Removable Media Data Recovery

Removable Media Data Recovery

Do you have important data saved on USB flash drives or memory cards that are currently inaccessible due to accidental deletion, formatting, virus attack, or some other problem? We are here to help ensure that data loss does not become permanent. Our data recovery services specialize in extracting data from physically damaged or corrupted removable storage devices. With our expert engineers, decades of experience, and state-of-the art data recovery software, we restore videos, music, pictures, photos, spreadsheets, financial records, business files, and other lost data.

We offer complete peace of mind with a free evaluation and our “No Data, No Recovery Fee” guarantee. We will recover your missing files, or you pay nothing.

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USB Flash Drive Data Recovery

Is your USB device not detecting? Flash drives fail for many reasons, and selecting a trusted USB data recovery service provider for your device is critical. Due to the delicate nature of the microelectronic components, there is usually only one possible attempt to recover lost data. The data recovery experts at Secure Data Recovery have retrieved data from every type of failure since 2007 with a 96% success rate. The service starts with a free, comprehensive evaluation. Contact us to speak to a data recovery advisor and discuss the options for recovering files from your memory stick.

Learn more about our USB flash drive recovery services.

Memory Card Data Recovery

Storing memories on memory cards is standard in every digital camera and Android or iOS device. It is a great way to expand original capacity at an affordable price. However, memory cards are prone to corruption due to power loss, physical damage, and accidental deletion or reformatting. Our secure data recovery process has helped countless film studios, professional photographers, and home users recover lost files. We are the data recovery experts trusted to recover precious memories when they cannot be lost.

Popular memory card formats we recover include:

  • SD Card
  • Micro SD
  • Memory PRO duo
  • xD-Picture
  • SDHC
  • SDXC
  • Memory Micro M2
  • CompactFlash I and II

Removable Media Data Recovery Reviews

Average rating 4.9
This service was rated 4.9 out of 5.0 based on 54 review(s)
Angela Sekerke

Fast Recovery

My flashdrive, containing the last 5 years of my career, decided to stop working out of the blue. I reached out to Secure Data Recovery after seeing their promise that if they cannot recover your data, you will not be charged. I worked with Jason Molinaro, who was an absolute pleasure to do business with. He responded promptly (often within the hour) and professionally. He was very knowledgeable a... Read More

Joanna Spencer

All files recovered from Flash drive

I contacted Secure Data Recovery to recover a flash drive that my cats had knocked off my laptop while scampering around. The flash drive was my backup drive for my old laptop that had died and I had yet to transfer the data to my new laptop! In just a few days they were able to recover all the files! I am very grateful that I chose this company to help me with my data recovery. My rep was Jonat... Read More

Brooke Miller, M.B.A


I was so upset when my USB flash drive stopped working. I lost photos and personal budgeting data of 10+ years. I tried so many DIY techniques from online. Had Geek Squad attempt to recover - nothing worked. I reached out to SDR and spoke with a gentleman named Scott McMacken who made me feel comfortable sending out my USB for review of recovery.
Within a few days of receipt they were confid... Read More

Kurt Arnold

Excellent Customer Service

These guys did an absolutely great job, immediately looking at my failed memory stick, diagnosing the problem, and feeding me regular status updates. Would recommend.

Tracey Mccullough

Excellent job done on my data recovery!

Hi. I found Secure Data Recovery during a search to find a company to recover lost data on an SD card for work. I was assisted promptly by Eric, who walked me thoroughly through the entire process. Everything went smoothly. I received my recovered data yesterday, and it was such a relief to go through the flash drive and see all my data. I definitely recommend Secure Data Recovery for all you... Read More


Great service

I broke my SD card and they fixed it quickly. I appreciate it.


CD & DVD Data Recovery

Though CDs and DVDs hold fewer files than a modern hard drive or SSD, there are still plenty that hold historical data, X-ray images, family pictures, and home movies. Most of the time, they sit in a drawer. Despite seldom usage, they do degrade over time, leading to problems when attempting to read or write to them. Even freshly-created files can be lost if the CD or DVD becomes physically damaged by scratches or dirt. We offer several data recovery solutions, helping users regain access to files stored on these media types, including file recovery software and professional data recovery services.

Learn 5 ways to recover a damaged CD & DVD.

Floppy Disk Data Recovery

Even though modern data storage technology has rendered floppy disks obsolete, they are still used by many large organizations to service critical infrastructure. In some cases, a few bytes of data can be responsible for making sure an airport can operate or a security gate opens at the correct time. Due to their age, bad sectors and inadequate power supply can impact the movement of the drive itself, causing the data to become inaccessible. Our data recovery engineers have the data recovery tools, legacy equipment, and know-how to recover data from floppy disks. Contact us for a free quote.

Need help recovering data from other removable storage devices, such as a hard drive, external hard drive, or a solid-state drive (SSD)?

Common causes of failure requiring removable media data recovery

  • Improper removal: Incorrectly ejecting media from its drive or other instances of mishandling can cause physical damage that results in media failure.
  • Physical & Electrical Drive Issues: If the drive itself is faulty or outdated, it may prove incompatible with the media, leading to data corruption or media failure.
  • Excessive Temperatures: Extreme heat or cold can cause the components of removable media to break down, leading to failure.
  • Usage Limitation: Using removable media to its storage limit can quickly lead to data corruption and failure.
  • Malicious Infection: Viruses, malware, and other threats can cause the media to become corrupted or damaged, leading to failure.

Data Recovery Services for Any Removable Media Brand

Do not see your device’s brand listed here? Sometimes the device name and the storage manufacturer differ. We have experience in successfully recovering lost data from any major manufacturer and maintain a 96% success rate. Contact us now at 800-388-1266 to speak to a data recovery advisor about your data loss situation.

Flexible Service Options

Every situation is a disaster for home users, individuals and small businesses. We understand the importance of getting the data back to our customers is as important as the budget and time it takes to get it back. We offer multiple data recovery options to fit your needs.

Economy Services

5 - 10 day turnaround time

Standard Services

2 - 5 day turnaround time

Emergency Services

Around the clock service

Experiencing Emergency Data Loss?

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Secure Data Recovery Process



Shut down the device and give us a call. We are available 24/7 for a free consultation and quote.



Your device will be safely diagnosed by an expert at one of our state-of-the-art labs.


Review &

One of our team members will contact you to review the diagnostic results for your approval. This will give you an idea of how much data is recoverable.


Data Recovery & Return

Our engineers work hard to retrieve your files. Once you submit your payment, you’ll receive the recovered data on a new external drive.

Data Recovery Service Solutions

Not sure what data recovery service you need? Let our team guide you to select the right data recovery solutions. We understand better than other recovery service providers that a sudden drive failure is an unsettling feeling. Call us to speak to an expert and discuss your situation. We offer several ways to solve your problem.


Is your device completely dead? This is exactly what we specialize in servicing inside of our ISO certified Cleanroom Lab. Get it to us by dropping it off or take advantage of our free shipping and we will take care of it for you or you pay nothing. Call us to discuss your data loss problem and the service solutions we offer.

Our Certified Labs

Onsite Data Recovery

Equipment too large to move or too sensitive? No problem for our experts. We can scramble a team to be anywhere in the world with our equipment and tools in about 24 hours to handle your data loss situation. We are trusted specialists at solving unique data loss challenges.

We Come To You

Remote Data Recovery

Something deleted, corrupted or just disappeared but storage is still online? Just get us an internet connection and let our service team recover your data. You will then access it immediately. Recovery can’t get any faster than this.

We Connect Remotely

How to Recover Failed Removable Media

When you need data stored on a damaged removable storage media, SecureRecovery for Removable Disks recovers deleted files and can help resolve minor, non-invasive issues.

  1. Make sure the removable storage media is not physically damaged. Do not power it on if it is, as that will only lead to further damage. Instead, contact a data recovery company.
  2. If the removable storage media detects and shows the correct size, connect it to a Windows computer and try to recover the data using the SecureRecovery software. Use the free download button below to save the program to your computer, then follow the easy-to-use wizard to install and run it.
  3. Scan and save the results to another pen drive, thumb drive, or any storage other than the affected drive.

Still do not have access to the drive or you do not see your lost files? Do not give up! If you cannot get the data back using the free download, it means that you have a more severe issue that DIY software cannot resolve. Let our data recovery experts get the data back for you.

Compatible with most file types, removable media brands, including memory cards, USB drives, pen drives, thumb drives, Zip, Jaz, SyQuest, PocketZip, Sparq, LS-240 and others. Installation requires a Windows Operating System.

*Important note about DIY data recovery software. When possible, stop all writes to the affected removable storage media and make a copy of it to another storage device. Never download any new files or software to the affected storage media, as that may cause data to be permanently overwritten. Not sure what data recovery service option you need? We offer a free evaluation on all storage devices. Call 800-388-1266 now to speak to a data recovery advisor.

About Us

Secure Data Recovery Services was started in 2007 with a single location and over the past decade grew into one of the world’s largest data recovery companies helping customers recover data with extraordinary capabilities. Powering the success behind our world class services are the talented teams of engineers who develop our state-of-the-art tools and procedures which enable us to recover data from the most challenging data loss circumstances.

Our team is truly passionate about data storage and thrives on the customer satisfaction which comes from reuniting users with their lost data. Our goal is to deliver the best results technologically possible while maintaining the strictest security controls through our numerous industry specific security attestations including regular SSAE18 SOC, 1, 2 & 3 audits.

Secure Data Recovery Services has built a solid reputation as the most trusted data recovery provider with a fully transparent and certified process demonstrating that our facilities, processes, and staff exceed industry standards.

From single external hard drives, SSD’s, mobile devices to enterprise NAS, SAN, and RAID failures, we are ready to help recover from digital disasters, anywhere.