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Secure Data Recovery Services for Glyph Devices
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Secure Data Recovery Services for Glyph Devices

If you need professional data recovery from a Glyph Production Technologies storage device, the engineers at Secure Data Recovery Services have the perfect mix of expertise and experience to ensure the successful recovery of your lost data. We specialize in custom data loss solutions for every Glyph hard drive, SSD, or RAID array.

Custom Solutions for all Glyph Storage Devices. Our data recovery specialists have proprietary solutions for restoring data from Glyph HDDs, SSDs and RAID systems

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Glyph Production Technologies has been a leader in mobile data storage solutions for creative professionals and content creators in film, photography, and music for two decades. Producers across a variety of disciplines rely on the portability and reliability of Glyph devices in the studio or on location. Glyph’s line of rugged external HDD and SSD devices and its hardware RAID systems feature fast transfer rates, auto-sensing power supplies, and advanced cooling technology for maximum data protection in the most demanding workflows. At Secure Data Recovery, we know that improvements in storage drive technology require data recovery tools to keep pace. Our data recovery engineers have custom utilities to assist Glyph customers in the event that data loss occurs on any Glyph storage device.

Advantages of Secure Data Recovery Services

  • Free and Full Diagnostic Analysis and Report
  • 20% Discount for Glyph Customers
  • No Threat to Any Existing Glyph Warranty
  • Our “No Data, No Recovery Fee” Guarantee
  • More than 250 Convenient Partner Locations Across North America

Hard Drives

Glyph emphasizes performance, reliability, and portability in the design and manufacture of its hard drives. Heavy-duty power supplies and new cooling technology provide maximum protection for creative assets wherever you need to access them. From the rugged Black Box Pro’s fan-less heat dissipation system to the sleek steel-and-aluminum Studio external drive’s intelligent quiet fan, Glyph HDD technology continues to evolve with the needs of digital content creators.

As drive technology advances, so too does the threat of data loss from mechanical, logical, or physical damage. Even the slightest trauma from a dropped HDD device can break actuator arms or drive heads, which in turn can scratch drive platters and lead to permanent data loss. If your hard drive makes a clicking or grinding sound, more often than not it’s because of this kind of physical damage. In such cases, stop using the drive immediately.

Secure Data Recovery’s expert technicians have decades of combined experience in recovering lost data from the most sophisticated storage devices. All recovery operations take place in certified Class 10 ISO 4 cleanrooms, and our secure facilities undergo rigorous and regular SSAE 18 SOC 1, 2, & 3 auditing to ensure maximum security and confidentiality for customer data during and after recovery operations. Our data recovery engineers provide full support for all interfaces, capacities, and Glyph HDD models including:

  • Black Box
  • Black Box Plus
  • Black Box Pro
  • Studio
  • Studio Mini
  • GPT50

Solid-State Drives

Solid-state drive technology works much differently than HDD devices. Instead of storing data on platters that rotate just below a read/write head, SSD drives store data on semiconductor cells. This makes them less prone to physical damage, while vastly improving data access and transfer speeds. But SSD devices can fail and experience data loss, quite often from rapid voltage fluctuations. Other problems include difficulties with accessing memory blocks, the wear that occurs from everyday use, and issues with bit errors common in NAND Flash-based memory and known as RAW Bit Error Rates (RBER).

Quite often SSD devices require complex repairs to replace burned microchips or to resolve issues with the device’s TRIM control, managing the program-erase cycle to avoid the overuse of memory blocks, and the repair or replacement of failed drive controllers. Secure Data Recovery’s research and development team specializes in advanced data recovery operations all Glyph SSD storage devices including:

  • Atom SSD
  • Atom EV SSD
  • Atom Pro NVMe SSD
  • Atom RAID SSD

RAID Systems

Glyph’s line of production-grade hardware RAID systems gives professional content creators the right tools for fast and flexible production workflows. Devices support RAID 0, 1, JBOD, and SPAN modes with high-speed data transfer rates and USB 3.0, Firewire 800, Thunderbolt and eSATA connectivity. Glyph also incorporates an auto-sensing power supply and intelligent fan system to reduce noise and improve operations.

Data recovery on RAID systems can be incredibly challenging. The technology that underlies mass storage devices requires specialized tools and utilities. Secure Data Recovery has a department dedicated specifically for developing and implementing custom solutions for RAID data recovery. Our RAID specialists can successfully restore data from the full line of Glyph RAID storage solutions including:

  • Studio RAID
  • Studio RAID Mini
  • Studio RAID Thunderbolt 2
  • Studio RAID 4
  • GTO62E

Our Data Recovery Process

The chances of a successful data recovery can depend heavily on how quickly you act when a device failure occurs. Your first call is generally the most critical. If you experience issues with a Glyph hard drive, solid-state drive, or RAID system, power the device down immediately to reduce the risk of additional damage or permanent data loss. All Glyph customers get a 20% discount on all data recovery services. Contact us at 800-388-1266 for a free consultation.

When our expert technicians receive your device at one of our certified data recovery centers, they will conduct a thorough diagnostic analysis to determine the cause of the problem. They will then issue a comprehensive report and a no-obligation estimate of the cost for successful data recovery services.

After receiving your approval, we will successfully restore your lost data and transfer it to a new device that you select. We offer every customer a “no data, no recovery fee” guarantee, which means you pay nothing until we successfully restore your data.

Secure Data Recovery Services is proud to maintain an industry-leading 96% successful data recovery rate. We give Glyph customers the greatest chance of recovering critical data from failed devices.