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Expert Data Recovery Services For Hard Drives & More
Expert Data Recovery Services For Hard Drives & More? Play Video

Expert Data Recovery Services For Hard Drives & More

Secure Data Recovery Services is the most trusted RAID, SSD, and hard drive recovery company worldwide. Our certified data recovery specialists have resolved over 100,000 cases and saved billions of files since 2007. Even when things get tough, we have a 96% recovery success rate. So, no matter what happened to get you here, when it comes to restoring lost data, trust the experts.

We have the experience and skills to deliver the solution you need. All of our services are backed by our No Data, No Recovery Fee guarantee. Call us 24/7 to get started.

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We Helped Thousands Get Their Lost Data Back

With over 6,098 satisfied customers and counting, we are proud to provide the service and results that exceed your expectations. Hear what they have to say.

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Data Recovery Services We Offer

Hard Drive

Our team has successfully recovered data from tens of thousands of hard drives, hard disk or HDD of all shapes, sizes, file systems and physical damage with a 96% success rate. We are ready to recover yours.

Data Recovery

Lost data on your mobile workstation? Let our data recovery experts get it back. We have recovered data from all laptop brands, operating systems, and failure scenarios.

Data Recovery

Guaranteed results for all iMac & MacBooks by Apple certified technicians and cutting-edge utilities designed to produce the highest success rates on HFS+/APFS and other Mac file systems.

Data Recovery

We are the industry leader specializing in business-critical data recovery from thousands of home user, SMB, and enterprise storage units across the world.

Data Recovery

When sudden data loss causes to your production environment to come to a halt you need specialists who have dealt with your problem before to limit the downtime. Call us for immediate assistance.


We have a different approach. Our flash recovery engineers develop in-house, proprietary tools that help us deliver the highest success rates in the industry on failed flash-based drives.

Data Recovery

Get your memories back now, with our help. Don't wait. Water damaged iPhones need to be properly addressed right away to reduce the risk of permanent data loss. Call us to get started.

Data Recovery

Blue screen of death got you panicked? Don't stress. Turn off your computer and call the professionals. We will exhaust all options to perform data retrieval on your disk drive to get your data back.

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Our teams are fully equipped to recover data from any hard drive regardless of size, operating system, brand, or failure scenario.

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Secure Data Recovery Reviews

Average rating 4.9
This service was rated 4.9 out of 5.0 based on 6098 review(s)
Ron Rowe

Great Service and Quick Results!

My friend dropped my one and only HD that had everything stored on it and so my computer couldn''t recognize drive. After a quick web search, I found Secure Data and spoke with Scott McMacken. I explained to him what happened and mailed them the HD. Once they received it I was assured that I could get most of my data recovered. It was not 100% recovery because of the damage which is understandable... Read More

Kelsey Omeis

All Files Recovered!

Secure Data Recovery was able to recover ALL of my files in even less time than they originally anticipated. These files on my hard drive were extremely important to my small business and I''m forever grateful!

Mitzi Douglas

Scott was Excellent

I dropped my hard drive and it quite working,. I worked with Scott he is great!! my files were recovered!! What a life savor!!

Josh Katz

Decreased Father in laws Data

My father in laws computer failed right around the same time his health did. He was working on many documents that his daughters wanted to preserve to also maintain his memory. Thankfully, despite being a few years after the failure Secure Data Recovery was able to retrieve the files at a reasonable price.

Shaun Utter

My external hard drive wouldnt transfer files anymore. Secure Data Recovery recovered my files.

Richard Barney

Great service and excellent results

The team at Secure Data did an awesome job for me. Eric was awesome to work with. I was able to get 99% of my data back! Very pleased with their work and will recommend.


Secure Data Recovery Process



Shut down the device and give us a call. We are available 24/7 for a free consultation and quote.



Your device will be safely diagnosed by an expert at one of our state-of-the-art labs.


Review &

One of our team members will contact you to review the diagnostic results for your approval. This will give you an idea of how much data is recoverable.


Data Recovery & Return

Our engineers work hard to retrieve your files. Once you submit your payment, you’ll receive the recovered data on a new external drive.

About Us

Secure Data Recovery Services started in 2007 with a single site. Over the past decade, we have grown into one of the largest data recovery companies in the world. That allows us to invest in research and help thousands of clients restore their data each year. Our success is a product of our experts. They have created state-of-the-art tools and techniques to help retrieve data in even the most challenging situations.

We understand the importance of your data, whether it's photos, documents, or even vital database files. We see the stress of sudden data loss daily and feel relief after reuniting customers with essential documents or priceless memories. At Secure Data Recovery, our constant goal is to provide the best results and prioritize the security of your files. It is why we have the most industry-specific certifications and undergo regular audits. These audits prove that our strict controls protect your sensitive data throughout the recovery process.

While we are the most reliable data recovery provider, we are still committed to setting new standards. Our customer testimonials and transparent process reflect that.

You may have lost data on your hard disk drive, solid-state drive, mobile device, or removable media. Maybe your RAID, NAS, or SAN failed. Or you may have a legacy storage system with vital data on it. We can help you recover from a digital disaster, no matter the device.

Security You Can Trust

Losing critical data can be nerve-racking. But it doesn’t have to be.

Data drives the world around us. Our personal and professional lives often depend on access to critical data. For that reason, it can be hard to turn over your files, even when they are recoverable.

Secure Data Recovery was the first company in our field with security and privacy certifications. Our staff firmly believes in your rights and respects them. That is why we have over 100 security controls that prevent your data from being exposed or viewed.

We verify the effectiveness of our systems with rigorous SSAE 18 SOC 1, 2, and 3 audits. These audits ensure that corporations, government agencies, educational institutions, healthcare providers, and home users can trust us. Visit our certifications page to learn more about our handling and storage practices.

We wouldn’t trust just anybody with our data. You shouldn’t either.

Data Recovery Services for All Manufacturers

Secure Data Recovery partners with all major data storage brands, computer manufacturers, and operating systems. Being a preferred vendor means companies have vetted our process and results to confirm they meet the highest standards. We also set ourselves apart by solving the toughest data loss scenarios. These cases often require intense research and unique insights into each make, model, or file system. Whether you lost precious photos or private records, we offer custom solutions that get your data back quickly.

Don’t see your manufacturer? No problem. Sometimes, they release devices under other brands. We have retrieved data from over 100,000 devices since 2007. That includes thousands of cases with rare brands or models. Don’t wait. Call us today for a free quote.

Why Your First Data Recovery Attempt Is the Most Important

The first attempt offers the best chance at a complete recovery. Trying do-it-yourself methods or using unproven providers can damage the device further and lead to permanent data loss.

Still, we commonly receive failed drives with prior attempts to retrieve data from them. Many people look into recovery software and budget services after losing data. While these options can address simple scenarios, they are mostly inadequate. Especially if you cannot replace the lost files and need your data back.

Too often, these methods cannot find or fix the failure. Software can’t restore data in cases that involve physical damage. It could also cause users to overwrite data by mistake. A budget service might declare your drive unrecoverable if they will not invest time or money in the case. Each of these attempts makes it even harder to restore data when it arrives at one of our labs.

Successful data recovery requires tailored solutions in a safe setting. That means pinpointing the exact problem and using the best tools to extract data. Our experts have seen it all and know how to approach each case. We also have a Class 10 ISO 4 cleanroom that prevents further damage during repairs and recoveries.

Recovering data is complex enough in ideal conditions. You don’t want to increase the difficulty.

The Secure Data Recovery Difference

Plenty of companies claim to care about their client’s data and privacy. We give you evidence. Our reviews reflect our commitment to each case of data loss. Our certifications prove that we are serious about our security. And our No Data, No Recovery Fee guarantee shows our confidence that we can get any job done. That is the Secure Data Recovery difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is data recovery?

    Data recovery extracts corrupt, deleted, or inaccessible data from a damaged or defective storage device. There are several recovery options. First, you can restore data from a recent backup. Backups are the easiest method to reduce downtime and resume work. However, sometimes backups are not an option. You could choose data recovery software, but these programs have limits in terms of what they can find and fix. A service can use specialized hardware and software to retrieve any file type from failed storage. Services have the skills and tools to address many failure modes, including damage, deletion, or malware. Though complex, the process is often the best chance to regain lost data.

  • What should I do after noticing data loss?

    Shut down the device. Continued use could cause further damage like a scored disk and irreversible data loss. For best results, stop using the device and consult with an expert.

  • How do I prevent data loss?

    All storage devices fail. It is just a matter of time. Therefore, the best method to prevent data loss involves making routine backups. The 3-2-1 Rule states users should maintain at least three copies of data on two storage devices with one offsite. This practice protects you from most failure types and disasters.

  • Can deleted files be restored with data recovery software?

    In most cases. Software is ideal for restoring deleted data before the drive wipes it. Still, software will not resolve all data loss cases that involve erased or formatted data. These cases often require more advanced tools and techniques to resolve. Do not install new software on the affected drive as it could overwrite missing data. Before scanning the device, create an image of the source drive. If the data is critical, contact a professional.

  • How will I get my recovered data back?

    We return data on an external hard drive of your choice and format it for NTFS (Windows) or APFS (Mac). Although we repair the old device, we transfer files to a new drive since the original media could fail again. Your rep can discuss your options at the end of the process.

  • What is a Class 10 ISO 4 cleanroom?

    A cleanroom is a controlled environment that filters harmful particles from the air. Just opening a hard drive could damage the disk and other parts and impact whether the device can store data. To reduce that risk, we perform recoveries inside state-of-the-art cleanrooms, which contain fewer than 10,000 nanoparticles per cubic meter.