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The certified engineers at Secure Data Recovery recover data from any RAID configuration. No matter what type of array, we treat each case as a priority and have an over 96% success rate in RAID data recovery services.

With over 150 locations nationwide, Secure Data Recovery services delivers fast and reliable results for recovery on all RAID levels.

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Why People Choose RAID

A RAID uses multiple disks to increase storage capacity for systems and have a redundant way to store data. Information is stored in different places on multiple hard disks which gives it fault tolerance to survive one or many disk failures. Individuals and businesses flock to this technology as they believe it is the safest way to store their critical files.

Unfortunately, RAID arrays are still susceptible to data loss.The distribution method of data among the disks and mechanical nature of the disks make them vulnerable to failure. In some cases, their resiliency works against them as one failed disk may go undetected before the rest of the disks begin to fail.

RAID Levels

Our experienced engineers can successfully recover data from all RAID levels including:

RAID 0 Data Recovery

Utilizes a striping storage method to break down and store information into fragments across the disks in the array. Our engineers use advanced tools to recover data from striped storage.

RAID 1 Data Recovery

Uses a mirroring technique for writing data so each disk holds the same information. We can recover files from your RAID 1 from any data loss scenario.

RAID 5 Data Recovery

Writes to each of its disks simultaneously and has a parity function distributed on each disk for fault tolerance. Engineers have decades of experience treating all types of servers and RAID arrays.

RAID 6 Data Recovery

Stripes data across disks with two distributed parity blocks per drive. Parity blocks allow RAID reconstruct after a single drive failure. We develop innovative recovery techniques for RAID 6 and all other arrays.

RAID 10 Data Recovery

Nested configuration that includes mirrored drives in each RAID array and striped data across every set. They can sustain one hard drive failure per set. Engineers are experts in recovering mirrored and striped data from all systems.

RAID 50 Data Recovery

Combines striped data of RAID 0 and has a parity disk on each set as a RAID 5. A minimum of six drives are required. We pioneered many successful recovery techniques for RAID 50.

RAID 0+1 Data Recovery

Chosen for high functionality, the segments in this level are individual RAID 0 arrays with mirrored data as used in RAID 1. We offer fast turnaround times for your RAID 0+1 array.

RAID Repair

Our specialists can repair your RAID while performing data recovery services to minimize your total system downtime.

SAN RAID Data Recovery

Storage Area Networks offer speed and usability with block-level access. When paired with a RAID, it increases redundancy. It adds another layer of complexity to the RAID itself and is becoming a popular choice for consumers. We recover data from all SAN devices including SAN, SAN-NAS hybrids, and more.

NAS RAID Data Recovery

Network Attached Storage is dedicated file storage with a centralized disk. It is accessed through a web browser. We recover data from all NAS systems created by well-known manufacturers.

Enterprise Level RAID Arrays

Our engineers are knowledgeable and can recover data from enterprise RAIDs such as:

QNAP Data Recovery

A Quality Network Appliance Provider that supports storage through a variety of RAID configurations. Our engineers have proprietary technology to recover data from all QNAP arrays.

JBOD Data Recovery

Also known as “spanning,” a group of drives presents as one logical drive. Our engineers have experience recovering data from mechanically and logically failed JBODs.

MS Hyper-V Data Recovery

Virtual RAID servers that Microsoft created with data protection capabilities. When these servers fail, we can recover mission-critical files either on-site or remotely.

Equallogic Data Recovery

Secure Data Recovery has recovered data for thousands of clients from mechanical and logically failed Dell Equallogic Systems.

Citrix Data Recovery

No matter the type of RAID array or device you have with Citrix we can recover it. As industry leaders, we regularly handle complex Citrix systems data recovery cases in our secure Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom.

Sun Data Recovery

These systems support traditional RAID systems as well as ZFS file systems with triple-parity RAID. No matter the amount of redundancy, a failure can occur and our experienced engineers have decades of experience working with all Sun RAID configurations.

IBM Storwize Data Recovery

IBM Storwize devices provide virtualized storage for all business sizes and are configured using SANs with hard drives or flash media. Our engineers have a 96% success rate in IBM storage system recovery.

Dell Compellent Data Recovery

Dell Compellent SANs and Dell EMC storage are enterprise-level solutions for storing virtualized data centers and cloud services. They have flexible configuration and we can recover data from any device or operating system they use.

Novell RAID Data Recovery

Commonly used by businesses, Novell are reliable storage systems that use RAID 5, 10 or 1. Secure Data Recovery is a reliable solution for data recovery from RAIDS that utilize Novell.

SNAP Server Recovery

Small businesses with critical data utilize these older servers that range from small devices to large NAS storage arrays. Engineers have dedicated R&D teams to discover recovery methods for all media, dated and emerging.

Drobo Data Recovery

New drives can be added to these storage arrays easily and many businesses add virtualization technology for redundancy. We can recover data from all Drobo models with the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

NetApp Data Recovery

NetApp RAID systems include proprietary RAID-DP and Secure Data Recovery uses proprietary technology in-house to retrieve data from these devices.

Causes of RAID Failure

While RAID configurations have higher redundancy and fault tolerance, in many cases, one disk failure can affect the entire configuration. Your array can experience data loss due to a variety of scenarios. Common types of RAID failures include:

  • Inadvertent data deletion
  • Formatted Partitions
  • Virus Infection
  • File System Corruption
  • Controller Failure
  • Incorrect RAID rebuilds
  • Single or Multiple Drive Failures
  • Power Surge

A Certified RAID Repair Company

Secure Data Recovery knows that unexpected RAID failures cause stress and downtime for your business.

Raid Data Recovery Services

We maintain an extensive inventory of RAID controller cards in order to provide efficient, effective services.

We work with all RAID system manufacturers and perform secure in-lab recovery. Our company is SSAE 18 Type II Certified and operates a Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom that limits the amount of dust particles to offer the best possible environment for a recovery. Our business holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, is a GSA Approved contractor, and is a TRUSTe Verifiable company.

Advantages to our recovery services include:

  • Decades-experienced RAID Specialists
  • Dedicated RAID Recovery Laboratory
  • Fastest Turnaround times and 24/7 Emergency Services
  • No Data, No Recovery Fee Guarantee

Our secure recovery process begins with a free diagnostic review of your RAID (HDD/SSD). Engineers then make an image of the disks and scan and analyze the file system, RAID, and SAN metadata.

After a quote is given and approved, engineers will repair damaged RAID members and image them to work from a copy of the media so the device stays in its original state. They will then perform RAID assembly, SAN assembly, file system repair, or database repair (SQL, Exchange, Oracle, etc.) if needed. Engineers will then extract the data and send it back to clients on secure storage media.

RAID Recovery

Secure Data Recovery Services offers industry-leading success rates for data loss from RAID 5, 0, 1, and all other configurations.

What to Do When Experiencing RAID Failure

When experiencing a RAID failure, immediately shut down the system and call a professional. There are several actions you should NOT take when your device fails:

  • Attempt to reset the RAID
  • Re-insert and force online RAID members
  • Try to repair file system by running checkdisk or fsck
  • Read from drives with SMART errors or bad sectors
  • Run software-based recovery programs

These actions will cause damage to the data, destroy redundancy, damage file systems, and irreversibly damage the drives. Call Secure Data Recovery for experienced RAID data recovery services at 800-388-1266.

Our RAID Data Recovery Success Stories

We specialize in complex RAID data recovery and repair. The customer stories below show how committed we are to delivering the best RAID data loss solutions.

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RAID Data Recovery Video Reviews:

Failed Toshiba 4 Drive RAID 0 Array
Logical Failure Mac Formatted 2 Drive SSD RAID 0 Array
Mechanical Failure on Multiple Drives in 4 Drive RAID 5 QNAP NAS
Steve had a client who lost hundreds of gigabytes of design files from their QNAP NAS due to a lost RAID configuration. SecureData performed a completely successful recovery, restoring 100% of his cli

Customer Reviews (99)

Average Rating:

This service was rated 4.9 out of 5.0 based on 99 review(s)

  • Reviewed on Jun 27 2022  |  Thousand Oaks, CA

    Scott''s the man!

    Scott and the Secure Data Recovery team were able to fully recover my busted RAID 5, which, in my ignorance, I''d failed to backup. Everything was recovered and dropped on an HS for me. They saved me tens of thousands of dollars worth of footage! Thank you Scott and team!

  • Reviewed on May 24 2022  |  Poway, CA

    Flawless Work!

    The SD team came through with flying colors. Quick turn around and great results.

    Highly recommended!!!

  • Reviewed on Feb 21 2022  |  Richmond, VA

    Excellent Service

    Jake Gambatese was immensely helpful in trying to get my data back and the process of getting the drives delivered back to me. Hopefully I don''t ever lose my data again, but if I do, I''ll definitely reach back out to Jake. Thanks again!

  • Reviewed on Feb 5 2022  |  San Francisco, CA

    I contacted Secure Data when my NAS went down. I had over 10 TB of important files (films, photography, music) with not much hope of recovery. Scott took over my drives and put them in the hands of some very adept engineers. It took a while, but I got all the stuff I needed, and it all works. The relationship was great, Scott always being available to answer any questions. Thanks, Scott.

  • Reviewed on Feb 5 2022  |  Mantua, OH

    Excellent service

    Scott & Secure Data Recovery were extremely professional and responsive to my needs. I had a RAID 10 format and figured that I was secure. However, the NAS motherboard died and I wasn''t able to recover the data myself. Scott & SDR quickly evaluated my drives and then responded with a price and timeline. Everything was recovered successfully. This is truly world class service.

  • Reviewed on Dec 29 2021  |  Smyrna, GA

    Great Recovery Project

    Our client needed to have a critical data recovery project completed. Scott with Secure Data Recovery Services assisted with getting us the best possible price to get the project completed with a high degree of success. These guys are the best in the business when it comes to Data Recovery Services. I would highly recommend Secure Data Recovery Services for any sort of data recovery project. Scott is an awesome communicator and very knowledgeable. Thanks Scott!

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