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Secure Data Recovery Services offers a dedicated resource for file and email data recovery. With dozens of offices and the industry's most complete set of security credentials, we give you a fast way to restore damaged, corrupt or deleted files to a working condition.

Email Data Recovery

By repairing file damage and corruption, we can restore access to virtually any type of file or email archive.

File damage has serious implications for thousands of businesses and personal computer users each year. A damaged email archive or a corrupt database can cause significant productivity losses, and recreating the affected file is not always an option.

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Secure Data Recovery Services' engineers can locate and fix email corruption, repair damaged databases and treat all other common file formats to provide you with a complete copy of your data. As a worldwide leader in file repair services, we provide fast turnaround times, high success rates and risk-free diagnostics for all standard file data recovery cases.

Common Causes of File Damage and Data Loss

Your computer might lose access to email archives or other files for a number of reasons. The most common cause of file corruption is an operating issue during file access; the computer cannot make the requested changes to a file and instead makes an incomplete entry. This prevents the file from functioning correctly.

This type of corruption is particularly common with larger files, which is why email and database applications frequently have built-in features to protect against data loss. However, even with this protection, larger files are still prone to damage and corruption.

Common file damage scenarios include:

  • Operating System Failure Resulting in File Corruption
  • Damage Due to Bad Sectors
  • Damage Due to Physical Hard Disk Drive Malfunction
  • Accidental File Deletion, Formatting or Partitioning
  • Damage from a Virus, Trojan Horse or Other Malicious Program

If your system has physical damage, you may hear a clicking or whirring sound. Your computer may have trouble booting, and you may notice damage in specific directories or partitions. However, mechanical damage does not always cause immediately identifiable symptoms.

Filel Data Recovery

Corruption is a leading cause of data loss, and our teams successfully treat thousands of corrupt files every year.

What to Do When You Cannot Access Files

Because media issues can cause file damage without causing any other noticeable symptoms, we recommend turning off your hard drive, RAID array or other affected device as soon as you notice that you cannot access an important file.

Do not use any recovery software to treat damaged files. Many programs work by accessing basic filesystem entries and "undeleting" data, but they cannot effectively treat complex issues like file corruption. Most file recovery programs can cause additional damage by contributing to physical and logical damage.

Keep your system powered off and contact Secure Data Recovery Services to discuss your options. We have many years experience with all common file types and offer file recovery services for Mac OS X, all versions of Windows, Linux, UNIX, Solaris, FreeBSD and various other operating systems.

Flexible Service Options and Free Diagnostics

At Secure Data Recovery Services, we understand the stress and confusion that often accompanies data loss. We offer a flexible set of services in order to help you restore missing files and email archives as quickly as possible while controlling recovery costs.

We offer true 24/7/365 services for the fastest possible turnaround in emergency situations. By dedicating a team of talented engineers to your case, we provide expedited services without sacrificing security or media safety. Our engineers can typically repair damaged files in under 24 hours under our emergency service option.

File Recovery

Our data recovery teams offer dependable results with a no recovery, no fee guarantee.

Reasons to use Secure Data Recovery Services:

  • Risk-Free Diagnostics and a No Recovery, No Charge Guarantee
  • Several Turnaround Options Including 24/7/365 Emergency Services
  • A 96 Percent Success Rate for File Data Recovery Services
  • Advanced Engineering Teams and Dedicated Recovery Tools
  • Remote Services for Logically Damaged Files

Secure Data Recovery Services is your best source for dedicated email data recovery and file repair services. We offer risk-free diagnostics, industry-leading recovery rates, the best security in our industry, and a free quote when you contact us by phone or online. With more than 40 offices throughout the United States, we can safely treat any corrupt email archive or damaged file in a matter of days when we start the process of recovering deleted emails. Call our 24/7 customer service line today to get started. For more information regarding our file data recovery services, visit our testimonials page to read letters from some of our clients about how we have helped them to recover deleted emails.