diagnostic analysis. Our expert technicians will determine whether your solid-state drive has recoverable data and provide a no-obligation price quote and estimated turnaround time.

Our professional data recovery services meet the most stringent requirements of our SSD manufacturing partners, and no existing SSD warranty will be threatened by any of our data recovery operations. In addition to a documented and industry-leading 96% successful data recovery rate, Secure Data Recovery provides a "no data, no recovery fee" guarantee to all our customers. You pay nothing until your data has been successfully recovered.

Our SSD Data Recovery Success Stories

We provide innovative solid-state drive data recovery services. The customer stories below show how committed we are to delivering the best SSD data loss solutions.

Solid State Drive Recovery Video Reviews:

Formatted Kingston SSD with Linux
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  • Reviewed on Jun 29 2022  |  Spotswood, NJ

    Jake Saved Me!

    Well, as unexpected as it was, my business computer crashed! BIOS wouldn''t load, it was a complete disaster. I called Secure Data Recovery and was connected with Jake. He was very attentive and told me I can get my hard drive dropped off that very same day! It was only 2-3 days before he got back to me, and stated they were able to do a full recovery of my data. I was surprised as I thought all was lost.
    Jake Gambatese was awesome right from the very beginning. He followed up with everything extremely quickly, answered all my silly questions (since I know nothing about technology) and had my data back to me before the time frame agreed upon. If you are in need of recovery, and think all is lost, talk to this guy. He knows his stuff!

  • Reviewed on May 23 2022  |  Los Altos, CA

    Great Storage Recovery!

    Recently my MacBook crashed after water spillage and would not turn on, leading me to potentially lose all of my data. However, Secure Data Recovery was able to get back nearly all of data, which was such a great relief! I recommend them 100%

  • Reviewed on May 16 2022  |  Walnut Creek, CA

    Customer Experience with Scott McMacken

    When my laptop SSD''s stopped running, I cursed myself for not keeping my data backed up. After calming down, I went to a local computer store and was told that the data could not be recovered. They told me that my computer was in a RAID 0 configuration. This meant that if one SSD was bad, nothing could be recovered. I found Secure Data Recovery on the internet and gave them a try.
    Scott McMaken was assigned to my case. The recovery took considerably longer than anyone thought, but Scott kept me informed even talking to me over the weekend. He was great and the team did a great job. They recovered about 98% of my files. I would recommend Scott and Secure Data Recovery to anyone. Thanks, Scott!

  • Reviewed on Mar 31 2022  |  Maplewood, NJ

    Got my data recovered

    After a botched computer upgrade I had my hard drives fried. Luckily Jake was able to provide some guidance and Secure Data was able to get my data back up and running.

  • Reviewed on Mar 28 2022  |  ,

    Amazing Customer Service

    I''m so impressed with Secure Data Recovery''s customer service! I specifically interacted with Jake, and he has the best response time for emails that I have ever seen. He was always quick to respond, always kind, and very transparent in communication. If I ever have problems recovering data again, I''m calling Secure Data Recovery first thing!

  • Reviewed on Feb 14 2022  |  Glenshaw, PA

    Jake is Great!

    Although they were not able to recover my data due to physical damage to the device, Jake Gambatese was very professional and quick to respond to all my inquiries with all the information I requested.

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