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Hard Drive Recovery Services
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Hard Drive Recovery Services

Since 2007, we have set the standard for hard drive recovery and maintain a 96% success rate. We specialize in retrieving data from damaged or defective hard disk drives (HDDs) regardless of failure or model. Our experts have decades of experience resolving the most common and complex data loss scenarios. From the outset, we have returned billions of critical files to people and organizations of all sizes. Trust the industry leaders with a No Data, No Recovery Fee guarantee, and a secure, transparent process.

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We Helped Thousands Get Their Lost Data Back

With over 5,944 satisfied customers and counting, we are proud to provide the service and results that exceed your expectations. Hear what they have to say.

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Reliable Hard Disk Drive Recovery

We get that data loss is stressful. That is why we strive to deliver the peace of mind and results that our customers have come to expect. Since 2007, we have completed over 100,000 recoveries. It does not matter if your hard drive failed or you need to recover permanently deleted photos. You might even have a severely corrupted file system across several disks in a storage system. Whatever it is, we have seen it, and we can get your data back.

We recognize that the expense of data recovery can be an essential factor for many of our clients. Because of this, we remain committed to fair and clear pricing that considers the urgency and complexity of each case. We treat all cases with the utmost care and precision in state-of-the-art labs. It is our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction that sets us apart.

Partnerships With Major Manufacturers

We partner with all major storage manufacturers and other hardware and software companies to best assist you. These partnerships can provide us with access to resources and produce better outcomes. Plus, in many cases, our service does not void a valid warranty, meaning you could receive a replacement drive. Despite improved hard drive performance in the past decade, data loss still affects almost 26% of users worldwide. When a digital disaster happens, you want a partner with the knowledge and tools to reverse data loss. From legacy or modern hard disk drives. Regardless of your brand, model, operating system, or file system. Here’s a small selection of our partners.

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Experienced With Internal and External Hard Drives

As the industry authority, we have advanced tools and techniques for every disk type. In addition, we possess a large stock of donor parts for a wide range of brands and models. Even those that are rare. As a result, we can repair and recover files from failed hard drives regardless of maker, form factor, or interface. Our expert engineers are the leaders in external hard drive recovery because they understand the design and failure modes. Services also include internal hard drives for desktops and laptops. Need data back on a server with HDDs? We can restore it.

Examples of Supported Hardware:

  • 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch HDDs
  • SATA and PATA
  • SAS
  • SCSI
  • USB, Thunderbolt, and eSATA

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Custom Enterprise Solutions

Some storage systems have multiple hard drives to fulfill specific needs. We can handle complex data loss cases that involve more than one disk. Our custom enterprise options serve businesses and systems of all sizes. Whether you need SAN, NAS, or RAID data recovery, we have you covered. We also specialize in VMWare, Hyper-V, and other platforms that often use hard drives. Our team can retrieve and repair files from corrupted, damaged, or deleted virtual machines and snapshots. We even offer emergency, on-site, and remote service to reduce downtime. Call now, and we can quickly get you back online.

Verified Reviews

Average rating 4.9
This service was rated 4.9 out of 5.0 based on 2469 review(s)
Jerry J.

They''ve recovered my pictures

From the outset, their team demonstrated exceptional professionalism and expertise. I was particularly impressed with their prompt response to my inquiries. The entire process was seamless, and they kept me informed at every step. Their commitment to customer service is evident in the way they handle my case with care and attention to detail. Thanks to Secure Data Recovery, I was able to rec... Read More

B Wood

Excellent Customer Service

Secure Data Recovery made it extremely easy to get my data recovered. Working with Jake G. and his team has been amazing. Everyone I''ve talked to has been knowledgeable, friendly and understanding. They have always responded right away to emails.
I''d highly recommend them to anyone who has had a hard drive fail.

Phuong Nguyen

Data recovered

So glad to have my pictures recovered by Secured Data Recovery. The whole process from dropping off my drive to communicating with my agent Jonathan via email was very smooth. Jonathan was thorough, prompt, responsive and professional throughout. I would use them again in the future if needed. Many thanks to the team at Secured Data Recovery!

Kelly Newson

Owner/ Secretary treasurer

We had excellent service with Secure Data Recovery. They were very prompt, even with the longest time to recover my information. I expected 6 or 7 week and was back to me in a couple weeks. All was recovered from my external hard drive. If you ever do need more data recovered, we will surely contact them again. Thank you again Kelly

Brxtn Photography

"You Get What You Pay For"

I was hesitant at first as the was my first time experiencing a large (& important) loss of data. Secure Data made it easy to send it my device, diagnose it, and repair within a reasonable time. Although expensive, Secure Data worked with me on an agreed price while still offering top-notch customer service.

Would highly recommend for your high-value data recovery needs.

Stephan Lloyd

Excellent Data Recovery Service

I am very satisfied with Secure Data Recovery Service and Jason Molinaro, who was pleasant and professional and he kept me informed during the process. Although the Sata hard drive had a Damaged Partition/Boot Sector Corruption and electronic chip issue, my data was successfully recovered and quickly returned to me. It is great to know that there is a service available with key people like Jason t... Read More


The Trusted Recovery Company

While your case might be challenging, we are here to help. Our unique expertise is a product of extensive experience, technical knowledge, specialized tools, constant research, and relentless dedication. Those qualities allow us to achieve the best outcomes in a short amount of time and develop one-of-a-kind solutions.

Our people

Skilled engineers with decades of experience repairing and recovering data from hard disk drives regardless of failure type. A support team that understands data loss and works with you throughout your case.

Our process

Free quotes, guaranteed results, and regular SSAE 18 SOC 1, 2, and 3 audits showcase our commitment to a secure, transparent approach. Evidence that we take every precaution to protect your data and confidential information.

Our facilities

Specialized hardware and software for any situation. All inside a Class 10 ISO 4 cleanroom that filters the air and regulates the climate. It prevents dust and other particles from damaging your hard drive’s sensitive components.

Our security

Over 100 controls that demonstrate our robust data-handling practices and security systems. FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validation on our encrypted external drives to ensure your data is safe in transit.

HDD Data Recovery Specialists

Hard disk drives are a complicated storage device with a long history. Although introduced in 1956, they still store most of the world’s data. Yet many people take these disks for granted. Because the average person does not need to know how a hard drive works. But the service you choose should know them better than anyone. It is why we invest so much effort into understanding the science behind hard drive design. That commitment and expertise allow us to evolve with the latest tech and continue to provide extraordinary results.

Hard Drive Failure

Even the best hard drives are not immune to sudden data loss or catastrophic failure. We can sort hard drive failures into logical errors, physical damage, or mechanical issues. Each type consists of several scenarios that impact the device in different ways. These failure modes might include deleted or encrypted data, a damaged platter from a head crash, or a seized motor. Some failures might be difficult to detect, while others could lead to a clicking, grinding, or beeping noise. A hard drive can also have a number of problems that lead to its failure. The following list represents a few of the most common causes of data loss:

  • Platter Damage
  • PCB Damage
  • Firmware Damage
  • Water Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Head Crash
  • Motor Failure
  • Bearing Failure
  • Actuator Failure
  • Stiction

Stop using and power down your computer as soon as you notice potential hard drive failure.

We are ready to reunite you with your important data. Our skilled engineers can recover data from hard drives despite significant logical errors, physical damage, or mechanical issues. Data loss does not have to become permanent. Start your case today and reclaim your missing files.

Clicking Heads
Clicking Heads
The clicking sound of a failing drive often indicates problems with the movement of the drive's read/write actuator.
Dead Heads
Dead Heads
This clicking sound is made when the actuator arm continuously resets itself because the read/write heads have failed.
Torn Heads
Torn Heads
This clicking and buzzing indicates damage to the HDD read/write head(s), which processes data stored on the disk platter(s).
Scratched Platter
Scratched Platter
This high-pitched whine usually signals scratches in the disk platter(s) that prevent read/write heads from processing stored data.
Stuck Motor
Stuck Motor
A buzzing or chattering sound coming from your HDD device could indicate a stuck or damaged spindle motor.
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HDD Repair

Hard drive repair is frequently required to recover data from a malfunctioned disk. Our specialists can access cutting-edge tools, thousands of replacement parts, and a certified cleanroom for invasive procedures. As a result, we can often return your broken hard drive to a working condition regardless of damage or failure. Once restored, our engineers can extract and transfer your important files to a new device.

Our team is ready to repair your disk. Whether you need us to safely replace the read/write heads with a comb or transplant an entire assembly.

How To Recover Data From a Dead Hard Drive

Step 1: Shut Down the Computer

Your hard drive constantly processes and stores data. That means every second counts. Shutting down your computer at the first sign of trouble can minimize data loss and save priceless files. Hard drive clicking and beeping can indicate severe issues with the disk that need to be addressed by a professional. However, abnormal noises are not the only warning sign. You could have access issues if your file system corrupts or encounters bad sectors. Do not try to recover essential files from a failing disk, as it could worsen data loss. Call an expert before acting.

Step 2: Check Connections

You can open your desktop or laptop and inspect the hard drive’s cables if it is suddenly undetected. Ensure a firm connection to each port. Replace power or data cables that appear damaged and restart the computer.

Step 3: Enter the BIOS

Consult your product manuals and press the assigned key during the boot process to access the BIOS. Navigate through the BIOS using the arrow keys and find the settings related to storage devices and boot options. The menu’s name depends on the BIOS/UEFI version. Confirm the operating system recognizes the hard drive. If the system detects the disk, review the boot sequence. Otherwise, change modes, enable ports, and update firmware if possible.

Step 4: Insert HDD Into Enclosure

Remove the damaged drive from your desktop or laptop and place it in an external enclosure. Connect the device to a working computer through a USB port. You can now:

  • Run diagnostic tools on the hard drive without destroying data
  • Mirror the damaged disk to a target drive
  • Scan the hard drive to see if software can recover lost data

Step 5: Use Data Recovery Software

Those looking for free recovery software should consider SecureRecovery® for Hard Drives. SecureRecovery® is a high-end hard drive recovery software that we developed by our team to be effective and easy to use. Before beginning, it scans the hard drive to determine if software recovery is safe. The software shows recoverable files, so you know what to expect.

Learn more about our other free data recovery tools.

Note: Software cannot retrieve files from a hard drive with physical damage or mechanical issues. Those data loss cases require a professional service. If you opt for software, do not install it on the drive with data loss. Doing so could overwrite lost files you are trying to recover.

Our Successful Cases

While our service has evolved, our mission remains the same. We want to deliver the best results and quickest turnaround possible. No matter how hard the case is. And we back our work with a No Data, No Recovery Fee guarantee. These are just some of our satisfied customers. Real people who trusted us to help them when it mattered most.

WD Blue HDD Crash Threatens Years of Personal Images

WD Blue HDD Crash Threatens Years of Personal Images

Samsung Internal HDD Failure Disrupts Operations at Midwest Surveying Firm - Successfully Recovered

Samsung Internal HDD Failure Disrupts Operations at Midwest Surveying Firm - Successfully Recovered

WD Blue HDD mechanical failure causes data loss

WD Blue HDD mechanical failure causes data loss

Failed WD Ultrastar Helium HDD Leads to Critical Data Loss - Successfully Recovered

Failed WD Ultrastar Helium HDD Leads to Critical Data Loss - Successfully Recovered

Failed Samsung SpinPoint HDD causes data loss

Failed Samsung SpinPoint HDD causes data loss

Successfully Restored Personal Data after Reformatting WD Black HDD

Successfully Restored Personal Data after Reformatting WD Black HDD

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does recovery cost?

    The cost depends on the difficulty. The price comes down to details like failure, model, and time investment required to recover the data. These factors are unique to your case. For that reason, we provide a free evaluation of your hard drive. Afterward, we present an exact quote that you can approve or reject. Your payment is due upon proof of recovery and will not exceed our quote. Call us to learn more.

  • Do you have specialized facilities and tools?

    Yes. We maintain world-class facilities that can resolve the most complex data loss cases. Our proprietary hardware and software allow us to retrieve data that used to be unrecoverable and we continue to innovate.

  • Do you offer multiple service options?

    Yes. In addition to our standard option, we have expedited and emergency services. Our emergency option has an average turnaround of less than 48 hours. We also offer on-site and remote services for unique situations.

  • Are your results guaranteed?

    Yes. That’s our No Data, No Recovery Fee guarantee. In the event we cannot recover your data, you pay nothing.

  • How long does it take to recover data?

    It depends on the service. Our emergency service has an average turnaround time of less than 48 hours. Expedited service typically takes between 4 and 6 business days. Our standard service turns around between 7 and 12 business days.

  • How do you return my recovered data?

    We return your recovered data on a storage device of your choice upon payment.

  • Can I recover my files with free software?

    Yes, in some instances. However, these utilities do not work on hard drives with physical damage or mechanical failure. It can even complicate cases with severe logical issues. Make sure you understand all the risks before using software.

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