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Professional Hard Drive Recovery Professional Hard Drive Recovery

Professional Hard Drive Recovery Services

Our services are engaged when a hard drive becomes inaccessible due to mechanical failure, corruption, or accidental file deletion. Secure Data Recovery Services is the industry leader at getting data back from these data loss situations due to our state-of-the-art hard drive data recovery software, innovative techniques, and certified ISO-4 Class10 cleanroom labs. Since 2007, our team has successfully been recovering failed hard drives from every Linux, MacOS and Windows operating system, file system, manufacturer, and failure type with over a 96% success rate. Our data recovery process follows strict SSAE18 SOC 1, 2 and 3 data handling protocols to keep our customer’s hard disk drives safe and secure. Whatever the cause of your lost data, our data recovery technicians will get your data back fast.

Need immediate assistance with a dead hard drive? Our team is here to provide you with emergency hard drive recovery support 24x7. We understand that hard drive failure, deleted data, lost partitions, missing files cause substantial distress, and we work around the clock to minimize the downtime for our customers.

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Hard Drive Recovery Reviews

Average rating 4.9
This service was rated 4.9 out of 5.0 based on 1,732 review(s)
Juan Garcilazo

External Hard drive repair

I worked with Jake Gambatese and he was able to walk me through the process of my necessary repair. I had a lot of sentimental photos and videos that would have been lost, but I was fortunate to have 98% of my data recovered. Although the price was more than I had budgeted, you get what you pay for and the service was top notch.

Jeff Cockrum

Saved Hard Drive

Eric helped receive and fix our hard drive several weeks earlier than promised. Returned it to us promptly and working great. Thanks!


Place is amazing

Eric Dvorin is a lifesaver! So happy I found this place. Succinct and professional throughout the process of recovering my 364GB hard drive. A real miracle worker! If data recovery businesses aren''t making a killing, they sure should be. Thank you so much!

Jomoso Wilson

The promise met!!!!

I was in a bad situation lave losing my drive but secure data freassured me that they could get it done! They met & exceeded my expectations abd innow have my files beck just like they left.

Paul Heiman


I was saved from great peril. The 7TB on the drive that were almost lost would have meant awful pain; all that and in the middle of Christmas holidays to boot. The cost for recovery was better than all the other places I could find. I chose the option for the long slow recovery process because of the price. The drive arrived a week later with it looking all good & fine; even the new drive is corre... Read More

Shelley Rock

Amazing results

The entire experience and process with Secure Data was easy and had a perfect outcome. Eric Dvorin, my case manager, was in constant communication during the recovery process and a pleasure to work with. He explained the step-by-step process for the recovery of my external drive data, the time estimate, pricing choices and was always open to any questions I had. Thank you, Eric, for keeping a n... Read More

Certified Hard Drive Recovery Company Certified Hard Drive Recovery Company

Certified Hard Drive Recovery Company

Our people

Extraordinary data recovery engineers with decades of hands-on experience repairing damaged hard drives from the most complex data loss scenarios.

Our process

SSAE18 SOC 1, 2 and 3 Audited. Transparent data recovery service procedures documenting every possible precaution is taken to preserve the confidentiality and security of our customers’ important files.

Our facilities

ISO-4 Class10 certified cleanroom lab with anti-static flooring and state-of-the-art air filtration system to eliminate harmful particles which may damage sensitive hard drive components during hard drive repair.

Our security

FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated storage data return. Military grade & simple to use data encryption for your recovered data.

What is a hard drive?

A hard drive, hard disk or HDD is as data storage device and one of the most important pieces of a computer, server, mac or laptop with a primary function to magnetically store and retrieve digital data located on its rotating disks.

Internal hard drives share several key components responsible for its operations and unlike an SSD, Flash Drive or SD card the hard disk components must spin. The main ones are a printed circuit board or PCB which is a blue or green circuit board located on the bottom of the storage media with a primary function of supplying power and signal handling. The read write heads responsible for reading and writing the bytes that make up files and a hard drive platter which is the aluminum-glass composite circular disk or disks that physically store the bytes.

Modern hard drives are a technological marvel and contain numerous highly sensitive components easily susceptible to physical, electrical, mechanical or logical failures.

Interested to learn the nerdy technical details of how a hard drive works?

Most Common Hard Drive Failure Types

The most common physical and electrical problems include bad sectors, read-write head crash, firmware corruption, PCB failure or motor bearing failure. Any of which will cause the hard drive to cease normal operations and require an invasive hands-on repair inside a specialized cleanroom environment. In addition to a physical damage our technicians recover data from logical issues caused by overwritten data or malware effected external drives needing manual file recovery and repair.

  • Hard Drive Read Errors
  • Bad Sectors
  • PCB failure
  • Fire Damage
  • Water Contamination
  • Clicking Read-Write Heads
  • Dead Read-Write Heads
  • Torn Read-Write Heads
  • Scratched Hard Disk Platter
  • Stuck Hard Drive Motor
  • Encryption Errors
  • Virus/Malware
  • Reformat
  • Deleted Data
  • Ransomware Attack
  • Firmware Errors

Listen to the complete list of hard drive failure sounds to learn more and if your experiencing any of these data loss situations stop and immediately power down the hard drive. Then contact a professional data recovery company for a consultation. Successful recovery will restore important files and prevent permanent data loss.

Clicking Heads
Clicking Heads
The clicking sound of a failing drive often indicates problems with the movement of the drive's read/write actuator.
Dead Heads
Dead Heads
This clicking sound is made when the actuator arm continuously resets itself because the read/write heads have failed.
Torn Heads
Torn Heads
This clicking and buzzing indicates damage to the HDD read/write head(s), which processes data stored on the disk platter(s).
Scratched Platter
Scratched Platter
This high-pitched whine usually signals scratches in the disk platter(s) that prevent read/write heads from processing stored data.
Stuck Motor
Stuck Motor
A buzzing or chattering sound coming from your HDD device could indicate a stuck or damaged spindle motor.
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HDD Data Recovery for any OS and Manufacturer HDD Data Recovery for any OS and Manufacturer

Hard Disk Recovery Experts

Hard drive failure affects nearly 26% of users worldwide, and you need a data recovery company that can handle any scenario to give your data the best chance of being recovered. We have successfully performed HDD recovery and recovered data from tens of thousands of external hard drives with every version of Windows NTFS, MacOS APFS file systems.

The world's leading hard drive manufacturers partnered with us to to deliver data recovery solutions to their customers looking for cleanroom data recovery services and in most cases our manufacturer approved recovery methods will not void the manufacturer's warranty. Upon request our team can deliver a work order documenting all hard drive repairs to present back to the manufacturer completely free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Is your hard drive data recovery guaranteed?

  • Is free hard drive data recovery software safe to use on my failed hard drive?

Hard Drive Recovery Success Stories

Our mission is to provide the highest success rate technologically possible in the shortest amount of time, and we are committed to our “No Data, No Recovery Fee” Guarantee. See some of our happy customers who trusted Secure Data Recovery to get their data back.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Video Reviews

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Documentary filmmaker Rick Beyer lost important footage for a video project and turned to Secure Data Recovery to get it back
When his iMac update went wrong, high school teacher Steve reached out to Secure Data Recovery to restore his precious files.
Angelica kept important videos and photos on her G-Technology external hard drive. Unfortunately, her HDD experienced severe logical issues; SecureData was able to recover the files from her device.
Janus’ external HDD experienced physical damage that caused read errors, preventing him from accessing his video files. SecureData recovered 99% of his lost data.
Krysta’s Toshiba hard drive was a necessity to her professional photography business. SecureData was able to recover her critical documents and photos.
When Brian’s iPhone became unusable through accidental physical damage, SecureData was able to recover precious photos and videos of his father.