Secure Data Recovery Services for Western Digital Drives

As a Platinum Data Recovery Partner with Western Digital, Secure Data Recovery Services is uniquely positioned to provide the most comprehensive and effective data recovery services for one of the largest manufacturers of consumer and enterprise digital storage media. We maintain an industry-high 96% success rate on data recovery from WD hard drives, SSDs, flash-based storage, and RAID arrays. If your WD hard drive fails or experiences data loss, our data recovery team has custom solutions to successfully resolve every situation regardless of the cause.

Western Digital Data Recovery

Owners of Western Digital storage devices receive a 15% discount on any professional data recovery service.

Secure Data Recovery Services is a Global Platinum Data Recovery Partner for Western Digital.

Western Digital is one of the largest manufacturers of data storage products for personal and commercial applications including hard drives, solid state drives, flash SSD, RAID, and NAS systems. As the WD storage technology evolves, including replacing air inside of hard drives with helium and implementing data encryption, so do the challenges associated with recovering data from storage devices in the event of a failure. Secure Data Recovery Services is one of the only data recovery companies with the experience and tools capable of solving any data loss scenario.

Advantages of working with a Platinum Data Recovery Partner:

  • Western Digital Will Not Void the Warranty Associated with the Device
  • 15% Discount for Western Digital Customers
  • 96% Success Rate and a No Data, No Recovery Fee Guarantee
  • Convenient Nationwide Drop-off Locations or Free Shipping
  • SSAE 18 SOC 1, 2 and 3 Audited and in-Lab Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanrooms

Hard Drives

The user data on desktop, laptop, and external hard drives manufactured by Western Digital is stored on aluminum alloy, glass, or ceramic platters which are held by a spindle inside the hard drive housing. The WD hard drive platters rotate between 5,400 and 10,000 RPMs, and the HDD spindle system relies on the air density inside the hard drive enclosure to support the fragile read/write heads at their optimal flying position, only a few nanometers above the platter.

Due to this delicate design and proximity between the read/write heads and platters, the most common hard drive failure is known as a head crash, in which case a hard drive stops working and emits an ominous clicking sound. In severe cases, especially if the drive is not powered down immediately upon failure, this grinding wears away the thin film covering the platter and causes partial or full data loss. In many cases this hard drive failure occurs due to a drop or spill but can also happen under normal drive operations when the read/write head collides or is obstructed by a particle of smoke or a speck of dust.

Our Class 10 ISO 4 certified cleanroom environment ensures the delicate HDD components are not damaged further during the data recovery process, and Secure Data Recovery’s expert data recovery engineers have decades of hands-on experience recovering lost data from hard drive failures caused by sudden power failure, accidental drops, normal wear and tear or corrosion, and contamination of internal components. Our services provide full support for all interfaces, capacities, and Western Digital models including:

  • WD Black Performance Desktop and Mobile
  • WD Red and WD Red Pro NAS
  • WD Green
  • Ultrastar Data Center
  • WD Blue PC Desktop and Mobile Hard Drive
  • WD Gold Enterprise
  • WD Purple Surveillance
  • G-Drive, G-Drive Pro
  • WD Elements Desktop
  • My Book
  • Easystore Desktop

Solid State Drives

Solid state drives are perceived to be more reliable than HDDs as SSDs are more resilient to physical damage and are not reliant on moving parts to store user data. However, SSDs are no less immune to data loss requiring professional data recovery services due to device age, RAW Bit Error Rates (RBER), and Bad Blocks.

Secure Data Recovery engineers invest heavily in the R&D of custom tools and proprietary techniques to address the complex challenges facing the non-linear method of storing data, TRIM command and wear leveling (differentiating between the physical address of the data and the address shown to the OS) involved in recovering data from Western Digital SSD drives, including:

  • WD Black NVMe
  • SanDisk Ultra 3D
  • WD Gold Enterprise NV
  • WD Blue NVMe
  • Ultrastar
  • WD Green SATA
  • WD Red
  • Easystore

Cloud NAS and RAID

Western Digital RAID storage and personal NAS drives offer users a scalable central place to store, share and remotely access files over the internet. In addition to convenience, the WD RAID systems offer users added safety of drive redundancy in RAID1 or RAID5 configurations. However, since the underlying storage is still a hard drive or SSD, the same common logical and physical failures lead to data loss requiring professional data recovery services. Secure Data Recovery Services can recover data from any failure on:

  • WD Red Pro NAS
  • My Cloud Home
  • My Cloud Pro
  • My Cloud Expert
  • My Cloud Duo

Our Western Digital Drives Data Recovery Success Stories

Please see our success stories involving recoveries from WD devices

Our Data Recovery Process

If your Western Digital drive experiences problems, power it down immediately to avoid additional damage or permanent data loss. Contact us at 1-800-388-1266 for free consultation.

Upon receipt of your device at one of our certified facilities our data recovery engineers will conduct a free diagnostic analysis to determine the problem. Upon completion of the diagnostics, along with the comprehensive diagnostics report you will receive a no-obligation price quote for our data recovery services.

Upon your approval the necessary data recovery operations are performed and your data is recovered onto a new device of your choice. You pay nothing until your data is successfully recovered with our “no data, no recovery fee” guarantee.

Our verified 96% success rate means that Secure Data Recovery Services gives you the best chance of recovering your lost data.

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  • Reviewed on Jul 27 2021  |  Plainfield, IL

    Excellent Performance!

    When faced with potential loss of critical files it is a very difficult to navigate the potential negative client discussion. One needs an experienced professional to calm them and walk them through the difficult process. Such was my experience with Eric Dvorin. Secure Data Recovery is fortunate to have such a knowledgeable service consultant. Thank you, Eric, for calmly walking me through the process and maintaining contact all the way. And, thank you to the Secure Data Recovery team for bringing back to life these critical files!

  • Reviewed on Jul 22 2021  |  Boise, ID

    Great Service and Great Guys Overall

    I sent these guys a very old harddrive that had some great old family videos that i didn''t think could be recovered. I dealt with Eric and he was extremely nice and knowledgable and worked with me to not only recover my files but fit within my budget as well. Great guys, great company. Highly recommend.

  • Reviewed on Jul 10 2021  |  Annandale, VA

    Quick Turn around

    Eric was professional and very responsive to all my questions and concerns. I was relieved by the quick turn around and the amount of data that was recovered on my failed external hard drive.

  • Reviewed on Jul 3 2021  |  Key West, FL

    Unreadable External Hard Drive

    Eric Dvorin assisted me after I sent my unreadable external hard drive to Secure Data Recovery. He was incredibly efficient and professional throughout the entire process and ultimately resolved my problem. Thank you for helping me recover my files.

  • Reviewed on Jun 21 2021  |  Fort Mitchell, KY

    Excellent Customer Service

    Anthony was very helpful and certainly went the extra mile to help me. These services were outside my budget, but customer service was excellent.

  • Reviewed on Jun 16 2021  |  Sandia Park, NM

    Secure Data Recovery

    I had a RAID1 WD external hard drive with 5TB of data become corrupted without warning. The data could only be partially backed up so I needed this copy of the data restored. Secure Data Recovery worked with me on a solution to get the data back, which was a major stress relief for me! They were easy to contact and kept me informed on progress which I really appreciated.

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