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On-site Data Recovery Services

On-site Data Recovery Services

In addition to providing expert in-lab cleanroom data recovery with the highest success rate in the industry - Secure Data Recovery also provides professional on-site data recovery under special circumstances. This option is reserved for the most difficult and delicate data loss situations.

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Our data recovery engineers can be made available to you at your location worldwide within a days’ notice in Emergency data loss situations.

Data recovery will be performed at your location typically within 24 hours upon arrival of SecureData engineer team. Same Day Service is also available. Alternatively, we do offer a Remote Data Recovery services, where the recovery is done remotely and can be started immediately.

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Most Common Requirements for Onsite Data Recovery:

  • Large Complex Enterprise Systems (EMC, NetApp, Dell, HP, IBM, Fujitsu and similar)
  • Internet access to Data Storage prohibited
  • Military/Navy/Government Top Secret or Classified Data
  • Financial/Gaming Institutions Highly Sensitive Data
  • Data Storage device too large/complex to ship
  • IT requirements do not permit removing data from the site
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Secure Data Recovery On-site Recovery Advantages:

  • Fastest turnaround time for on-site data recovery in the industry (most cases are completed within 24 hours of arrival)
  • Experienced Senior level Certified Data Recovery Engineers
  • Access to Data Recovery Software Developers for custom projects
  • Proven verifiable past success on large enterprise level Storage Systems
  • No Data, No Recovery Fee (On-site Fees Apply)
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Supported Storage Media Devices:

  • All brands of HDD/SSD/Flash media, all RAID levels, NAS, SAN, Tape storage Systems and Servers
  • All existing File Systems and Operating Systems
  • Full Virtualization support (Hyper-V, VMware, Citrix XenServer and similar), including Corrupted/Deleted Virtual Machine
  • Databases such as SQL, MySQL, Oracle, DB2, Exchange and custom applications
  • Custom Projects - our engineers and R&D developers can work side by side with your support staff to create custom tailored utilities to solve your data loss situation
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Increase chances of success by following these basic rules:

  • DO NOT attempt to repair or replace a faulty hard drive in-house, data recovery is a complex procedure and any self-recovery will reduce the chances of success
  • DO NOT install recovery software/tools or write any data on the affected storage/volume
  • DO NOT attempt to rebuild a faulty RAID unless all original members are successfully cloned elsewhere
  • DO NOT attempt to force any RAID members back into the array unless all original members are successfully cloned elsewhere
  • Take extreme care when contacting the manufacturer for support, the manufacturer’s goal is to get your hardware running again and in most cases their support has no regard for your data.

In most cases on-site data recovery will require the Storage Device or system to be fully physically operational but our engineers maybe able to solve physically damaged device failures onsite as well, to see if your situation meets onsite data recovery criteria contact our support team 24x7 at 800-388-1266.

On-site Data Recovery Reviews

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This service was rated 5 out of 5.0 based on 3 review(s)
Thomas Mical

Helped when Hard drive had a full crash

Ryan and the team did a great job recovering 3 years worth of data from a hard drive that I have that crashed. Can''t say enough good things about the team!

Graeme Maitland

Great work

Fast, responsive, and all around professional service

Emilio Difranco

Helpful throughout the entire process

Jeff really helped me get all of my sensitive information back. He was patient and honest, you cant ask for more than that. In the end they ended up getting everything I needed back.