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RAID 0 Data Recovery from an Industry Leader

RAID 0 Data Recovery

Secure Data Recovery Services offers a dedicated option for RAID 0 data recovery. With a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom and a large set of security credentials, we provide fast, accurate RAID 0 services through a large network of offices.

RAID 0 Data Recovery

A single hard drive failure can prevent you from accessing data on your RAID 0 system.

RAID 0 is a fundamentally simple form of RAID that stores data in a series of stripes. When you write a file to the array, your data is broken into a number of fragments; the exact number of fragments varies depending on the number of drives in the array. The array writes all of the fragments simultaneously, which allows for fast read/write speeds.

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However, unlike other types of RAID, RAID 0 does not provide any redundancy. If one drive fails, the array loses data. A sudden RAID failure can leave you without access to terabytes of critically important information, and we provide an alternative to data loss through more than 40 facilities across the United States.

Secure Data Recovery Services offers risk-free diagnostics for all RAID 0 systems. Within 24 hours, we can give you all of the information that you need to make an appropriate disaster recovery plan. Each evaluation report includes a price quote, a RAID 0 failure analysis and other important information. Contact us today to get started.

State-of-the-Art RAID 0 Repair Technology

Secure Data Recovery Services is an industry leader in RAID 0 data recovery and repair. Our services are extremely dependable, fast and secure, and we invest in our facilities to maintain industry-leading success rates for all RAID configurations.

Raid 0 Recovery

To safely perform RAID 0 data repair, we treat physical media issues in a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom. If your system has failed hard drives, our engineers can quickly restore each RAID member to a working state by performing essential repairs in this carefully controlled environment.

We have experience with all operating systems, file systems and common file types, and our specialists always a complete clone of each RAID before performing file repairs in order to guarantee the best possible results.

Some of the most common data loss scenarios for RAID 0 include:

  • Hard Drive Failure Resulting in RAID Loss
  • Controller Failure
  • Electronics Issues and PCB Damage
  • Hard Drive Firmware Damage
  • Hardware Conflicts and Failures
  • File Corruption and Virus Damage
  • Formatting, Partitioning and User Error

Secure Data Recovery Services also complies with all federal IT privacy laws, and by carefully controlling access to our facilities, we completely protect our clients' confidentiality.

What to Do When a RAID 0 Fails

If your RAID sustains any type of hardware damage, you will need to act quickly to minimize the chances of permanent data loss. Shut down the RAID and do not attempt to restore or rebuild it. Do not make any attempt to repair damaged hard drives.

Secure Data Recovery Services does not recommend any commercial data recovery software for RAID 0. Many commercial programs can decrease the chances of a successful data recovery by overwriting damaged data. If your RAID 0 has mechanically damaged hard drives, running any type of software can cause permanent file loss.

Likewise, you should not run chkdsk, Scandisk or any other disk utility to repair bad sectors and other hard drive issues. Disk utilities can contribute to data loss issues on your array, greatly reducing your chances of a successful recovery. Keep the RAID powered off until you can speak with a qualified data recovery professional.

Advantages of our RAID 0 repair services:

  • Fast Turnarounds and 24/7/365 Emergency RAID 0 Services
  • Access to Experienced RAID Specialists
  • Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom
  • SSAE 18 Type II Certification and Other Security Credentials
  • Full RAID 0 Repair for Limited Downtime After a Media Failure
  • Risk-Free RAID Diagnostics for Standard Data Recovery Cases
  • Online Case Status Tools

At Secure Data Recovery Services, we specialize in RAID 0 data recovery. We can repair your array while recovering your files to help you avoid downtime, and thanks to our no recovery, no charge guarantee, you never pay a service charge if we cannot provide results. Whether you lose data due to a hard drive failure, accidental overwrites or for any other reason, we provide the best way to avoid permanent losses. Call our customer service team today to set up a media evaluation or for more information.

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  • Reviewed on Sep 4 2018  |  Charlestown, MD

    Data Recovered Secure!

    A client of mine found themselves in a very unfortunate situation. Their server crashed and they didn't have a backup. Well, they did, but it was dated and had not been tested. That said, I had to break the unfortunate news that their drives would need to be sent to a recovery firm for diagnosis and recovery. That said, Secure Data answered the call, figuratively and literally! Their sales engineer (Chris McMacken) was professional, knowledgeable and walked us through the process. They also provided us with a link to their customer portal, where we could follow their progress. The recovered data was returned on a secure external hard drive and to my client's delight, their data (databases, office documents and more) was intact. Thanks Secure Data for making a stressful situation more bearable!

    Current Consulting & My Happy Client

  • Reviewed on Jun 4 2018  |  Brooklyn, NY

    Crucial company data recovered

    Our company had a major crisis - database server crashed and all recent backups ( NT and DB files) were corrupted.
    SecureData did an amazing job in recovering all crucial for day-to-day operation information.
    Upon receiving recovered data company was up and running at full speed in no time.
    Special thanks to our case representative Chris McMacken for his professional attitude and detailed guidance throughout the whole process!!!

  • Reviewed on Oct 24 2015  |  SCARSDALE, NY

    Raid 0 Data Recovered Successfully

    Alec Sakenes and the people at Secure Data Recovery did a great job recovering my data. The service they provided was prompt, courteous , and professional. While it was super expensive, they apparently charge no more than the going rate in this industry.

    Take my advice: 1) get rid of Raid 0; the extra speed isn't worth the trouble if one of the drives fails; and 2) back up your data every day so you don't get soaked like me. I hope that you never have to call Secure Data Recovery, but if you do, you'll be satisfied.

  • Reviewed on Jul 30 2015  |  Lincoln, CA

    Recovered my life

    After years of service, I had a RAID0 array crash on my personal computer. I tried sending money for the highest rated apps, but it was a waste. I had just about given up when I decided to give Secure Data Recovery a try. They were very professional and attentive, and found all my files - docs, videos, pics - everything. Well worth the price they charge.

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