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NAS Data Recovery

NAS Data Recovery

Network Attached Storage (NAS) has become popular for individuals and small businesses that need an inexpensive and efficient storage system. NAS devices are easy to maintain and continually accessible but when the disks inside of the enclosure fail, it can ruin a business’ workflow. Secure Data Recovery is a leading expert in retrieving files from all RAID configurations that are used for NAS volumes and have an overall 96% success rate.

As NAS specialists, we offer high recovery rates for all NAS RAID failure scenarios.

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NAS devices add capacity to a PC or network so data is in a centralized location for authorized network users to easily access. Multiple disks are combined into a single point of storage and RAID configurations commonly used in this type of storage are RAID 0, 1, and 5.

Users can add to their storage at any time, but the more storage you add, the more complex the recovery when the NAS fails. We have the most technologically advanced proprietary tools to work on all media and storage systems no matter the size or failure scenario.

Common Types of NAS Failures

NAS servers can experience data loss due to a number of reasons either because of physical or logical damage. These failures affect how users or small businesses can access their data. Therefore it is crucial to find a reliable data recovery provider if your system experiences any of the following failures:

  • Hardware controller failure
  • User error (accidental deletion, overwriting, reformatting)
  • Fire or water damage
  • Power surge or voltage fluctuation
  • Firmware issues
  • Virus or Malware Attack
  • Multiple disk failure

Supported NAS Manufacturers

We are a manufacturer-approved company that works with all makes and models of drives and RAIDs that are used in NAS systems. These include:

How Does NAS Data Recovery Process Work?

We begin our secure data recovery process by completing free diagnostics on your media to find the cause of failure and determine the best course of action for recovery. We then provide a no-obligation price quote and estimated turnaround time for your case. After we receive client approval, we work on media in our Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom to give you the best chance at a full recovery.

We offer a variety of service levels to choose from including an emergency service with an average turnaround time of 48 hours. We have a team of engineers who specialize in NAS data recovery and our R&D department is constantly discovering new recovery methods for existing and emerging media. We are also the only data recovery company to return your recovered files on a hardware encrypted storage device for total security.

What to Do When Your NAS System Fails

When your NAS drives fail, turn off the system and disconnect power immediately. This will prevent it from experiencing further damage and will limit the chances of total data loss. Do not attempt to run recovery software as this will not help if your system experienced a physical failure. In some cases, recovery software will overwrite your files if installed on a storage system after a logical failure.

The best course of action is to call a professional to complete your NAS data recovery. Secure Data Recovery has a 96% success rate in recovering data from all media and operating systems, and if for some reason your files are unrecoverable, we stand by our “no data, no recovery fee” guarantee. Call our 24/7 customer service representatives to start your case at 1-800-388-1266.

NAS Data Recovery Success Stories

Our mission is to provide the highest success rate technologically possible in the shortest amount of time, and we are committed to our “No Data, No Recovery Fee” Guarantee. See some of our happy customers who trusted Secure Data Recovery to get their data back.

Secure Data Recovery Restores softRAID Files from Fire-Damaged NAS

Secure Data Recovery Restores softRAID Files from Fire-Damaged NAS

Severe Mechanical and Logical Errors Take Down Pediatrics Center`s Dell Equallogic NAS - Successfully Recovered

Severe Mechanical and Logical Errors Take Down Pediatrics Center`s Dell Equallogic NAS - Successfully Recovered

Boot Sector Corruption Takes LG NAS Offline - Successfully Recovered

Boot Sector Corruption Takes LG NAS Offline - Successfully Recovered

Lifetime of Wildlife Images Rescued from a Fried NAS Server

Lifetime of Wildlife Images Rescued from a Fried NAS Server

Successful Data Recovery for SQL Database Backup Files

Successful Data Recovery for SQL Database Backup Files

NAS Data Recovery Reviews

Average rating 4.9
This service was rated 4.9 out of 5.0 based on 53 review(s)
Taylor Stoma

Scott Kicks A**!

We were in a real bind and Scott worked with us to get our NAS back up and operating. We had over 64 TB of data that we were trying to accept possibly being lost, but they fully recovered EVERYTHING. Can''t recommend them enough.

Dave H.

Business Owner

I lost my NAS drive raid during a power outage. So about 3 TB of files was lost. Jake and his team came to the rescue and were able to retrieve all of my files. I would highly recommend them for your data recovery.

Steven Bulifant

Saved me!

I had a 4 bay raid setup and one of the drives failed. I tried all my local options. Geek squad couldn’t help me. So after a google search I found secured data and quickly realized they were the right people for the job. They quickly and efficiently gave me instructions to ship my drives and what would happen after that. Scott was my account rep and did a great job making sure I was updated throug... Read More

Stefan Papp

Great Service and a Smooth Process!

My Raid-5 NAS became unresponsive and I connected with Secure after trying everything I could think of to revive it. Scott walked me through some diagnostics I hadn’t considered, and when it became evident that the array would require a recovery he helped make that a smooth process. Throughout our interaction Scott was pro-active, kept the process moving, and presented all my options clearly. The ... Read More

Kazuki Maeda

Professional data recovery service

My NAS stopped booting up all of sudden. Multiple HDDs were configured in RAID0 and data extraction was challenging. I reached SDRS and Scott promptly processed the case with clarity and transparency. The data was successfully recovered. I highly recommend SDRS.

Darryl Tom

Recovered 98.4% of data from a failed hard drive

Due to an improperly configured NAS (only 1 drive), the drive eventually failed. An inspection revealed that the read/write heads failed, and as a result, 10GB out of 623GB of data were unrecoverable.

The recovered data was transferred and sent back in a timely fashion. Very satisfied with the service.