Tape Data Recovery

Tape Data Recovery

No tape data recovery is out of reach for our certified engineers. We are able to help regardless of whether your data loss occurred because of physical issues, corruption, accidental deletion or if you simply lack the infrastructure to access the data. We recover archives from all major backup tapes, offering full support for legacy media and modern tape cartridges such as DAT, DLT/SDLT, DDS, and LTO tape data recovery. Our SSAE SOC 1, 2 & 3 Secure Audited labs are ready to deliver dependable results and meet your turnaround time expectations with a 96% Documented success rate.

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Tape Recovery Service

Our process offers a secure and reliable tape recovery service solution for your We offer a secure and reliable tape recovery service solution and data taper repair to restore files from your long-term backups. Your recovery will be payable upon successful completion, with our “No Data, No Recovery Fee” guarantee.


Our data recovery technicians are available 24x7. Call our experts to receive a free consultation and quote.

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Not sure which tapes store the data you need? Let us help you manage your tape recovery service by providing you with a detailed report of what backup sessions are present on each cartridge.


Your backup tapes, evaluated by seasoned professionals
inside of secure data recovery labs.

Approval & Tape Data Recovery

Review a comprehensive evaluation report and approve the work with payment due upon success.

Tape Data Recovery Reviews

Average rating 5.0
This service was rated 5.0 out of 5.0 based on 8 review(s)
Tomas Herrera

Great service from Scott

Scott McMacken was very helpful with our requirements from Secure Data Recovery. Service was speedy and well executed.

Ray Sneed

Great customer service

Jake from Secure Data Recovery was a delight to deal with. He was helpful and patient and professional in all of our interactions. He was quick on communication and went above and beyond in order to try and get us the best experience.

Anthony Pangan

Saved our project!

Thank you so much, Scott and Secure Data Recovery for saving us! When a client came back to us requesting revisions for an old project, we discovered its LTO tape archive was corrupted. The original working data was long gone and we had already committed to the new work. Oh, and this all happened smack dab in the middle of the holidays.

The response time from Secure Data was super quick... Read More

Zachary Mckinney

Best service for emergencies

I used Secure Data and another company to recover some data off of some damaged tapes and Secure Data was much faster than the other company. I worked with Timur the throughout the whole process and he was always able to answer my questions quickly and if he had to call me back with an answer it would be within minutes. Timur was also able to provide me with a document that listed the files on the... Read More

Edmund Libby

Excellent service !

Secure Data Recovery processed the recovery of my college research from a 30 year-old tape cassette and returned the data in a modern format that I was able to read immediately. I am very happy with their efforts --

Cliff Candy

Successful LTO Tape Recovery Project

Thanks to Mitch Moore and his team we were able to fully recover two old LTO tapes. The the very efficient client portal streamlined all of the steps through the process.


LTO Tape Data Recovery

Secure Data Recovery Services offers dependable LTO tape data recovery. We operate secure data recovery facilities that support all LTO Ultrium tape formats from LTO 1 to LTO 9.

With up to 45 TB of storage for the latest models, LTO is considered to be the most common backup tape format used today. Our engineers are ready to assist with any LTO tape data recovery regardless of the file type or backup software utilized by your tape library.

LTO Tape Data Recovery

DAT Tape Data Recovery

Looking for DAT tape data recovery? Our experts offer tape conversion and tape duplication in the most complex situations. Anything from a Mid-File error, damaged tapes, data corruption to unspooled or torn data tape repair is fully supported by our labs and comes with a risk-free diagnostic.

DAT Tape Data Recovery

Free Recovery for Windows Backup files

Looking to repair .bkf msbackup files on a functioning tape storage media? Try our SecureRecovery® for Backup. Created by our data migration experts during data recovery operations and is available to help solve your file corruption issues free of charge. This easy-to-use tool repairs damaged files created with Windows Backup utility and also supports files created with VERITAS Backup Exec. Simply run the installation wizard on any Windows machine and select the files you wish to repair then click next and let the software attempt to repair the damage. The recovered data is saved into the same hierarchical folders structure. Features:

  • Supports Microsoft® Windows Backup XP SP1, XP SP2, XP SP3, 2003, and 2000
  • Supports VERITAS Backup Exec for Windows Servers
  • Recovers folder structure
  • Recovers individual files

In cases where the damage to the files is severe physical tape recovery may be necessary. If the results are unsatisfactory contact us to discuss alternative data recovery options.

Full Support for All Backup Software & Formats

Secure Data Recovery Services’ dedicated R&D departments keep us ahead of the competition to provide you with the ultimate solution for tape data recovery, whether you need to restore backups from a single cartridge or a full library.

Our labs support the following tape formats:

  • LTO
  • DAT
  • DDS
  • 4mm
  • 8mm
  • Exabyte
  • DC2000 & Travan
  • AIT
  • IBM

We have the tools and expertise to help you get your data back. Here are just some of the tape backup software suites we support:

  • Backup Exec
  • Retrospect
  • EMC NetWorker
  • Legato
  • CommVault
  • Acronis
  • Netvault
  • HP Data Protector

Secure Data Recovery Services has the expertise you need to recover from data loss no matter the complexity or age of your backup library. With the most experienced data recovery technicians and top security credentials, we can limit your business’s downtime following a server failure or any other unexpected event. Look no further if you need help with tape data recovery, tape migration or tape repair. Call us now to get started: 800-388-1266.