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Emergency Services

Secure Data Recovery Services provides emergency data recovery and file repair services through our expansive network of facilities. When you need the fastest possible turnaround, we can help by dedicating a team of experienced engineers to work on your case around the clock.

Certified Secure Data Recovery Services

  • SSAE-16 / SAS 70 Certified Company
  • Service Technicians Available 24/7 365 Days
  • Certified Same Day Emergency Service
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We provide expedited emergency options for all digital storage devices, and with our no recovery, no charge guarantee and best-in-class credentials, you get fast, dependable results from an industry leader.

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What to Do in a Data Loss Emergency

Digital storage devices can fail without warning, and in order to improve your chances of a successful recovery, you should take immediate steps to preserve your media in its original condition.

Data Recovery Emergency

All of our emergency services feature advanced security, and our teams always take appropriate precautions to prevent unauthorized access.

We recommend shutting down your storage system or computer to avoid operating damage. Contact a professional data recovery company as soon as possible; do not run any file utilities or attempt to diagnose your failure, as you might contribute to physical read/write issues or to logical file corruption.

Our emergency data recovery services provide:

  • A 48-Hour Average Case Completion Time
  • Success Rates of 96 Percent for Most Devices
  • Advanced Hard Drive Data Recovery Facilities
  • Security Credentials Including SSAE 16 Type II Certification
  • No Recovery, No Service Charge Guarantee

Data loss can seriously affect your business, and at Secure Data Recovery Services, we recognize the importance of fast case completion times. Our 24/7/365 emergency services have an average turnaround of less than 48 hours, and we can complete many hard drive and RAID recovery cases within a single day.

Secure Data Recovery Services' expert engineering teams can perform a series of safe tests to determine a price quote and turnaround for your case. We perform emergency data recovery evaluations within several hours of receiving your device, and with more than 40 offices across the United States, we give you a fast way to make an emergency disaster recovery plan.

We also offer pickup and drop-off services for our clients. Contact us today for more information.

Advanced Facilities for Emergency Data Repair Services

Secure Data Recovery Services operates a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, which allows our engineers to perform emergency hard drive recovery procedures safely. We also invest in proprietary file utilities and in ongoing training for our expert engineering staff. Regardless of your media type or operating system, our specialists can quickly return a full, working copy of your files.

Our specialists can quickly treat any media failure scenario including:

  • Hard Drive and RAID Failures
  • File Corruption, Bad Sectors and Accidental Overwrites
  • RAID Parity Loss
  • Virus Infection
  • Data Loss from Software and Operating System Issues
  • Fire, Water and Environmental Damage
  • Damaged Email Archives, Databases and More

Many of our clients need to restore RAID arrays, NAS devices and other complex systems to a working state in order to fully integrate recovered data. Our engineers can perform data recovery and media repair simultaneously to help you get back up and running as quickly as possible. We specialize in RAID repair and hard drive repair, and our engineers have experience with all operating systems, file systems and hardware architectures, and we also offer emergency remote data recovery services for some devices.

Secure Data Recovery Services provides the most reliable option for emergency hard drive recovery, RAID recovery and other specialized services. We lead our industry with outstanding success rates, excellent security credentials and fast turnaround times. When you need fast access to critically important files, contact our customer service team to start a case.

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  • Absolutely life savers

    Reviewed on Sep 15 2017

    My system crashed, and I lost everything (QuickBooks, Payroll, Taxes, Archive emails, etc), which would have be detrimental to our company, not to mention my job. We had back up system that was supposed to be backing up my system every night, as I found out...was not. Our company has been going thru a probate situation for over a year and a half and all of the pertinent information was on my computer ... which was now GONE. There was no way I could recreate history for 8 companies going back over 2 years, I was in serious panic mode.

    With the help of Alec Sakenes and the exceptional engineers, my saviors from Secure Data Recovery, they were able to retrieve almost 99% of my hard drive. I received the recovered drive within a few days, I sent my hard drive to them on Wednesday and by Friday, I had my recovered drive. It was so easy to bring the files onto my new computer and into the same location where they were originally. I was able to have my files updated for the few days of "downtime" and the Executives and Attorneys never missed a thing.

    Alec was great, he stayed in touch with me so I knew what was going on; and his friendly personality even helped to calm my nerves, even made me laugh a few times. I would recommend Secure Data Recovery and Alec for any company, or individual for that matter that has the misfortune of losing their data.

    Authenticated Cleburne, TX
  • Absolutely Stellar Service!

    Reviewed on May 25 2016

    Working with Secure Data Recovery's team of engineers and with the personal agent they assigned me, Jeremy Provchy, was an absolutely stellar experience.

    My laptop recently took a pretty nasty tumble which resulted in the complete failure of my HDD. After doing every thing I could to try and recover my irreplaceable files, and failing, I contacted Secure Data Recovery (my first time using a data recovery service) for advice and assistance. They responded almost immediately to my emergency by assigning me a personal agent, Jeremy Provchy, who helped me through every step of the data recovery process with exceeding promptness, courtesy, knowledge, and customer focus!

    Thanks to the help of Jeremy and the engineers at Secure Data Recovery, all of my invaluable files were able to be successfully recovered. If you were silly enough to not back up your data (like I was) and you need to absolutely ensure that you recover it, I 100% recommend the stellar engineers at Secure Data Recovery and Jeremy Provchy in particular!

    Authenticated Jackson, NJ

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