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USB Drive Data Recovery

USB Drive Data Recovery

We have provided reliable flash drive recovery solutions since 2007. In that time, our skilled engineers have restored millions of essential files from damaged and defective USB sticks. We have specialized hardware and software to retrieve data from these devices regardless of failure type, model, or file system. Our experience and expertise with flash storage and controllers could make the difference. Trust the experts with a 96% success rate and a No Data, No Recovery Fee guarantee when sudden data loss strikes.

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Flash Drive Repair and Recovery

While flash drive repair is complex, it is critical to successful recoveries. These repairs can fix connection issues, faulty components on the circuit board, and severely damaged files. We have customized tools and techniques to address any of these situations and salvage your important data. Contact and contactless soldering stations mean we can perform a range of board-level repairs on a microscopic level.

Our team can also recover raw data or encrypted files from a thumb drive. In addition, we maintain a collection of flash controllers in our labs. That library allows us to work with USB drives regardless of their cell design.

Here are some of the failures we can repair:

  • Bent Connectors
  • Failed Electronics
  • Damaged Firmware
  • File Corruption
  • Malware or Virus
A data recovery engineer working on a failed flash drive to restore lost files.

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How To Recover USB Drive

Flash drives with physical damage require a professional recovery service. However, data recovery software can often resolve cases involving accidental deletion and formatting. We developed our free program, SecureRecovery® for Flash, to reverse these data loss scenarios quickly and restore deleted files. The user-friendly tool scans the flash drive for traces of data and saves it to a new folder.

To recover data from a USB drive when that happens:

  • Install SecureRecovery® for Flash for free and launch the software.
  • Choose Open Partition from the menu.
  • Select the device to scan when prompted and click OK.
  • Choose the files to recover after the scan locates data.
  • Click Save Selected Items to restore the deleted files to a new folder.

Note: Sometimes, software will only locate some deleted or formatted data on the flash drive. In that case, the USB stick might benefit from expert assistance. Contact us to learn more about a tailored approach.

A close-up image of the connectors and circuit board of a USB drive.

Verified Reviews

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This service was rated 4.9 out of 5.0 based on 142 review(s)
Aleacia Peer

Jake Gambatese is the BEST!

Jake has been assigned to 2 different data recovery cases of mine. He communicated many times throughout the process, he answered questions quickly, and he made the entire experience AMAZING for me. I never look forward to any of my hard drives experiencing problems with data, but I always reach out to Jake because I know he will take care of everything perfectly. Thank you, Jake!

Pat H.

Turned Panic to Relief

I was using a flash drive to store personal information on my then work computer. In the period of an hour my files became partially encrypted and I thought I lost 2 years work of documents. My local "Nerds To Go" contact gave me the Secure Data Recovery information. Elliot was my contact and his communication was incredible. He outlined the procedure and timeline for me, as well as the next s... Read More

Susan Fineman

I Had Given Up Hope a Year Ago!

Hi Eric:
Please know I had given up hope of ever retrieving my photos even though they are of a simple trip, seeing old friends, enjoying Amish country, a one-room schoolhouse conference, and Gettysburg Battlefield. The images were in my memory, but I was saddened that I couldn’t keep them close and share them as I do every year with the participants. Now I can. Thank you ever so much. I dou... Read More

James Barber

Secure Data Recovery saved my data life!

My thumb drive with my personal and work life simply stopped. No connection at all to any USB port. Elliot Fisher (my rep) worked diligently with me to not only get all my data recovered, but did it from a Tuesday afternoon to a Friday morning - incredible turn-around time. He stayed in touch me with the entire time. My data is recovered and I started breathing again. I can''t thank him - and... Read More

Evelyn Huang

Professional and reliable service

I had an incredible experience with Eric Fisher and his team at Secure Data Recovery. From the moment I dropped off my device to the delivery of my recovered data, the process was streamlined and efficient. Eric is exceptionally knowledgeable and was always responsive, patiently answering all my questions throughout the entire recovery process. While the service fee isn''t moderate, it reflects th... Read More

Mary Miles

Great Service

Secure Data Recovery Services was able to retrieve data from an important flash drive for me. The service was very efficient and I especially appreciate that I was kept apprised of the progress of my issue on a regular basis. In addition, the service specialists were professional and courteous.


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Flash Drive Not Showing Up

We can recover files even if your flash drive is not showing up. Each of our labs has forensic-grade tools that can bypass the controller or file system and directly access NAND chips. These advanced hardware and software systems enable us to retrieve data in challenging conditions. It does not matter if your USB drive has corrupted data or damaged firmware. Our specialists are ready to reunite you with your documents or media files.

Successful Stories for Thumb Drives

Our mission is to provide the best results in the shortest amount of time. We are also committed to our “No Data, No Recovery Fee” guarantee. See some of our happy customers who trusted us to restore their files.

Successful Data Recovery of Damaged Flash Drive

Successful Data Recovery of Damaged Flash Drive

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can flash drive data be recovered?

    Yes. Data loss on a flash drive does not have to be permanent. We have the experience, expertise, and equipment to restore lost files. Our proven methods have helped thousands of people since 2007.

  • How much does flash drive recovery cost?

    It varies. The eventual cost depends on unique factors, including the flash drive, memory type, failure, and time requirement. Therefore, we provide free diagnostics with our standard service so that we can give a precise, no-risk quote. After approval, we retrieve the data and charge you upon proof of recovery. You can always call us or request help for more details on the process.

  • Are your results guaranteed?

    Yes. We are committed to your case. That’s why we offer a No Data, No Recovery Fee guarantee. You pay nothing if we cannot recover your data.

  • Can corrupted files on a USB be recovered?

    Yes. Our engineers can reconstruct a corrupted file system and restore data scattered across the cells of a USB drive. When you choose us, you get the most reliable service in the industry.

  • How can I recover files from a flash drive for free?

    Sometimes. File recovery software can restore deleted data, but a trained technician is better suited for damaged and defective flash drives.