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RAID Data Recovery Services RAID Data Recovery Services

RAID Data Recovery Services

Our RAID data recovery services are the best in the industry at recovering mission critical data from failed hardware and software RAID arrays of any level, file system and OS. Secure Data Recovery Services offer flexible options from Free to around the clock emergency evaluations with guaranteed results. We’ve solved some of the most complex data loss situations with extraordinary results. Our team of RAID engineers and data recovery technicians has successfully restored data from failed RAID’s ranging in size from two disks up to several hundred disks and bring customized solutions to the standard stripping, mirroring, and parity RAID failures

RAID Data Recovery Reviews

Average rating 4.9
This service was rated 4.9 out of 5.0 based on 108 review(s)
Lu Ann Dalessio

Raid 5 Server Crash

Two weeks ago our Raid 5 server crashed and we lost everything. I immediately contacted our software provider who we believed was doing regular back ups of our server as part of our maintenance package. Unfortunately, the last back up they had was more than 9 months old. We immediately put in a call to Secure Data Recovery Services and were put in contact with Jake Gambatese. Jake was very upf... Read More

Adam Zimman

RAID recovery on simultaneous double disk failure

Secure Data Recovery was able to help recover a failed RAID array and restore 100% of the data. Great communication, easy process and great results. I hope to never need them again... but would would recommend them to anyone who does.

Philip Frink

Excellent results

Secure Data did a great job recovering data from my hard drive. Aspects included clear communication of the process, good web based forms, and timely response to questions. Don''t want to use them anytime soon, but glad to know they''re around if I have future problems.

Rick Thompson

World-Class Service

What a pleasure it has been working with SECURE DATA RECOVERY! We had a significant loss of data and had tried a number of recovery options and all of them failed. What a difference it was when we found you and your company.
After reviewing your web site, we were impressed and excited about the prospect that your company could be our answer. But we almost didn''t contact you because ... Read More

Rolando Domingo

Amazing Work!

Scott was great...! After speaking with him, we had full confidence in sending in our hard drives for recovery. And of course, full recovery was obtained! That was after we had 6 IT techs from 2 different companies working on it for 4 days!

Darren Chung

No lost data

Eric was very responsive and was able to recover all my data. It was costly, but memories are hard to replace.

SAN & NAS RAID Recovery SAN & NAS RAID Recovery

SAN & NAS RAID Recovery

While vastly different by design, SAN and NAS appliances require similar methodology when performing data recovery in the event of data loss. Our RAID recovery engineers specialize in rebuilding the RAID architecture of complex file-based and block-based storage systems. In addition, our team holds an immense library of custom tools required to address many of the proprietary NAS, SAN and SAN-NAS hybrid operating systems and non-standard file systems that challenge other data recovery companies to deliver results with minimum downtime.

Hybrid & Nested RAID Recovery Hybrid & Nested RAID Recovery

Hybrid & Nested RAID Recovery

These RAID types combine two or more levels, blending the best RAID attributes to improve redundancy or increase performance of standard RAID configurations. Still, no storage is failproof and these RAIDs still fail from multiple causes such as disk errors, multiple disk failures, and human errors. Recovering data from hybrid and nested RAID arrays requires specialized data recovery techniques and tools uniquely available to Secure Data Recovery Services.

Virtualization Storage Data Recovery Virtualization Storage Data Recovery

Virtualization Storage Data Recovery

With the wide adoption of virtualization software in most SMB and enterprise environments due to their many benefits, performing RAID Recovery services commonly requires us to repair damaged hypervisors, virtual machines, snapshots, and virtual disks as part of our scope of work. Our data recovery engineers specialize at restoring data from storage virtualization failures caused by read errors, hardware failure, ransomware attacks, and human errors.

Server Data Recovery Server Data Recovery

Server Data Recovery

Downtime due to a failed server is especially costly since the impact of inaccessible data spreads to numerous endpoints instantly and can grind productivity to a stop. Our data recovery professionals are uniquely skilled at recovering everything from single disk to large cluster computing, app, web, mail, print, and database servers with maximum efficiency to get our customers back online with minimum downtime.

What NOT to Do When Experiencing RAID Failure What NOT to Do When Experiencing RAID Failure

What NOT to Do When Experiencing RAID Failure

Limiting the time an array runs in degraded mode greatly decreases the risk of permanent data loss. When experiencing data loss on a RAID array NEVER:

  • Attempt to reset the RAID
  • Re-insert and force online RAID members
  • Try to repair file system by running CHKDSK or fsck
  • Read from drives making abnormal noises or have SMART errors & bad sectors
  • Run software-based recovery programs

These actions will cause damage to the drives, destroy redundancy, damage file systems, and permanently damage the data.

What to Do When Experiencing RAID Failure What to Do When Experiencing RAID Failure

What to Do When Experiencing RAID Failure

When experiencing a RAID failure, immediately shut down the system and call a data recovery professional.

  • Make detailed notes of the events which occurred (noises, power, and other anomalies)
  • Label the sequential order of the drives in the array
  • Compose a list of crucial and critical data, including file types and volume/data size

Detailed information will significantly help cut the data recovery turnaround time.

Common causes of RAID Failure

When RAID data is lost or compromised, production comes to an abrupt stop — and the results can be lethal to your business and your bottom line.

While RAID configurations have higher redundancy and fault tolerance, in many cases, one disk failure can affect the entire configuration. Your array can experience data loss due to a variety of scenarios including:

  • Accidental data deletion
  • Formatted partitions
  • Virus infection
  • File system corruption
  • RAID controller failure
  • Incorrect RAID rebuilds
  • Single or multiple drive failures
  • Failed Rebuilding of RAID Volumes
  • Power surge
  • Extensive time required for a rebuild
  • Abnormal termination of a rebuild
  • An uncorrectable read error has occurred
  • A replacement drive has failed
  • Another drive in the array has failed
Secure RAID Recovery Process Secure RAID Recovery Process

Secure RAID Recovery Process

How does RAID recovery work? Our process begins with a diagnostic review of your failed RAID. During the examination our team will evaluate the condition of the RAID members, scan, and analyze the file system, RAID/SAN/NAS metadata to determine the probability of a successful recovery.

Once the examination is complete, we provide a quote for the recovery and finalize the scope of work. Upon approval, our team will repair damaged RAID members and image them to preserve the original state of the disk. The final stage is to perform RAID assembly, SAN assembly, file system repair, or database repair (SQL, Exchange, Oracle, etc.) as needed and test the integrity of the critical files upon request. To complete the process, our technicians transfer the recovered data to a new secure FIPS 140-2 LEVEL 3 Validated storage device and prepare it for return shipping or customer pickup.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can a recovery service repair individual RAID disks?

  • Can a recovery service repair older RAID arrays or servers with specialized operating systems?

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RAID Data Recovery Video Reviews

Failed Toshiba 4 Drive RAID 0 Array
Logical Failure Mac Formatted 2 Drive SSD RAID 0 Array
Mechanical Failure on Multiple Drives in 4 Drive RAID 5 QNAP NAS
Steve had a client who lost hundreds of gigabytes of design files from their QNAP NAS due to a lost RAID configuration. SecureData performed a completely successful recovery, restoring 100% of his cli