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About Secure Data Recovery
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About Secure Data Recovery

Secure Data Recovery opened in California in 2007. We started with a single location and a belief that no one should lose data due to unforeseen events or failures. Today, we are a leader in the data recovery industry, maintaining a 96% success rate across all storage devices. We have labs across North America and the United Kingdom. And we have helped over 100,000 customers worldwide, from Fortune 500 companies to home users. Yet, our personalized approach remains the same. Our certified engineers know the importance of data and treat each case with the utmost care. Because we still believe that no one has to lose priceless files or memories.

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Expertise You Can Trust With Service You Will Love

We partner with dozens of companies to offer reliable data recovery services for every device, operating system, and file type. We also invest in cutting-edge research to develop new methods and techniques for retrieving data from failed media. These efforts allow us to meet complex challenges and evolve with the latest tech. Here are a few of our services:

Our team has decades of experience resolving data loss of all kinds. We even have on-site and emergency data recovery services. Data loss does not have to be permanent. Call us 24/7 or visit one of our locations to get started.

Commitment to Your Privacy and Security

Secure Data Recovery is more than just a name. It is who we are. We have the most certifications in the industry. Each of our credentials show that we prioritize privacy and security. We undergo regular audits to demonstrate the effectiveness of our control systems and protocols. Our staff also receives extensive training in these areas. It is all part of our commitment to protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access. From the moment it arrives at one of our labs until the files are returned on FIPS-validated drives. Global companies, government agencies, healthcare providers, and academic institutions trust us with their data. This is why:

State-of-the-Art Facilities and Tools

Certified CleanroomWe have best-in-class labs and custom tools to perform repairs and recoveries. Our Class 10 ISO 4 cleanroom is a controlled environment that filters almost all dust and debris from the air. A cleanroom reduces the risk of further damage or data loss during invasive procedures. We also have advanced soldering stations and a large collection of replacement parts. Our specialized hardware and software can address numerous failures that other services cannot. These resources help fulfill our mission to achieve the best outcomes no matter the situation.

Proven Process and Results

Our engineers restore data without the hassle or headaches. For starters, we back our work with a No Data, No Recovery Fee guarantee. You only pay if we get your data back. It is that simple. But, even beyond that, we streamline the process. We include free diagnostics and quotes as part of our standard service so you can make the best decision. That is the peace of mind our customers have come to expect.

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