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Virtualization Data Recovery Services

Virtualization Data Recovery Services

Virtual machines are subject to the same data loss problems as physical machines, such as power, hardware failures, software or network issues, file system corruption, ransomware, data deletion, and other unexpected events. Additionally, the host that the virtual server is running on could fail. In that case, all the virtual servers running on that host will be affected, wreaking havoc on even the most resilient virtual infrastructure. Our data recovery experts are uniquely skilled at minimizing downtime by offering our customers several options to quickly and safely recover inaccessible virtual machines, hypervisors, virtual servers, cluster virtual systems, and every other type of virtual environment. Your first call is the most important call. Join the thousands of relieved customers that called us to resolve data loss disasters over the past decade.

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Virtual Machine Data Recovery Services

Unlike the standard hard drive cleanroom data recovery process, virtualization presents an additional set of challenges in order to get lost data back. These challenges are not addressed by out-of-the-box commercial data recovery software utilities. Virtual servers run multiple virtualized operating systems on a single physical server by partitioning all of the server's shared resources, including the hard disk space where the data is stored, into separate sets allocated to each virtualized system. Regardless of the failure type, we have worked with that scenario before. Whether you are experiencing a failure with your redundant array of independent disks (RAID), NAS, SAN, SSD, and HDD, we can help. We have also addressed corrupted virtual disk files and accidentally deleted files from within a virtual disk. In the process, we have a documented 96% success rate at retrieving working files or you pay nothing with our “No Data, No Recovery Fee” guarantee. Trust the experience of Secure Data Recovery engineers to recover your lost data safely and securely.

Data Recovery Experts for All Virtual Environments

We provide several options to suit our clients’ data recovery needs, including in-lab, remote, and onsite services. In cases where the physical storage is not accessible via standard commands, our professional data recovery services are called upon to repair the physical storage and then rebuild the virtual environment to regain access to the data. The following failure types require input from our data recovery engineers.

  • Multiple RAID Disk Hardware Failures
  • SAN & NAS Hardware Failure
  • Fire & Water Damage
  • Ransomware, Fully Formatted and Partially Overwritten Virtual Disks
  • Inaccessible LUNs or LUNs showing incorrect size

Virtualization Data Recovery Reviews

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David Hahn

David Hahn

I have been working as an IT professional for 7 years. I chose data recovery services after finding them in a search. They got good reviews so I figured I would give them a shot. We lost an entire disk array for our main company VM. It was 6 500gb hard drives with several server’s worth of data including our company’s main file share. Getting it back was not critical, but better than losing it. Ja... Read More

Bobby Scott

SECo HDD Recovery

Jake Gambatese knows what he''s doing. After I described the problem and how it manifested itself, Jake took the situation in hand and was responsible for seeing that the recovery of sensitive files was completed. Turn-around time was reasonable.

Darren Brown

Thorough and Transparent

Big thanks to Scott for keeping me on track through this process. As a one-man-band where I work some time things fall through the cracks or get forgotten. Scott kept on top of my file and communicated quickly and with clarity on what my options were and next steps. Looking forward to getting production back up and running now that are RAID drive data was fully recovered.

James Trujillo

New member of our Disaster Recovery Team

As an IT professional, the idea of having to use a Disaster Recovery Service is terrifying and annoying. There are only a few reasons to use this kind of service and none are positive. SDR made the process very simple and efficient. They were quick to respond and quick to diagnose. When time matters just as much as quality, SDR proved their worth. It was as if they were an extension of our team an... Read More

David Butler

Fast and Easy Full Recovery

Was able to get all of my files recovered, and Scott was always there to keep me updated and answer any questions, making for a smooth and easy process. Thanks!

Dat Do

Exceptional customer service and trustworthiness

My company''s NAS (RAID 5) failed and data was corrupted. Scott McMacken was the Data Recovery Specialist who assisted me. He was professional and very responsive as he made himself accessible even outside normal business hours. Our data is paramount to our business success, and Secure Data Recovery provided the assurance of safeguarding our data as it was being recovered by their engineers. Scott... Read More


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Our engineers work hard to retrieve your files. Once you submit your payment, you’ll receive the recovered data on a new external drive.

Flexible Service Options

Every situation is a disaster for home users, individuals and small businesses. We understand the importance of getting the data back to our customers is as important as the budget and time it takes to get it back. We offer multiple data recovery options to fit your needs.


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Not sure what data recovery service you need? Let our team guide you to select the right data recovery solutions. We understand better than other recovery service providers that a sudden drive failure is an unsettling feeling. Call us to speak to an expert and discuss your situation. We offer several ways to solve your problem.


Is your device completely dead? This is exactly what we specialize in servicing inside of our ISO certified Cleanroom Lab. Get it to us by dropping it off or take advantage of our free shipping and we will take care of it for you or you pay nothing. Call us to discuss your data loss problem and the service solutions we offer.

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Equipment too large to move or too sensitive? No problem for our experts. We can scramble a team to be anywhere in the world with our equipment and tools in about 24 hours to handle your data loss situation. We are trusted specialists at solving unique data loss challenges.

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Remote Data Recovery

Something deleted, corrupted or just disappeared but storage is still online? Just get us an internet connection and let our service team recover your data. You will then access it immediately. Recovery can't get any faster than this.

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How To Recover a Virtual Machine Using Software

In circumstances where the virtual disk is visible, and shows the correct size but is not accessible through native commands, a DIY solution might be possible with the right tools, saving you time and money. The software development team at Secure Data Recovery has performed thousands of jobs requiring Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware data recovery, and virtual machine data recovery. Over the past decade, we have developed powerful tools for internal use in our laboratories to rebuild, restripe, and reassemble VMFS data. Now, we are offering a light version for commercial use, so that our customers can easily resolve their own virtual disk when possible. SecureSoftware Virtual Disk Media Heal allows users to correct data corruption and supports the following:

  • Virtual Disks Made With Xen and Citrix XenSource, Including Citrix XenServer and Citrix Xen
  • VMDK Disks Created With QEMU and Sun xVM VirtualBox
  • Binary Disk or Partition Dump (RAW, IMG)
  • Deleted VMs or snapshots or Deleted files from within a VM
  • VHD Disks Created in Microsoft Hyper-V, VirtualPC and Sun xVM VirtualBox
  • VirtualBox guest operating systems (Windows, Linux or BSD)
  • VMDK Disks Made With VMware Workstation, Virtual Desktop, VMware Player, VMware Server VMware ESX Server, VSphere and VMware ESXI
  • Virtual Hard Disk (*.vhd), Fixed, Differencing and Dynamic
  • Virtual Machine Disk (*.vmdk), monolithicSparse and monolithicFlat
  • Xen Virtual Appliance VM Import (*.xva and *.ova)
  • FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS 1.0 and NTFS 2.0
  • Recovery for Snapshot Disks of Virtual Machine Disk Files (*.vmdk)

*Important note about DIY data recovery. When possible, stop all writes to the affected virtual disk and make a copy of it to another storage device. Never download any new files or software inside the affected virtual environment, as that may cause data to be permanently overwritten. Not sure what data recovery option you need? We offer a free evaluation on all storage devices. Call 800-388-1266 now to speak to a data recovery advisor.

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Secure Data Recovery Services was started in 2007 with a single location and over the past decade grew into one of the world’s largest data recovery companies helping customers recover data with extraordinary capabilities. Powering the success behind our world class services are the talented teams of engineers who develop our state-of-the-art tools and procedures which enable us to recover data from the most challenging data loss circumstances.

Our team is truly passionate about data storage and thrives on the customer satisfaction which comes from reuniting users with their lost data. Our goal is to deliver the best results technologically possible while maintaining the strictest security controls through our numerous industry specific security attestations including regular SSAE18 SOC 1, 2 & 3 audits.

Secure Data Recovery Services has built a solid reputation as the most trusted data recovery provider with a fully transparent and certified process demonstrating that our facilities, processes, and staff exceed industry standards.

From single external hard drives, SSD’s, mobile devices to enterprise NAS, SAN, and RAID failures, we are ready to help recover from digital disasters, anywhere.

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