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Secure Data Recovery Services for Oyen Digital Devices
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Secure Data Recovery Services for Oyen Digital Devices

Expert Solutions for All Oyen Digital Devices Oyen Digital device users have a trusted partner for professional data recovery services on portable, desktop and RAID storage systems, all at a 20% discount.

Oyen Digital specializes in innovative storage solutions for videographers, filmmakers, photographers, and professionals across many other industries. Oyen’s portable HDD and SSD devices, desktop storage drives, network-attached storage (NAS) and RAID arrays are engineered for demanding workflows common among creative professionals and digital content creators. From its Dura series portable drives that are reinforced for added protection on the go, to multi-bay NAS and RAID systems with flexible connectivity and hot swap support, Oyen has advanced storage solutions for every kind of user. Now Secure Data Recovery Services offers exclusive and comprehensive professional support for data recovery on any Oyen Digital device.

Advantages of Secure Data Recovery Services:

  • All Oyen Warranties on Your Device Remain Valid
  • 20% Discount on All Data Recovery Services
  • Free Professional Evaluation
  • Our No Data, No Recovery Fee Guarantee and Documented 96% Success Rate
  • More than 250 Partner Locations in North America for Media Drop-Off or Free Inbound Shipping
  • Class 10 ISO 4 Certified Cleanrooms and SSAE 18 SOC 1, 2 & 3 Auditing

Hard Drives

Oyen Digital HDD devices are designed for easy connectivity and fast read/write speeds demanded by photographers, videographers, and other creative professionals. The Dura series provides added drive protection for working professionals with an aluminum body encased in a silicone sleeve that provides added shock, drop, anti-slip, and water resistance.

New technology continues to improve drive reliability and durability, but even the most rugged hard drive still relies on internal parts that are extremely sensitive and fragile. Accidental drops, spills, extremes of cold or heat, substantial physical damage from head crashes, or logical errors can affect data integrity and potentially lead to permanent data loss.

Oyen Digital customers can rely on Secure Data Recovery Services for any professional data recovery needs. We conduct all recovery operations in a certified Class 10 ISO 4 cleanroom to prevent incidental damage to fragile HDD components from dust particles in the air. All Secure Data Recovery facilities also undergo rigorous and regular SSAE 18 SOC 1, 2 & 3 auditing to guarantee the confidentiality and security of all data handling. Our expert technicians can recover data from failed hard drives and provide full support for all interfaces, capacities and Oyen Digital HDD models including:

  • U32 Shadow
  • U32 Shadow Dura
  • Minipro Dura USB-C
  • Minipro USB-C for Nintendo Wii U
  • Minipro eSATA USB-C
  • Novus

Solid State Drives

SSD devices deliver faster read/write speeds than HDD devices, and the lack of moving internal components make them less prone to damage from physical shocks. But the semiconductor cells that store data on SSD drives can be damaged by rapid fluctuations in voltage. Data can also be lost as a result of bit error rates, data block corruption, and logical errors, among other issues.

The expert developers at Secure Data Recovery Services have decades of combined experience in creating the tools and utilities required to meet any data recovery challenge from SSD devices, from issues related to TRIM control and “garbage collection,” to wear leveling, to chip soldering and the repair or replacement of failed drive controllers. Our data recovery engineers specialize in professional data recovery services on all Oyen Digital SSD devices including:

  • Helix
  • Helix Dura
  • U32 Shadow
  • Minipro USB-C

NAS and RAID Systems

Oyen Digital offers users a variety of advanced non-RAID and RAID array solutions. The portable MiniPro Dura offers flexible storage management that includes RAID 0, RAID 1, JBOD, or BIG non-RAID configurations. Oyen’s multi-bay solutions, including the Mobius Pro 2C and Mobius Pro 5C, feature a tray-less design, hot swap support, and an HDD spin-down feature that reduces power consumption. But Oyen Digital’s innovative RAID systems still rely on individual drives, which can suffer from any number of logical or physical failures that require professional data recovery services. Secure Data Recovery RAID specialists have custom solutions for any failure on:

  • MiniPro Dura RAID
  • MiniPro RAID V3
  • Mobius Pro 2C
  • Mobius Pro 5C
  • Mobius 5-Bay RAID

Our Data Recovery Process

Drive failures and data loss can strike even the most advanced storage systems. If your Oyen Digital HDD, SSD, or RAID array experiences problems, you will mitigate the chances of additional damage or permanent data loss by powering down the device immediately. Contact us at 1-800-388-1266 for free consultation.

Once your device arrives at one of our certified data recovery centers, we will conduct a thorough diagnostic to determine the cause of the failure and issue a complete report and no-obligation estimate of what it will cost to successfully recover your data.

No work will begin until we receive your authorization. When we do, your data will be successfully recovered and returned to you on a new device that you select. Our “no data, no recovery fee” guarantee means you never pay anything until your data is successfully restored.

Secure Data Recovery Services gives Oyen customers the best chance of recovering lost data. Our expert data recovery engineers maintain an industry-leading 96% successful recovery rate.