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How we recover your lost files, safely and securely

How we recover your lost files, safely and securely

Losing important files can be catastrophic. Data loss is possible even with a backup plan in place. But it may still be retrievable, which is where Secure Data Recovery can help.

We’re the leading authority in data recovery, with a 96% success rate and two decades of experience restoring files from many kinds of storage medium. We make our personalized recovery process transparent and easy, guaranteeing no fee if we cannot return your data to you. Call our award-winning customer service team on 800-388-1266 for immediate help to get your data back. 

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What does the process look like? Here’s how we get great results:

Step 1 - Tell us about the problem

To ensure you have the right expert and the best service, we’ll need a little information to get started recovering your files. You can share with us via an online form, or talk directly with one of our customer service representatives by calling 800-388-1266.

Step 2 - Send your device to our lab

We make it as easy as possible for you to send your device to us. We can organize direct pickup, you can drop it off to us in person at a partner location, or mail it to us with a prepaid shipping label. We’ll help you securely package your device to ensure it will arrive safely and won’t be damaged on the way to us.

Step 3 - Processing

When it arrives, your device is photographed, scanned and assigned a unique tracking number.

Anything sent to us will always be stored securely in our facility, where no third party can access it. And we always handle our customers’ devices with utmost care in clean, dust-free environments to avoid potential damage to any internal components.

To prioritize the security of your data at all times during the data recovery process, only the engineer assigned to recover your files will ever see the content of your device. To reassure our customers about our commitment to data security, we regularly audit our entire process, and you can see these results for yourself.

Step 4 - Diagnosis

We’ll conduct a complete analysis of your device, examining both its physical condition and structure of stored data. Based on this information we can then diagnose the cause of data loss and work out a process to recover your data securely.

This information will always be shared with you before processing from your dedicated customer support specialist, along with a no-obligation quote and estimated turnaround time for our work, leaving the final decision on data recovery to you.

Step 5 - We recover your data

Depending on the specific issue with your lost data, we’ll then begin the recovery process. We can recover data from many kinds of storage medium, including SSDs, mobile phones and removable USB media as well as hard drives. The secure data recovery method we use will depend on both the type of device and the nature of the problem.

For example, if a host computer cannot detect a hard drive due to failed internal micro components, we would carefully replace these with working parts that are 100% compatible with the brand and model, bringing the drive back to life and allowing access to files again.

We also utilize state-of-the-art in-house software to deep scan the content of a storage device, picking up lost files that may not appear to a host operating system, and may even not be found by some off-the-shelf data recovery software.

Once we’ve scanned the drive, we’ll recover all the data we can from it, then you’ll receive a list of the files to verify the data is correct and to check nothing is missing.

Step 6 - The data is returned to you

Once data has been recovered you can choose how you want us to return it to you. For immediate access we offer secure data download from the cloud (depending on recovered file size) or we can return your data to you on a new drive that’s been fully encrypted to ensure data remains secure during the journey back home.

We’ll also send your original device back to you safely, unless you request that we dispose of it in a secure and environmentally friendly way.

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