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RAID Data Recovery Services RAID Data Recovery Services

Professional RAID Recovery Service

Our team of experts is the best in the industry at recovering mission critical data from failed RAID arrays of any level and operating systems. Our recovery service offer flexible solutions for lost data raging from economy to emergency around the clock services. We’ve solved some of the most complex data loss situations due to failure of multiple hard disks, software corruption and human error with extraordinary results. We are able to successfully recover data from all RAID levels ranging in size from two RAID drives up to several hundred RAID disks.

RAID Data Recovery Reviews

Average rating 4.9
This service was rated 4.9 out of 5.0 based on 121 review(s)
Kenny Johns

Stellar Service, Highly Recommend!

Scott and the team were fantastic. I''ve worked with other comp/drive repair providers previously and the team here is top notch. Not only did they repair my drive and save my files, but they took the time to explain everything, as well as express kindness and patience throughout the process. Highly recommend!

Evan Lutz

Quick and simple data recovery

Scott and Kyle made the entire process a breeze. They had my drives next day thanks to their overnight prepaid shipping label and ALL of our data was recovered and sent back in just a couple of days. Can''t say enough good things about these guys and I will absolutely be using them in the future.

Joe Markey

Once again a Successful Recovery !!

As an IT Support provider I have need of data recovery for new or existing clients in various Data loss Situations. I have successfully
Recovered Customer data every time with Secure Data Recovery. I Highly Recommend them . The Technical and account Reps do a great job of keeping you up to date with the status of the recovery. Thanks to Scott McMacken on the latest recovery. You keep the... Read More

Steven Kalmar

If you are reading this, you need SDR.

I recommend Secure Data Recovery for data recovery services.  If you fail to have current, good backups of your valuable data, turn to Secure Data Recovery to get the job done right and done fast.  My representative, Eric D, was extremely helpful throughout the entire process.  It''s an extremely anxious feeling when you are faced with the loss of your important data.  You just want it back as soo... Read More

Jan Wharton

Excellent service! Easy process

Secure Data Recovery rescued years of family planning photos, videos, and recordings that were on a hard drive that stopped working. We had no other backups of this data! Eric guided us through the process of starting with sending the hard drive to the company with a prepaid label. We then received a list of recovered files, and finally received a new compact hard drive with the recovered data as ... Read More

Brian Battles

These people are excellent

As an IT consultant I have a number of customers who are very specific about their needs and the types of businesses involved can also necessitate a lot of flexibility in the work being done and even the type of work they can afford or are willing to spend money on. Scott McMacken went the full nine yards with the two jobs we have worked with him on. From dealing with customers not being communi... Read More

SAN & NAS RAID Recovery SAN & NAS RAID Recovery

SAN & NAS Data Recovery

While vastly different by design, SAN and NAS data recovery process requires similar methodology. Our expert RAID data recovery engineers specialize in rebuilding the RAID architecture of complex file-based and block-based storage systems for the best results with NAS and SAN data recovery. In addition, our team holds an immense library of custom tools required to address custom block size hard disks as well as many of the proprietary SAN-NAS hybrid operating systems such as Synology appliances and non-standard file systems such as NetApp, EMC and snap SNAP that may challenge others to deliver the necessary files with minimum downtime.

Hybrid & Nested RAID Recovery Hybrid & Nested RAID Recovery

Hybrid & Nested RAID Recovery

These RAID 0, RAID 10, RAID 50, and RAID 60 arrays combine two or more levels, blending the data redundancy and increased read & write speed performance of standard configurations. Still, no storage is failproof and these RAIDs fail from multiple causes such as disk errors, multiple disk failures, and human errors. Recovering data from hybrid and nested RAID arrays requires advanced techniques and recovery tools uniquely available to Secure Data Recovery engineers.

Virtualization Storage Data Recovery Virtualization Storage Data Recovery

Virtualization Data Recovery Service

Whether you are running VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, or any other virtualization technology, the data stored on your virtual drives is critical to your operation and should be protected with redundant backups and secure data protection solutions. Virtualization can offer many advantages to businesses but also comes with unique risks associated with its specialized architecture and software that require advanced techniques to recover. We have developed advanced tools to recover data from storage virtualization failures caused by read errors, hardware failure, ransomware attacks, and human errors.

Server Data Recovery Server Data Recovery

Server Data Recovery

Data loss due to a server crash is especially costly since the impact of inaccessible data spreads to numerous endpoints instantly and can grind productivity to a stop. Even the best raid servers with correctly configured data protection data parity from manufactures like Supermicro, Fujitsu, HP and IBM can experience a sudden raid array failure. Our server data recovery services are dedicated to recover files from single disk drive servers to large cluster computing, web, mail, and database servers with maximum efficiency to get your data back online with minimum downtime. If you need to talk to the RAID data recovery experts about the next steps, call Secure Data Recovery.

What NOT to Do When Experiencing RAID Failure What NOT to Do When Experiencing RAID Failure

What not to do when a RAID Fails

These actions will cause damage to the drives, destroy redundancy, damage file systems, and permanently damage the data. Limiting the time an array runs in degraded mode greatly increases the chance for successful file recovery.

  • Attempt to reset the data storage
  • Re-insert and force online RAID members
  • Try to repair fs by running CHKDSK or fsck
  • Read from drives making abnormal noises or have SMART errors & bad sectors
  • Run free RAID recovery software programs or software applications
What to Do When Experiencing RAID Failure What to Do When Experiencing RAID Failure

What to Do When Experiencing RAID Failure

Immediately shut down the system and call a professional.

  • Make detailed notes of the events which occurred (physical damage, odd noises, power issues, and other anomalies)
  • Label the sequential disk order of the array configuration
  • Compose a list of necessary files, including the locations of important data and the volume size

Detailed information will help reduce the amount of effort required to perform the file recovery.

Common causes of RAID Crash

When mission critical data is lost or compromised, production comes to an abrupt stop and the results can be lethal to your business and your bottom line.

While a redundant array of independent disks have data redundancy and fault tolerance, in many cases, one raid drive failure can affect the entire RAID configuration. Your array can experience data loss due to a variety of scenarios including:

  • Accidental data deletion
  • Formatted partitions
  • Virus infection
  • File system corruption
  • RAID controller failure
  • Incorrect RAID rebuilding process
  • Single or multiple drive fails
  • Inaccessible RAID Volumes
  • Power surge or power outage
  • Abnormal termination of a rebuild
  • A replacement drive has failed
  • Multiple Physically failed disks
Secure RAID Recovery Process Secure RAID Recovery Process

RAID Data Recovery Experts

Our data recovery process begins with a non-destructive diagnostics of your RAID configuration to determine the exact nature of the problem with the data storage. During the examination our team will evaluate the condition of each RAID drive, scan, and analyze the RAID/SAN/NAS metadata to determine the probability of a successful recovery and the scope of work required to recover the data. Once complete, a customer services advisor presents the recovery options including a fixed quote for the successful recovery. Upon approval, our team will repair failed disks and image them to preserve the original state of the RAID disks. The final stage is to perform RAID assembly, SAN assembly, file system repair, or database repair as needed and test the quality of the recovered data. To complete the process, our technicians transfer the extracted data to a new secure hard drives and prepare it for return shipping or customer pickup.

RAID Recovery FAQ

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RAID Data Recovery Video Reviews

Failed Toshiba 4 Drive RAID 0 Array
Angelica kept important videos and photos on her G-Technology external hard drive. Unfortunately, her HDD experienced severe logical issues; SecureData was able to recover the files from her device.
Logical Failure Mac Formatted 2 Drive SSD RAID 0 Array
Mechanical Failure on Multiple Drives in 4 Drive RAID 5 QNAP NAS
When his iMac update went wrong, high school teacher Steve reached out to Secure Data Recovery to restore his precious files.
Steve had a client who lost hundreds of gigabytes of design files from their QNAP NAS due to a lost RAID configuration. SecureData performed a completely successful recovery, restoring 100% of his cli

RAID Data Recovery Success Stories

Our mission is to provide the highest success rate technologically possible in the shortest amount of time, and we are committed to our “No Data, No Recovery Fee” Guarantee. See some of our happy customers who trusted Secure Data Recovery to get their data back.