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Server Data Recovery

Servers play an important role in most businesses day-to-day activities. Whether you depend on a web server, accounting server, email server, database server, virtual server or a combination of these devices, your company needs regular access to digital storage media to stay productive.

Server Data Recovery

Most servers use a redundant hard drive configuration, and engineers need a thorough understanding of RAID architecture to provide results.

If your server fails without a functional backup, you face unscheduled downtime and heavy reconstruction costs. Unfortunately, servers are as susceptible to failure as any data storage system, and the large scale of many servers means a high potential for serious hardware and software issues.

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Secure Data Recovery Services offers dedicated server repair and recovery through a large network of facilities. We invest heavily in state-of-the-art technology that allows for high recovery rates in a variety of data loss scenarios.

Our teams specialize in server recovery. We offer professional services for both physical and virtual servers, and our engineering teams have worked extensively with every major operating system and file type. With our expansive knowledge base of past cases and state-of-the-art technology, we can effectively treat any failure scenario in a matter of days.

Call our customer service team today to schedule a free server evaluation. Secure Data Recovery Services operates dozens of offices, and we can provide fast, safe services for your business regardless of your physical location.

Server Data Recovery Technology

Servers are highly specialized storage devices, and data recovery engineers need specialized equipment in order to provide safe services.

Server Recovery

Secure Data Recovery Services' expert teams can recover data from virtually any server regardless of size, operating system or failure scenario.

Our laboratory features a Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom. This dedicated, controlled environment filters all potentially harmful contaminants from the air to allow our engineers to safely repair hard drives and other damaged server media. Class 10 ISO 4 specifications allow for fewer than 10 contaminants per cubic foot, and we regularly test our Cleanroom to comply with these strict standards.

We also feature data recovery services for virtual machines including VMWare, Virtual Server, Hyper-V, XenServer, and many others. Secure Data Recovery Services was one of the first providers to offer a dedicated data recovery option for cloud servers. We use a number of proprietary technologies to offer consistent recovery rates for deleted, formatted, corrupt and otherwise logically damaged virtual media.

Complex NAS SNAP Server Failures require professional grade data recovery engineers and resources. High availability cluster server systems running critical databases or file sharing are not prone to failures due to the architecture so in an event when there is data loss there are no premade tools to bring the data back, in an event that a Linux or Windows Veritas server fails majority of the tools and utilities must be created for each individual case. Majority of local or non specialized data recovery companies will simply not have the capabilities to address such a complex issue, in these cases Secure Data Recovery steps in the rescue your data.

Advantages of Secure Data Recovery Services include:

  • Fast Turnaround Times - Server data loss can seriously endanger your business, and Secure Data Recovery Services works to limit your downtime. Our specialists complete most cases within two to five days, and our 24/7/365 emergency services have an even faster average turnaround of less than 48 hours.

  • Experienced Server Recovery Teams - We offer services for both virtual and physical servers, and our engineering teams have decades of combined experience with all types of high-capacity storage devices. Whether you have a large, proprietary web server or a basic email server, our specialists always provide the best chances of a successful data recovery.

  • Advanced Security - As the industry's most secure data recovery provider, we hold a number of credentials that show our commitment to protecting your privacy. Secure Data Recovery Services is PCI compliance certified. We also hold SAS 70 and SSAE 18 Type II certifications, and as a member of the Information Systems Security Association, we post all of our credentials online.

  • Free Diagnostics and Multiple Turnaround Options - You need reliable information in order to make key disaster recovery decisions. Our free diagnostics provide you with a fast, accurate turnaround estimate, and we offer several service levels to help you control downtime while keeping data recovery within your budget.

Most importantly, we understand how server loss affects your business. We treat every server case as a high priority and take every available step to manage recovery costs and turnaround time. We have a reputation for our attention to detail and professionalism, and over many years, we have built a large list of notable server recovery clients.

Our Server Data Recovery Process

Secure Data Recovery Services is one of the only server recovery companies in the world with truly risk-free diagnostics. Within a day of receiving your server, we will give you a price quote and turnaround estimate. Our services vary depending on your server's failure scenario.

Common causes of server data loss include:

  • Configuration Errors
  • Failed Migration of Data
  • Software Installations or Updates
  • Operating System Errors
  • Physical Media Damage
  • Failed RAID Rebuild
  • Virus Damage
  • User Error

After receiving your approval, we perform any necessary physical repairs in our Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom. Secure Data Recovery Services' server engineers have years of experience with hard drives, solid-state drives and hybrid drives, and we can successfully treat read/write head failures and other common mechanical malfunctions within a few hours under our 24/7/365 emergency service option.

We then make an image of your server to maintain the integrity of your original media. Once we can create a perfect copy of your server data, we perform recovery from the image rather than the original hardware in order to prevent any chance of in-lab media damage. Secure Data Recovery Services maintains a large inventory of RAID hardware and simulation equipment that often allows our engineers to rebuild damaged servers without access to the original hardware.

After repairing damaged logical damage, we check recovered data and return a copy of your files on external media or via secure FTP. Return media options vary depending on the size of your server and your requested files. We always protect your privacy by using SSAE 18 Type II Certified protocols and advanced network technologies.

If you cannot access data on a server, you should immediately disconnect power to the device or unmount the affected volume. Never attempt to recover your own data, and never rebuild a failed RAID array. This is particularly important if a previous rebuild attempt has already failed. Rebuilding your server may overwrite data, greatly reducing your chances of a full recovery.

Keep your server turned off and contact Secure Data Recovery Services to discuss your options. We can help you choose an appropriate option for your business, and because our engineers have experience with all common server operating systems and file types, we always provide the best possible option for data recovery.

Our Server Data Recovery Success Stories

We offer the most trusted server data recovery services in the industry. The customer stories below show how committed we are to delivering the best server data loss solutions.

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Customer Reviews (10)

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  • Reviewed on Sep 17 2022  |  , NY


    After a fall my 1TB drive could not be read. Thanks to Secure Data Recovery, More than 90% of the files were retrieved within 2 weeks after the recovery process started. Timothy Rutan was very approachable, being it by email or by phone and constantly sent updates regarding the progress on the data recovery. He was also reachable for guidance of how to use the drive with the recovered files. I am very satisfied with the service provided. I would recommend this to anyone that goes through the same problem of having lost important files that need to be recovered.

  • Reviewed on Sep 12 2021  |  Albion, MI

    Outstanding Customer Service

    Several months ago my hard drive crashed, and after several attempts I could not personally recovery the info on the drive. Unfortunately, I had not backed up the drive in a few years and there was some critical data that I really needed and had spent hundreds of hours working on. Secure Data Recovery came to the rescue with a simple and easy to use process. I dropped my drive off at a local computer store and they took care of the shipping and handling. Shortly after Timothy Rutan from Secure data reached out to me, and provided some of the best customer service I have ever received. He clearly explained each step of the process, and was very responsive to every question that came up along the way. The technicians were outstanding in the work they performed, and after a few weeks I got a note from Timothy saying the recovery was a success. I highly recommend working with Secure Data Recovery, and if you have the option, choose Timothy Rutan as your representative!

  • Reviewed on Oct 13 2020  |  Fullerton, CA

    Server Crashed... Help!

    What a pleasure it has been working with Secure Data Recovery, specifically Chris McMackin My point of contact. I am the Broker and President of The Shire Real Estate Group. When Our server crashed we thought it was the end of our accounting world. We had over 21 years of data stored on it with our property management records and well as the company''s Quickbooks data. Chris helped me understand and explained the recovery process. Direct and to the point was what I asked for and that was what I received. Chris under promised and over delivered. I highly recommend this company for great customer service and a quality return of our data.

  • Reviewed on Jan 18 2018  |  Foley, AL

    Great customer service and very professional

    After my wives phone crash and we lost everything we turned to Secure Data Recovery for help. Chris McMacken was my point of contact and he did everything I expected and more. He talked me though everything they were going to do before they did it. He had our best interest in mind the entire time.
    I would recommend Chris to anybody and I would ESPECIALLY recommend Secure Data Recovery. Thank you again.

  • Reviewed on May 19 2017  |  Kingston 10,


    Alec Sakenes you practically saved my life lol... we are Digital Systems and Supplies Ltd based in Jamaica CDS-114832 we had a failure in one of our hard drives resulting in the lost of 16 years of data Secure Data Recovery with the help of Alec made this look so easy 100% data recovery, turn around time is amazing my company is so please with the result and we would like to say a very special thank you for all the help. Xavier Davis

  • Reviewed on Feb 16 2016  |  Knoxville, TN

    Life Saver

    Our server...our ONLY video server crashed after the holidays...over 24TB worth. When I started doing my research for Data Recovery, most of the companies out there promoted a 85% - 99.9% data recovery rate. This, when you work in the industry I work in, is not something you want to hear. Especially when there is well over 5 years worth of data alone that in some way or another is tied together. I stumbled across Secure Data Recovery and read reviews, watched videos, but nothing silenced my skepticism until I talked to my account rep Mitchell. I explained to him the details of my situation, and he really made me feel good about my decision to trust his company with such valuable data. Long story short, they were able to retrieve and restore 100% of the data that had they not, would've set us back quite a bit. The care and professionalism and constant communication, made it all worth while. I would highly recommend Secure Data Recovery. Ask for Mitchell.

    -AB, Knoxville, TN

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