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Data Recovery When it Matters Most

Data Recovery When it Matters Most

Secure Data Recovery is the most trusted RAID, SSD, and Hard Drive recovery authority nationwide since 2007. Our SSAE18 SOC 1, 2, and 3 security audited process and data recovery services have saved important files from over 100,000 failed storage devices. With a documented 96% success rate, we are confident we can restore your data. If you lost data and require professional recovery services, make us your first call.

We are ready to deliver a data recovery solution for you with our No Data, No Recovery Fee guarantee, anywhere and at anytime.

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We Helped Thousands Get Their Lost Data Back.

With over 5,469 satisfied customers and growing, we are proud to provide outstanding customer experience and quality service that consistently exceed customer expectations.

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Recovery Services We Offer

Hard Drive

Our team has successfully recovered data from tens of thousands of hard drives, hard disk or HDD of all shapes, sizes, file systems and physical damage with a 96% success rate. We are ready to recover yours.

Data Recovery

Lost data on your mobile workstation? Let our data recovery experts get it back. We have recovered data from all laptop brands, operating systems, and failure scenarios.

Data Recovery

Guaranteed results for all iMac & MacBooks by Apple certified technicians and cutting-edge utilities designed to produce the highest success rates on HFS+/APFS and other Mac file systems.

Data Recovery

We are the industry leader specializing in business-critical data recovery from thousands of home user, SMB, and enterprise storage units across the world.

Data Recovery

When sudden data loss causes to your production environment to come to a halt you need specialists who have dealt with your problem before to limit the downtime. Call us for immediate assistance.


We have a different approach. Our flash recovery engineers develop in-house, proprietary tools that help us deliver the highest success rates in the industry on failed flash-based drives.

Data Recovery

Get your memories back now, with our help. Don't wait. Water damaged iPhones need to be properly addressed right away to reduce the risk of permanent data loss. Call us to get started.

Data Recovery

Blue screen of death got you panicked? Don't stress. Turn off your computer and call the professionals. We will exhaust all options to perform data retrieval on your disk drive to get your data back.

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Our teams are fully equipped to recover data from any hard drive regardless of size, operating system, brand, or failure scenario.

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Secure Data Recovery Reviews

Average rating 4.9
This service was rated 4.9 out of 5.0 based on 5469 review(s)
Pritesh Sahni

Excellent Service

When my hard drive failed, Eric Dvorin handled the situation with professionalism, courtesy, and attentiveness. I had to get all of my data back, and Eric assured me that he was quite sure he could. Eric was incredibly supportive and accommodating over the whole undertaking! Eric, thank you so much

Earch Auguste

My data recovered

Thanks to Secure Data Recovery Services i am able to share my photos with the family from way back when to now.When my hard drive was not accessible i contacted Secure Data Recovery Services and they explain everything to me and it is what i was told it would be.The service is the best i have come across for a long time.i would recommend Secure Data Recovery Services to any one with any data probl... Read More

Duy Truong

Shout out to Daniel Novak/The best Representative.

Daniel Novak, I am constantly impressed by your performance and customer service . Thank you for your hard work!

I have had a 8 years damage hard drive. I called the company and talked with Daniel. After our first conversation on the phone. I already know I will stick with Daniel for the whole process. And yes, I’ve made a right decision. He is so patient to explain and walk with me eve... Read More

Will Chou

Family pictures are priceless

Professional services, great turnaround and great communication. Jonathan Nguyen help facilitate the whole process and I now got my photo and video back! I would recommend this service to anyone.

Michael Freedman

Great Service & Results

My 2TB Lacie Hard Drive was damaged, and Jonathan N. was able to quickly and effeciently uncover all of my lost files. It was an increidbly easy process, and with his rapid response time and transparent breakdown of the issue and solution, I felt taken care of from start to finish. Would highly recommend for any data recovery.

Vic Woods 2

The team at Secure Data Recovery did a great job retrieving my data. I thought had lost my data. The entire process is very smooth. The explanations was thorough, and emails were answered fast. This was definitely an experience with them.


Secure Data Recovery Process



Power down the device and call us, 24x7 for a free consultation and quote.


Free Professional Diagnostics

Submit your device at one of our locations for a non-destructive evaluation by a data recovery expert.


Review &

Review the diagnostic results and approve the work order at a set price, payable upon success with our "No Data, No Recovery Fee Guarantee".


Data Recovery & Return

Submit payment and receive your recovered data on a new external drive.

About Us

Secure Data Recovery Services was established in 2007 with a single location. Over the past decade, we have grown into one of the world’s largest data recovery companies. Enabling us to help thousands of customers recover their data with our extraordinary capabilities. Powering the success behind our world-class services are our talented teams of engineers. They have successfully developed our state-of-the-art tools and procedures, which enable us to recover data from the most challenging data loss circumstances.

Our team is truly passionate about what they do. They thrive on customer satisfaction, which comes from reuniting users with their lost data. Our goal is to deliver the best results technologically possible while maintaining the strictest security controls throughout the process. Our numerous industry-specific security attestations, including regular SSAE18 SOC 1, 2, & 3 audits, help ensure we are keeping your private information safe while allowing us to recover your files and get you back on track.

Secure Data Recovery Services has built a solid reputation as the most trusted data recovery provider. With a fully transparent and certified process, we demonstrate that our facilities, procedures, and staff exceed industry standards.

From single external hard drives, SSD’s, and mobile devices, to enterprise NAS, SAN, and RAID failures, we are ready to help recover your data from digital disasters.

Data Recovery Services for All Manufacturers

For over a decade, Secure Data Recovery Services has been a preferred partner with all major storage device, laptop, and computer manufacturers. Being a preferred vendor means our security and business practices have been independently vetted to ensure compliance with industry standards. In addition to our transparent data recovery process, what sets us apart is our ability to successfully recover data in very difficult data loss scenarios. Oftentimes, these scenarios require research and development for uncommon brands or file systems. Whether you lost personal pictures or vital business records, we provide cost-effective data recovery solutions to get your data back the first time.

Do not see your device manufacturer listed here? No problem. Sometimes the underlying storage manufacturer name differs from the brand listed on the device. No matter the brand, our data recovery services have recovered tens of thousands of drives with over a 96% success rate. Don't wait. Contact us today for a free quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is data recovery?

    Data recovery is the process of restoring data that has been lost, accidentally deleted, corrupted, or made inaccessible for some reason. This can be done through a variety of methods, such as using specialized data recovery software to retrieve the data from a damaged storage device, or by using a data backup to restore the lost information. Data recovery is often necessary when a storage device fails, a malware infection or a virus attack attack destroys important files, or a natural disaster causes data loss. It can be a time-consuming and complex process, but it can also be crucial for businesses and individuals who need to access their important information and files.

  • How to prevent data loss?

    If its your only backup then its not a backup. All drives will fail, it is just a matter of time. The best way to prevent data loss and eliminate the need for data recovery is to be proactive. The data recovery solution to permanent data loss has always been the 3-2-1 backup rule. Always save 3 copies of your important files on 2 independent storage devices with one being offsite and even better if offline and disconnected from the internet to prevent malware and ransomware infections.

  • Can deleted files be recovered with free data recovery software?

    In most cases yes. Generally those situation are limited to a user accidentally emptying the recycle bin containing important files. In this case recovery programs can help with a “simple file deletion” problem. However when the hard drive, USB flash drive, memory card, internal or external hard drive has been reformatted, lost partition or partially overwritten then file recovery will require some more sophisticated professional data recovery tools generally requiring a fee to perform a deep scan. Before performing any scanning for deleted data with any software make sure to create an image of the drive and never install any software or recover data to the same source drive as that can overwrite the deleted data. If the data absolutely cannot be lost contact a professional data recovery company for assistance.

  • How will I get my recovered data back?

    When you choose Secure Data Recovery your data will come back on a new external hard drive of your choice formatted for Windows NTFS or MacOS APFS upon request. Although data recovery often requires the storage device to be repaired to a working condition the original media is never used as the storage media for the newly recovered data since it most likely will fail again under normal operating conditions. Your data recovery advisor will walk you through the options at the end of the process.

  • What is an ISO 4 Class 10 Cleanroom?

    A cleanroom is a controlled environment with minimal airborne particles. It's maintained for cleanliness, airflow, and to prevent contamination. When we talk about ISO 4 Class 10, it means there are no more than 10,000 nano particles in every cubic meter of air.