Professional Data Recovery Services for LaCie Devices

Have you lost data from a LaCie hard drive, SSD, RAID, or NAS? The engineers at Secure Data Recovery Services specialize in custom data loss solutions for the full range of LaCie storage devices no matter the cause. We’re certified LaCie data recovery partners with the experience and proprietary tools to recover your lost data effectively and efficiently, with no risk to any existing manufacturer warranties.

LaCie Data Recovery LaCie Data Recovery
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LaCie is a premium brand under its parent company Seagate Technology. It manufactures cutting-edge storage solutions for creative professionals from a variety of industries as well as users who require enhanced performance, quality and reliability.

LaCie prides itself on technical innovation that does not neglect either the durability of its products or the sophistication of their design. In the last decade, the company has responded rapidly to advances in Firewire and Thunderbolt technology. LaCie has also teamed up with world-class designers, including Ziba Design and Philippe Starck, who have left enduring marks on the company’s products.

Even the most advanced storage drive technology can be affected by accidental drops, spills, or mechanical failures. When mishaps occur, it pays to have a professional data recovery partner ready to assist you. Secure Data Recovery’s expert engineers have the skills and proprietary tools to resolve data loss on any device in LaCie’s inventory.

Advantages of Secure Data Recovery Services

  • 96% Documented Success Rate
  • No Risk to Any LaCie Product Warranty
  • Comprehensive diagnostic report free of charge
  • 250+ Convenient Partner Locations
  • No Data, No Recovery Fee Guarantee

Hard Drives

From its inception in the late 1980s as independent French and American computer hardware manufacturers, LaCie has pushed the boundaries of hard drive design and functionality. Recent developments have focused on fast transfer speeds via USB 3.1 gen 2, Firewire, and Thunderbolt 3 as well as flexible personal, desktop, and RAID systems for creative professionals on set or on the move.

LaCie’s new generation of Mobile Drive HDD devices continues the company’s emphasis on design as well as performance. It’s bus-powered Rugged HDD devices are drop-resistant up to four feet and crush-resistant up to a ton. The rubber outer casing also protects against rain and dust. But even the most sophisticated storage devices can experience data loss that requires a professional data recovery service.

The most common cause of hard drive failure is from head crashes as a result of physical damage. If a drive suffers an accidental drop, the trauma can damage the actuator arm or force read/write heads to make contact with the drive platter. This can cause a drive to make telltale grinding or clicking sounds that indicate serious mechanical problems.

Secure Data Recovery Services conducts all data recovery operations in Class 10 ISO 4 cleanrooms to protect sensitive internal drive components from additional damage as a result of dust particles or other contaminants. Our data recovery engineers can successfully recover data from failed HDD devices with support for all interfaces, storage sizes and LaCie models including:

  • Mobile Drive
  • 1big Dock
  • Starck Mobile
  • SAFE Mobile
  • Petit Hard Disk
  • LIttle Disk Pocket Hard Drive
  • Big Disk Extreme+
  • Rugged
  • Rugged Secure
  • Rugged Mini
  • Rugged Triple
  • Rugged Safe
  • Rugged eSATA
  • d2 Professional
  • d2 Quadra
  • d2 SAFE
  • d2 Hard Drive Extreme
  • DJI Copilot BOSS
  • Porsche Design Mobile Drive
  • Porsche Design Slim Drive
  • Porsche Design P’9220
  • Porsche Design P’9221
  • Porsche Design P’9231
  • Little Disk
  • Rikiki USB 3
  • Rikiki USB 2
  • Rikiki Go
  • LaCie Fuel
  • LaCie Bolt 3
  • LaCie Minimus
  • LaCie Blade Runner
  • LaCie Grand
  • LaCie Brick Desktop
  • LaCie Hard Disk Quadra
  • LaCie Christofle Sphère
  • LaCie Chromé
  • Starck Desktop
  • Brick Mobile Hard Drive

Solid-State Drives

LaCie continues to find new ways to improve drive technology, particularly with its line of Mobile and Rugged SSD storage devices. The Rugged BOSS SSD, a battery-powered device with integrated SD card reader that requires no laptop or computer to operate, specifically targets professional videographers and filmmakers who require speed, durability and flexible file transfer and storage options.

Newer generations of SSD storage devices have increasingly rich feature sets. With no internal moving parts, they run faster and quieter than their HDD counterparts, and they are more resistant to physical shocks. However, internal circuitry can be affected by sudden fluctuations in power levels, excessive heat, and normal wear and tear.

These and other issues, such as bad drive sectors, wear leveling, problems with TRIM control and “garbage collection,” fried microchips and damaged drive controllers can lead to data loss that requires professional data recovery services. The expert technicians at Secure Data Recovery have custom tools to restore data successfully from an LaCie SSD storage device including:

  • Mobile SSD
  • Portable SSD
  • 1big Dock SSD
  • Professional SSD
  • Rugged SSD
  • Rugged SSD Pro
  • Rugged BOSS SSD

RAID & NAS Systems

La Cie’s line of RAID and network-attached storage devices have been designed specifically for flexibility within dynamic and demanding workflows. They have compact footprints, simplified and software-aided drive monitoring and management, and Thunderbolt connectivity that enables easy daisy-chaining of up to six separate devices. Despite the sophistication of LaCie’s RAID and NAS systems, the underlying technology is still prone to the same challenges that individual HDD and SSD devices face.

Logical and mechanical errors can prevent drive access. Other more complex data loss issues include the corruption or loss of original volume architecture, file system data and RAID configurations. The RAID department at Secure Data Recovery Services specializes in custom RAID and NAS data recovery cases. Our data recovery engineers and developers have created proprietary tools to recover data successfully from any LaCie RAID and NAS system including:

  • 2big RAID
  • 2big Thunderbolt
  • 2big Thunderbolt 2
  • 2big Dock Thunderbolt 3
  • 2big Dual
  • 2big Triple
  • 2big Network
  • 2big Network RAID
  • 2big NAS
  • 4big Quadra
  • 5big NAS
  • 5big Network
  • 5big Thunderbolt 2
  • 6big Thunderbolt 3
  • 8big Thunderbolt 2
  • 12big Thunderbolt 3
  • 12big Rack Network
  • 12big Rack Storage Server
  • Big Disk Network
  • 2 Quadra
  • 4 Quadra
  • d2Network
  • Ethernet Big Disk
  • Ethernet Disk
  • Ethernet Disk Shared
  • Ethernet Disk mini
  • Ethernet Disk mini-Home Edition
  • Ethernet Disk 10/100
  • LaCie LaPlug
  • LaCie Wireless Space
  • LaCie Network Space MAX
  • Mini HD
  • Rikiki TV
  • CloudBox
  • LaCinema Rugged
  • LaCinema Black Play
  • LaCinema Classic Bridge
  • LaCinema Classic HD
  • LaCinema Classic
  • LaCinema Rugged HD
  • LaCinema Black Record

Our Data Recovery Process

Timing is critical to prevent temporary data loss from becoming permanent. If you have issues with any LaCie hard drive, solid-state drive, network-attached storage or RAID device, turn the power off immediately. Continued use can make any initial damage to your storage device much worse. Contact us at 800-388-1266 for a free consultation.

When we receive your LaCie at one of our certified data recovery labs, our specialists will prepare a detailed diagnostic report on the cause of your problems and give you a no-obligation price estimate for successful data recovery services.

After authorization, we will successfully recover all your data and transfer it to a new device that you select. Our customers never pay anything until their data is successfully restored. This is our “no data, no data recovery fee” guarantee.

Secure Data Recovery Services gives you the best chance to recover your data from a LaCie device. Our expert technicians maintain a documented 96% successful data recovery rate.