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Flash Drive Data Recovery

Flash Drive Data Recovery

Our experienced engineers have attempted and completed thousands of flash drive recoveries. With a collection of state-of-the-art tools and evolving techniques, our technicians pride themselves in making remarkable recoveries appear routine, boasting a 96% success rate across manufacturers and models. Our services start with a free diagnosis of your damaged or failed flash drive and continue with a “No Data, No Recovery Fee” Guarantee.

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Data Recovery From Flash Drive

We have reclaimed countless files from thousands of flash drives since 2007. Our commitment to research and development and remaining on the cutting edge of flash drive data recovery is unwavering. That continued investment is why we have maintained such high success rates despite the shifting landscape.

Flash drives can have logical, mechanical, and physical failures. Since most failure scenarios present similar symptoms, diagnosing the precise cause of data loss requires careful analysis and patience. We have the expertise to repair and retrieve data in challenging situations, including:

  • Broken Connections
  • Defective or Snapped Electronics
  • Excessive Use
  • Accidental Deletion or Formatting
  • File Corruption
  • Virus Damage

Disconnect your flash drive to protect yourself from permanent data loss. Do not attempt to fix the device yourself if the data is valuable.

Flash Drive Data Recovery Reviews

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Johnny Davis

One of the best!

I have been using Secure Data Recovery since 2018, and I trust them with my data above all others. When a need for data recovery arises, I look to Secure Data Recovery, and with professionals like Scott M. at the helm, I will certainly be back time and time again. Thank you, Scott, for your professionalism and for your awesome data recovery skills, and thank you, Secure Data Recovery, for picking ... Read More

Kimberly Soria-Cardona-Ruiz

Miracle Data Dude!!!!

I had an external hard drive that had failed on me. I was super bummed as it had videos and pictures of my loved ones (a few special people that have passed away) since 2002. I took it to 3 local places near me and NO-ONE could figure it out. I found this company on Google and read the reviews and took the risk of sending it out of state with one last hope that the data could be saved. To my surpr... Read More

Francesco Roberto Simonetti

Outstanding customer care!

Secure Data Recovery retrieved years of work in no time. I was advised to reach out to them by the IT department of my institution, and I am so happy I followed their suggestion. They received my broken USB drive the day after I requested the initial evaluation. Got all my data back in one week. The best part is the customer care; Jake guided me through the whole process seamlessly, making a very... Read More

Sue Hicks

Fantastic experience!

I am so grateful to Secure Data Recovery Services for retrieving computer files I thought were lost forever. The files were stored on a thumb drive that got damaged in my purse--so much so that no device would even recognize the thumb drive. I was upset to think I''d have to recreate so many work files, and distraught to think I''d lost years and years of personal photos that are irreplaceable. Bu... Read More

Kathleen Mcauliffe

Very satisfied

Scott was very professional and was able to help recover our lost family videos off an old camera. Very grateful. Thank you Scott.

Rachel Bates

Timely help and recovery!

I was in sheer panic mode when a flash drive with my research was corrupted at an international conference. No computer could even read the drive, but the data recovery team was able to recover almost every file (literally years of research and writing). They were also much more affordable than other companies and offered a better time turn around!


USB Flash Drive Data Recovery Service

A USB flash drive data recovery service should prioritize customer convenience and a professional, streamlined process. Our award-winning representatives and specialists will assist you throughout your case. To outline our process:

  • We offer a free, 24/7 consultation over the phone.
  • We perform a no-risk diagnostic to determine the failure scenario.
  • Once we establish the problem and solution, we provide a no-obligation quote.
  • Upon approval, we recover the available data with custom adapters and utilities.
  • When finished, the data is transferred to a new device and returned.

Flash Drive Data Recovery Services

Flash drive data recovery services are necessary, given the inevitable failure of media. Do not leave the fate of your data to chance. Trust the experts. We can recover your valuable data.

Call us at 800-388-1266 to get started.

Flash Drive Data Recovery Success Stories

Our mission is to provide the highest success rate technologically possible in the shortest amount of time, and we are committed to our “No Data, No Recovery Fee” Guarantee. See some of our happy customers who trusted Secure Data Recovery to get their data back.

Successful Data Recovery of Damaged Flash Drive

Successful Data Recovery of Damaged Flash Drive

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