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Data Destruction
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Data Destruction

Secure Data Recovery Services provides media destruction and disposal for hard drives, data tape cartridges, RAID arrays, flash drives and all other storage devices.

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By working with our media disposal team, you can prevent potential security issues and maintain compliance. We perform our services in a completely secure environment, and with excellent pricing and fast turnarounds, we provide a cost-efficient set of solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Our proprietary tools can completely eliminate any magnetic traces of readable data on your media, destroying any chances of a successful restoration even with major advances in data recovery technology. We also limit access to media with a system of controls implemented before, during, and after the disposal process. This ensures compliance with all common IT security standards.

We hold a number of credentials including:

  • SSAE 18 Type II SOC-1 Security Certification
  • General Services Administration (GSA) Contractor Certification
  • PCI-DSS Compliance Certification / PCI Security Certification

Secure Data Recovery Services is one of the only providers with online audit and attestation reports, which we supply to our clients to demonstrate our excellent credentials.

When you need a fast and effective source for secure file deletion, media destruction and disposal, Secure Data Recovery Services provides fast results. To get started, call our customer service team today to discuss pricing for your next project.

An Advanced Process for Secure Media Destruction

Secure Data Recovery Services is a leader in professional data recovery, and we draw from our experience when developing secure destruction technologies for various types of storage devices and systems.

Our case process varies depending on the media type and the number of storage devices. We can overwrite data, destroy read/write mechanisms, and permanently damage the magnetic media that holds your data. All of our procedures are dependable, and we use a multi-tiered approach in order to completely eliminate all traces of data. We can recycle re-usable portions of your devices to limit environmental impact, and our teams can also test each deleted device in order to provide you with peace of mind.

We can document our secure deletion procedures, and because we hold relevant compliance credentials, we offer a simple purchasing process for schools, hospitals, government offices and other high-security organizations.

The Bets Options for Cost-Efficient Digital Media Disposal

As leaders in secure media disposal, we understand the importance of strong organization and fast turnarounds. Secure Data Recovery Services offers custom security options, and we maintain compliance with all major standards and IT security laws.

Advantages of our secure media disposal and media destruction services include:

  • Proof of Security Through Audit and Attestation Reports
  • Online Updates and Dedicated Customer Support
  • Support for All Operating Systems and Device Types
  • An Advanced Hardware Library for Archival Media Destruction
  • Media Destruction from a Certified Green Business
  • A General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule Contractor

If you do not want to permanently destroy your digital media, Secure Data Recovery Services also offers file deletion and media migration. We provide free price quotes for all of our services, and our teams always follow strict security procedures in compliance with the certifications listed above.

When you need an effective resource for media destruction and disposal, Secure Data Recovery Services provides dependable options. We treat hundreds of cases each year, and our teams provide exceptional results with flexible turnaround options. To discuss available options or for pricing information, contact our customer service team today.

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