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Micro SD Card Data Recovery Service

Since 2007, we have designed custom adapters and utilities to recover previously inaccessible files on Micro SD cards. We have worked with severely damaged or failed flash chips to create full copies of devices. That knowledge is critical, and our technicians continue to expand their understanding of failure scenarios, including:

  • Bent Pins
  • Accumulating Bad Sectors
  • Excessive Use
  • Accidental Deletion or Formatting
  • File Corruption
  • Virus Damage

That understanding comes from intense investment in research and development. Considering a Micro SD’s card presence in mobile devices, such as digital cameras and smartphones, it is crucial to remain on the cutting edge of the changing technology. That is what we have done and will continue to do.

Further use of a compromised SD card could lead to permanent data loss. Do not attempt a home repair if the data is valuable.

SD Card Data Recovery Reviews

Average rating 5.0
This service was rated 5.0 out of 5.0 based on 6 review(s)
Amanda Schmidt

Amazing Experience

I wanted to thank Secure Data Recovery and the team, especially Daniel Novak for help recovering a corrupt memory card. They were able to recover 100% of the corrupt memory card. I am forever grateful for all they were able to do. Daniel kept me in the loop and communicated each step of the way keeping me informed with the progress. As a photographer, my business and clients are my number one prio... Read More

Julie Ryan

Elliot from Secure Data Recovery saved the day

I am family photographer in the midst of "busy season" When I realized my SD card was not reading I panicked. How will I tell a mother who just got her 4 little girls all dressed and camera ready that I lost the images. I called Secure Data and Elliot was on the other end of the line with a helping hand and smooth guidance. This was my first time going through a process like this and he was amazin... Read More


To: Jonathan Nguyen

As I sit here, I find it difficult to express my gratitude by simply saying thank you Jonathan. Your prompt responses to all of my questions via email and telephone were greatly appreciated (and boy, did I have a lot to ask).

Generally speaking, time, respect, and wisdom are considered to be three of the five most valuable things in this world. The service you provide is invaluable, as... Read More

Peter Vander Wall

Life Saver

I don''t recommend doing anything that requires file recovery, but if you do make that mistake, this is the company to work with. I had a corrupted memory card from an event I filmed and thought the footage was gone forever. Thanks to Scott and the team at Secure Data, I got it all back!

Tollroad Deputy

Phenomenal experience

My experience with this company was extremely phenomenal. The customer service was exceptional from all parties I came in contact with but even more so Eric Dvorin, who went above and beyond to assist in making my process easier. So thank you for your assistance.

Bruce Walker

All of my data was deleted by a Samsung technician

We tried everything and talked to numerous people at Samsung with no results. Sent the Sd card to Secure Data and they were able to retrieve 90% of my precious data. There was the last pictures I had of my momma and thankfully they were restored. I can''t say enough good things about this company and especially Scott.

Dropped iPhone in Water and Need Data Recovery? Dropped iPhone in Water and Need Data Recovery?

Micro SD Card Data Recovery

Micro SD card data recovery begins with world-class people and processes. Our engineers and representatives will answer questions and provide options throughout your case. Our process involves:

  • We provide a comprehensive, free consultation over the phone.
  • We examine the media to diagnose the failure free of cost.
  • Once we determine the problem and solution, we offer a no-obligation quote.
  • Upon approval, we recover the available data through the appropriate actions.
  • We transfer the data to a new device and then return it.
What to Do with a Water Damaged iPhone What to Do with a Water Damaged iPhone

SD Card Data Recovery Services

SD card data recovery services should deliver consistent, exceptional results. We believe in our competence and convenience. With a documented 96% success rate, a “No Data, No Recovery Fee” Guarantee, and award-winning customer service, we have established ourselves as experts you can trust.

Call us at 800-388-1266 to get started.

SD Card Data Recovery Success Stories

Our mission is to provide the highest success rate technologically possible in the shortest amount of time, and we are committed to our “No Data, No Recovery Fee” Guarantee. See some of our happy customers who trusted Secure Data Recovery to get their data back.