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Laptop Data Recovery Reviews

Average rating 4.9
This service was rated 4.9 out of 5.0 based on 7 review(s)
Al Aguilar

A hard drive from a lap top that went to war with

I thought I lost my story from overseas. Now there is the photographic proof I went and came back. Thank you Scott McMackin

Cindy Bode

What a Lifesaver!

We had a crashed laptop and no backup--the user had given their backup drive away. I read some reviews and selected Secure Data Inc. From the very beginning, they were helpful, fast to respond, and easy to work with. Franklin Wright emailed and called me frequently during the process, and we quickly had a resolution that could work with our budget, and more importantly, complete recovery of our da... Read More

Tina Bunker

Very Happy!!

I lost everything on my laptop which I use for work and personal. There was A LOT of important data on there. I was so disappointed in myself for not backing up my information. I took my laptop to a local company to fix it and after he looked it over he called to let me know that he could not... but he did know of a company that he was pretty sure could and referred me to Secure Data.
I made... Read More

Laurie Deschaine

Recovery Success

Chris M and the recovery team did a great job recovering data from my hard drive. I had years of pictures that I was very concerned that would never be recovered but SecureData did it! Although a bit pricey, I was ecstatic that I have my family pictures back.

David Hankla

Sad Ending, but a Great Experience

So I spilled peanut sauce on my laptop.

Into my laptop, specifically. I had the brilliant idea of sitting a bowl of peanut sauce ramen on my bed, next to my laptop, then sat on my bed, spilling the sauce through the speaker holes and into my machine.

Worse still: it was an old machine, 4.5 year and counting, with an SSD drive that had already run through almost 90% of its max... Read More

Kasey Munsch

Saved My Life...and my Files

Jeremy Provchy was great at managing my case. I had about 6+ years of data on a drive that ended up being faulty. I received all of my files back in a timely manner. Would recommend!

Laptop Hard Disk Data Recovery Laptop Hard Disk Data Recovery

Laptop Hard Disk Data Recovery

When it comes to innovative laptop hard disk data recovery solutions, our expert technicians have a proven record of achievement. We have intimate knowledge of every major manufacturing brand, making us your best chance for successful Dell laptop data recovery or HP laptop data recovery.

Apple MacBook Data Recovery Apple MacBook Data Recovery

Apple MacBook Data Recovery

Our state-of-the-art facilities and processes offer your best chance for successful Apple MacBook data recovery. Whatever the cause of data loss, our team provides dependable solutions for MacBook Pro data recovery and MacBook Air data recovery with minimal downtime and guaranteed results. If you need MacBook Pro hard drive crash data recovery, our technicians are Apple Certified Mac Technicians. You can trust us to recover your lost data efficiently and securely.

Chromebook Data Recovery Chromebook Data Recovery

Chromebook Data Recovery

Do you need Chromebook data recovery on your Google laptop? We’ll conduct a comprehensive diagnostic inside a certified Class 10 ISO 4 cleanroom. You’ll receive a no-obligation price estimate for your Lenovo laptop data recovery. We detail the precise cause of your data loss and the scope of work to successfully recover it. Laptop data recovery cost can vary, but rest assured that you’ll get a fair price and the most reliable service from an industry leader with a documented 96% success rate.

Laptop Data Recovery Services Laptop Data Recovery Services

Laptop Data Recovery Services

Our laptop data recovery services are second to none. We combine world-class facilities with top-flight cybersecurity controls and cutting-edge research and development. Do you have a dropped laptop that won’t boot up? Has laptop water damage made it impossible to access your computer? Our technicians have seen it all. We deliver guaranteed results for any make, model, or operating system.

With Secure Data Recovery Services, you get guaranteed results for your laptop data recovery. If for any reason we can’t successfully recover your lost data, you pay nothing. That’s our “No Data, No Recovery Fee” pledge.

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