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Professional Hard Drive Recovery Professional Hard Drive Recovery

Professional Hard Drive Recovery

Secure Data Recovery Services is the industry leader in hard drive recovery with state-of-the-art tools, innovative techniques, and certified ISO-4 Class10 cleanroom facilities. Since 2007, our data recovery engineers have been recovering failed hard drives from every OS, file system, interface, manufacturer, and failure type with over a 96% success rate.

Need immediate assistance with a dead hard drive? Our team is here to provide you with emergency hard drive recovery support 24x7. We understand that hard drive failure scenarios cause substantial distress, and we work around the clock to minimize the downtime for our customers.

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Hard Drive Recovery Reviews

Average rating 4.9
This service was rated 4.9 out of 5.0 based on 1,711 review(s)
Robert Smith

Five stars accross the board!

After hurricane Ian, we had a dead backup drive that had been submerged in sea water for several hours. We had all but given up hope that any data would be recoverable, but Secure Data was able to recover critical files from it! Customer service was excellent too; Eric kept us informed of the progress at every stage of the recovery process. Secure Data Recovery Services will be my go-to resour... Read More

Andy Cohen

Successful HD Recovery Faster Than Promised

I found Secure Data Recovery Services online and, after a thorough discussion about our issue, I decided to give them a try. They were very responsive to the questions I had, and I appreciated their approach - there was no fee if they were not able to recover the data I wanted. Eric and others kept me informed about the recovery status and the delivered earlier than promised. I hope that we’ll not... Read More

Raphael Rice

HD Recovery

Scott explained everything in a straightforward and knowledgable way and worked on various options for pricing that would work for my client. Drive is heading back to me sooner than expected.

Karth Antony

HDD recovery

Excellent job recovering most of the files from a non functional hard drive. Quick turnaround as well.

Shaaron A Alvares

Great technical and customer service

Thank you so much Eric and Team for the great work you did to recover my critical data out of a defective hard drive and in a timely fashion. You were also very responsive and gave us statuses when you hit milestones, which was very reassuring, so thank you for that as well. It''s super stressful to lose precious and very personal data and know know whether we''ll be able to get it back, and if yo... Read More

Isabelle Newkirk

Excellent Service

I was given a recommendation for Secure Data Recovery for a failed external hard drive, and I could not be happier. They were able to quickly diagnose the issue and recover the data that we needed. It would have been devastating to our company if not for them! Also, I have to give a massive shoutout to Jake Gambatese for being extremely helpful throughout the process and communicating efficiently.... Read More

Certified Hard Drive Recovery Company Certified Hard Drive Recovery Company

Certified Hard Drive Recovery Company

Our people

Extraordinary data recovery engineers with decades of hands-on experience repairing damaged hard drives from the most complex scenarios.

Our process

SSAE18 SOC1, 2 and 3 Audited. Transparent procedures documenting every possible precaution is taken to preserve the confidentiality and security of our customers’ information.

Our facilities

ISO-4 Class10 certified cleanroom lab with anti-static flooring and state-of-the-art air filtration system to eliminate harmful particles which may damage sensitive hard drive components during hard drive repair

Our security

FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated storage data return. Military grade & simple to use data encryption for recovered data.

Secure Hard Drive Recovery Process

  1. We offer our customers a comprehensive diagnostic report free of charge with our standard service, to find the root of the failure and allow our engineers to find the right path to recovery.
  2. Once the diagnostics are complete, and the data recovery options are clear we provide a firm no-obligation price quote.
  3. Upon approval, our engineers conduct the invasive hard drive repairs and if necessary, use custom-designed utilities to recreate file systems and partition table information.
  4. The finished product is the recovered data transferred on a brand-new secure device.

We never charge any data recovery fees unless we can successfully recover your desired files and ensure they are in working order.

Hard Drive Failure Types

Modern hard drives are a technological marvel and contain numerous highly sensitive components easily susceptible to physical, electrical, mechanical or logical failures.

The most common physical and electrical problems include bad sectors, read/write head crash or stiction, PCB failure, drive motor and bearing failure, all of which cause the hard drive to cease normal operations and require hands-on drive repair inside a specialized cleanroom environment.

  • Encryption
  • Virus/Malware
  • Reformat
  • Deleted Data
  • Ransomware Attack
  • SA & Firmware Errors
  • Read Errors
  • Bad Sectors
  • PCB failure
  • Fire Damage
  • Water Damage
  • Clicking Heads
  • Dead Heads
  • Torn Heads
  • Scratched
  • Stuck Motor

Experiencing any of these failures? Stop and immediately power down the hard drive then contact a professional data recovery company for a consultation.

Clicking Heads
Clicking Heads
The clicking sound of a failing drive often indicates problems with the movement of the drive's read/write actuator.
Dead Heads
Dead Heads
This clicking sound is made when the actuator arm continuously resets itself because the read/write heads have failed.
Torn Heads
Torn Heads
This clicking and buzzing indicates damage to the HDD read/write head(s), which processes data stored on the disk platter(s).
Scratched Platter
Scratched Platter
This high-pitched whine usually signals scratches in the disk platter(s) that prevent read/write heads from processing stored data.
Stuck Motor
Stuck Motor
A buzzing or chattering sound coming from your HDD device could indicate a stuck or damaged spindle motor.
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HDD Data Recovery for any OS and Manufacturer HDD Data Recovery for any OS and Manufacturer

HDD Data Recovery for any OS and Manufacturer

Hard drive failure affects nearly 26% of users worldwide, and you need a data recovery company that can handle any scenario to give your data the best chance of being recovered. We have successfully performed HDD repair and subsequently recovered data from tens of thousands of hard drives with every type of OS and file system.

We are partnered with the world's most popular hard drive manufacturers. Our data recovery services will not void the manufacturer's warranty in most cases, and we can issue a letter documenting all hard drive repairs upon completion of our work.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do hard drives fail?

  • What does hard drive recovery cost?

  • How do engineers recover my data from the hard drive?

  • What if I only need certain files back?

  • Can I use hard drive data recovery software to fix my system?

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Janus’ external HDD experienced physical damage that caused read errors, preventing him from accessing his video files. SecureData recovered 99% of his lost data.
Krysta’s Toshiba hard drive was a necessity to her professional photography business. SecureData was able to recover her critical documents and photos.
When Brian’s iPhone became unusable through accidental physical damage, SecureData was able to recover precious photos and videos of his father.