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Best Mac Hard Drive Recovery Best Mac Hard Drive Recovery

Mac Hard Drive Recovery

At Secure Data Recovery Services, we routinely assist with Mac Hard Drive recovery for beeping and clicking drives, deleted files, formatted partitions or any other data loss scenario.

We are uniquely positioned to offer you the best Mac Hard Drive recovery. Our services are approved by all drive manufacturers found inside of Mac systems.

Our specialists work inside of certified Class 10 ISO 4 cleanroom labs and utilize custom Mac data recovery software to achieve a Documented 96% recovery rate.

Secure Mac Hard Drive Recovery Services can help with any of the following Mac failures:

  • Fire or water damaged Mac data recovery
  • Dropped MacBook on carpet floor
  • Restoring files from deleted or formatted MacOS X Extended Journaled partitions
  • Failed Mac Mini & Mac Pro data recovery
  • Clicking Mac hard drive recovery
  • m.2 Mac SSD data recovery
  • Restoring lost files from Mac Fusion systems
  • Drive stuck in MacBook recovery mode

Mac Data Recovery Reviews

Average rating 5.0
This service was rated 5.0 out of 5.0 based on 7 review(s)
Elizabeth Pham

Let the Professionals Handle It!

I''m glad I gave my mini desktop to the professionals at secure data recovery! The best service was given by Anna K who was not only concerned about retrieving the data as much I was, she listened into what the real issue was with retrieving data from a nonconventional memory type that the mini computer used. The care placed into researching more into the design of mini computer that Anna K placed... Read More

Gordon Gannon

The best outcome possible!

I was recently advised by Apple to replace my iMac hard drive and backed up the system on an Apple Time Capsule. After installation of the hard drive , the original folders were visible, but there were no data, including 13 years of legal files for ongoing litigation. Despite Apple senior tech expert analysis, the data was unrecoverable. I was absolutely lost and Apple was no help.

... Read More

Tom Gregorio

Life Saver? Drive Saver!

Worked with SDRS to recover data from my 2007 iMac which stopped booting up a few years ago. Hardest part was extracting the drive but then SDRS took over and pulled the data (mostly priceless photos). There turned out to be minimal corruption on the drive and SDRS turned it around in less than a week. The costs were competitive, the lead I worked with, Mitchell, was very informative, professio... Read More

Courtney Stephens


I am a documentary filmmaker who stores old projects and footage in boxes of hard drives. I know that drives have a shelf life, but -- click -- when I heard a three year-old drive click off for the last time, taking a couple years of material with it, I panicked. What did I do you ask? Managed to use disk utility to partition the drive into "thousands of parts" according to the shop I took the d... Read More

Lynette Horn


I purchased a brand new Macbook pro. After 5 weeks it completely failed and I had not set up ANY back-ups.I contacted Secure Data and they were great from the very first conversation through bunches of emails through the delivery of my recovered data. They recovered everything of value to me and I am happily working again (and on another brand new MacBook Pro, although diff make/model). A huge Th... Read More


Thanks Jeremy!

My old drive didn't show up on my Mac and all the pictures, personal documents were gone last month. I found secure data recovery online and finally decided to give it a try. Jeremy was my account rep and he was very very thoughtful when dealing with my case. My drive kept having issues after the first time I got it back but the Jeremy took care of it. I would rate 5 stars for the service.

MacBook Data Recovery MacBook Data Recovery

MacBook Data Recovery

Need MacBook Data Recovery? Submit your broken MacBook to the industry leader for a free inspection and a no-obligation quote. Our engineers specialize in restoring data from MacBooks of all models.

Modern MacBooks store data on SSDs for faster transfer speeds and efficiency. They also protect user data by utilizing hardware encryption through Apple T2 security chip technology. These features make for one of the best laptops on the market, but may complicate recovery efforts for any data recovery vendor willing to tackle the project.

At Secure Data Recovery Services, we invest heavily into research and development to stay ahead of the curve and offer you the best MacBook and MacBook Pro data recovery services in the industry.



Secure Data Recovery Services specializes in iMac data recovery. If you find yourself in need of data recovery services because of a “No Bootable Device” error, failed SSD or hard drive, pick the data recovery experts with years of hands-on experience. We have successfully performed data recovery on MacOS devices of all types for over a decade.

Trust the certified iMac data recovery pros to get your data back safely and efficiently.

MacBook Air Data Recovery MacBook Air Data Recovery

MacBook Air Data Recovery

Looking for MacBook Air Data Recovery? Look no further! We have the tools and equipment to restore lost files from all APFS and HFS+ formatted devices.

At Secure Data Recovery Services, we offer emergency data recovery with the fastest turnarounds in the industry. Secure Data Recovery Services will work in three shifts, around the clock to offer you the fastest Mac SSD data recovery possible.

Professional Mac Data Recovery Service

Our Mac Data Recovery Services cover the entire breath of Mac products. From severely damaged Mac drives to deleted files, our engineers have the in-depth knowledge of all Mac storage technology to offer the best recovery rates and quickest turnarounds available.

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