Our Data Recovery Services Meet the High Standards of All Major Manufacturers

Secure Data Recovery Services is approved by all major hardware manufacturers and computer vendors. Our teams can safely perform repair and recovery services on any type of digital device, and through regular investments in our technology, we have established a strong reputation among manufacturers for our high quality of service.

Approved by Manufacturers Approved by Manufacturers
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We operate one of the industry's most advanced laboratories. Secure Data Recovery Services' engineers work in a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom environment, a controlled environment designed to protect media from accidental damage. We also use an intelligent case-specific approach that ensures the best possible chances of success for every device, and as a leading data recovery provider, we will never damage your media or void your active product warranties.

Browse through the manufacturers below to see our capabilities.


As one of the only providers with Apple Mac Certified Technicians, we are qualified to treat all Apple devices including consumer storage media and commercial RAID servers.

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Secure Data Recovery Services is a Microsoft partner, and our engineers have years of experience with all Microsoft software and hardware products.


One of the most significant cloud computing companies, VMware provides an extensive set of scalable products. We offer comprehensive cloud data recovery resources with excellent security.

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Secure Data Recovery Services' server repair and RAID data recovery options feature best-in-class security and provide an exceptional resource for Oracle users.


Dell is one of the world's largest personal computing companies. Our engineers can safely treat any Dell device, repairing damaged components and restoring lost data.

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We offer data loss solutions for all Hewlett-Packard computer systems, including large RAID arrays and servers, and our flexible service options help to control costs and downtime.

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As a leader in digital storage technology, Seagate has shipped more than two billion hard drives. We provide data loss solutions for all types of Seagate media.

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Samsung offers an incredibly versatile selection of digital storage media, and we can safely treat any Samsung device while maintaining exceptional security controls.

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Western Digital

Western Digital customers now have a trusted partner in Secure Data Recovery. Our data recovery engineers have the experience and custom utilities to restore data from any WD device, from portable and flash drives to RAID arrays and NAS systems.

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Hitachi was one of the leading manufacturers of internal data storage devices, and it set a new standard for hard drive and solid-state drive technology. Our certified data recovery engineers specialize in successful data recovery services for all Hitachi storage drives.

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G-Technology creates ultra-fast high-capacity HDD, SSD and RAID storage devices optimized for creative professionals using Mac computer systems. Our Apple Mac Certified data recovery engineers specialize in data recovery on all G-Technology storage devices.

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SanDisk is an innovator in SSD and flash memory storage systems. Our certified data recovery experts specialize in all SanDisk storage drives and memory cards, and our services come with a 15% discount.

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Toshiba is a major electronics company with a large product line that includes desktops, laptops, mobile devices and more. We can repair any Toshiba device while maintaining excellent security controls.

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When your Asus computer loses data, you need help from a qualified data recovery provider. We provide a full range of services for all Asus computers and devices.


ASUSTOR is a leader in cloud storage and video surveillance solutions. Our certified data recovery experts specialize in recovery and repair of all ASUSTOR NAS and video storage systems.

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Secure Data Recovery Services actively maintains a large hardware library, and our data recovery experts can perform efficient repairs on any IBM system regardless of size or complexity.

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Secure Data Recovery Services can safely treat Acer laptop and desktop computers, restoring file access without invalidating your warranty.


Kingston is a leading manufacturer of solid-state drives and flash media, and our specialists can work with advanced tools to treat the brand's devices effectively.

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We offer services for all of Lenovo's products including smartphones, tablets, laptops and more. Our Lenovo data recovery services feature high success rates and best-in-class security.

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Intel is the world's largest microprocessor manufacturer, and as an official partner, Secure Data Recovery Services can safely treat any Intel-based device.

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We offer a secure set of data loss solutions for every type of large-scale storage device, including RAID arrays that use LSI controller card technology.


Our RAID data recovery engineers have experience with all Adaptec controllers and can safely treat any system while using certified security protocols.

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We offer comprehensive solutions for Symantec and Veritas systems. Secure Data Recovery Services provides cloud data recovery services with certified security.


Secure Data Recovery Services maintains a large inventory of RAID hardware in order to repair Cisco servers and storage devices as efficiently as possible.


Secure Data Recovery Services provides data recovery services for the complete Glyph product line.

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Oyen Digital

Oyen Digital specializes in data storage for creative professionals and digital content creators. Our certified experts can successfully recover data from any Oyen HDD, SSD, NAS or RAID array, all at a 20% discount.

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LaCie is a premium Seagate Technology digital storage brand that emphasizes innovative design, high performance, and durability. Our engineers specialize in successful data recovery from any LaCie HDD, SSD, RAID & NAS.

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If your device's brand is not listed or if you would like to set up a case, contact us at 1-800-388-1266.