RAID 0 Data Recovery

RAID 0 Data Recovery

RAID 0 is the most basic array in RAID data storage with an average of two disks and a low cost. It is a popular choice for data storage among home users who process a lot of read and write requests but don’t need redundancy. The simplistic format for a RAID 0 also means that failure is just as easy. If one drive in a RAID 0 fails, then the data on the entire system is lost and only a professional data recovery company can retrieve your files. Secure Data Recovery has over a decade of experience recovering data from all RAID levels.

A single hard drive failure can prevent you from accessing data on your RAID 0 system.

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A RAID 0 displays the hard drives in its configuration as a single volume. Data that is written to the RAID is striped across the disks without parity, meaning there is no redundancy if a drive fails. This configuration offers high performance for tasks like video editing and gaming that need speed.

Users with this array understand that they need to have their files backed up elsewhere, but many do not follow this procedure, resulting in serious data loss. The engineers at Secure Data Recovery have the knowledge and proprietary tools to recover critical files in difficult RAID 0 failure scenarios.

Types of RAID 0 Failure

The nature of the RAID 0 array means that there is no protection against physical and logical damage on the hard drives in your RAID configuration. There are a variety of failure scenarios and instances where your array can lose data.

Physical Failures:

  • Fire or water damage
  • Power surge
  • Multiple hard drive failures
  • RAID 0 controller failure
  • HDDs overheat
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) damage

Logical Failures:

  • Accidental deletion
  • Reformatting of partitions
  • Overwritten files
  • RAID 0 user error
  • File or database corruption
  • Software issues

In some cases, a RAID 0 will even become inaccessible because the ethernet or other power connections are faulty. No matter what type of failure your RAID 0 experiences, Secure Data Recovery has seen it and recovered data from the array. Our state-of-the-art recovery labs throughout North America and engineers with decades of experience in the data recovery industry allow us to provide a professional and effective recovery service.

Recovery Process

When we receive a RAID 0 in our lab, we begin by performing diagnostics on the array. After we determine the cause of failure and the recovery process, we give a price quote and estimated turnaround time. Once the client agrees to the price, we will not charge more, even if the recovery takes more time than anticipated.

We begin the recovery by repairing the disks in the array to a temporary working condition. This takes place in our Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom using our on-site parts inventory. After the repair, the engineers image the media to work from a copy of the data. They then recover any available files from the file system and extract the information manually. We are the only data recovery company to return your data on a hardware encrypted and FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Validated data storage device for total security.

What to Do When Your RAID 0 Fails

When your RAID 0 array fails, do not use recovery software as it may overwrite your data while installing on your host device. In many cases, the software will not work with your RAID’s operating system or if it does run, will not retrieve all the files you need. Due to the range of possible failures and severity of the damage, software will not be able to recover data in serious cases.

Do not attempt a DIY recovery because opening your drives in a non-cleanroom environment will only cause further damage and can make recovery impossible. The best thing to do when your RAID 0 fails is to power down the array and disconnect the connection. This will prevent any further damage or accidental deletion while attempting to retrieve the files.

Choose an Industry Leader for RAID 0 Recovery

Secure Data Recovery is the most certified data recovery company in the industry with the following certifications and security status:

  • SSAE 18 Type II Certification
  • Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom
  • GSA Approved Contractor Status
  • PCI-DSS Compliant
  • Manufacturer Approved

Our customer service representatives are available 24/7 to answer questions about the recovery process and start a case. You can even monitor the progress of your recovery case using our online customer portal. We have a 96% success rate in RAID 0 data recovery and if for some reason we can’t retrieve your files, we stand by our “no data, no recovery fee” guarantee. Call to start your case today at 800-388-1266.

RAID 0 Data Recovery Reviews

Average rating 4.9
This service was rated 4.9 out of 5.0 based on 7 review(s)
Sam Solomon

Excellent Service!

I had a considerable amount of communication with Jake G. regarding the recovery of a hard drive, and he was incredibly responsive to my specific questions and concerns. Ultimately I did not go through with the recovery, but the service provided by Jake ensured I will be back to Secure Data Recovery for all future recovery needs.

Robert Underwood

Video Project saved through Recovery!

I would like to thank Scott McMacken for his help in everything. I would like to really thank the engineers who rebuilt the corrupted drives and transferred my data to a new drive. Generally if everything was just archival I could have made due without, but I had a several day video shoot on this drive for a project partially paid for. Scary moment. My father told me of Secure Data Recovery and I ... Read More

Randy Rauch

Good experience with data recovery

I had thousands and thousands of photographs on a external hard drive. That were a must to recover.

Worked with a gentleman named Timur. Was very helpful over the phone and via email. He walked me through the process and was there every step of the way. I really appreciate his help and recovering my data

Lyle Granger

Data Recovered Secure!

A client of mine found themselves in a very unfortunate situation. Their server crashed and they didn't have a backup. Well, they did, but it was dated and had not been tested. That said, I had to break the unfortunate news that their drives would need to be sent to a recovery firm for diagnosis and recovery. That said, Secure Data answered the call, figuratively and literally! Their sales enginee... Read More

Stanislav Koktysh

Crucial company data recovered

Our company had a major crisis - database server crashed and all recent backups ( NT and DB files) were corrupted.
SecureData did an amazing job in recovering all crucial for day-to-day operation information.
Upon receiving recovered data company was up and running at full speed in no time.
Special thanks to our case representative Chris McMacken for his professional attitude and ... Read More

Charles King

Raid 0 Data Recovered Successfully

Alec Sakenes and the people at Secure Data Recovery did a great job recovering my data. The service they provided was prompt, courteous , and professional. While it was super expensive, they apparently charge no more than the going rate in this industry.

Take my advice: 1) get rid of Raid 0; the extra speed isn't worth the trouble if one of the drives fails; and 2) back up your dat... Read More


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What factors affect RAID 0 data recovery costs?

    RAID 0 does not provide redundancy like other types of RAID, so a single hard drive failure can cause data loss. Fortunately, this often allows for a fairly straightforward data recovery plan--engineers need to fix the damaged drive, then rebuild the array and treat any file corruption.

    Even so, some RAID 0 recoveries are more difficult than others. Factors that can influence the cost of your case include the number of drives in your array, your RAID's operating system, the size of the requested files and the failure scenario details.

    Secure Data Recovery Services offers risk-free standard diagnostics for all RAID 0 arrays. Before we complete any recovery procedures, we will present you with a price and turnaround estimate, and we will only proceed if you approve our quote.

  • How long does RAID 0 data recovery take?

    Turnaround time also varies, but Secure Data Recovery Services maintains an experienced staff of RAID engineers and dozens of advanced repair tools. We can treat many cases in less than a day under our 24/7/365 emergency service.

    Unlike many other providers, we offer several turnaround options for our RAID clients. Our standard data recovery service includes completely risk-free diagnostics, and all of our service options feature a no recovery, no charge guarantee.

  • Can I use file recovery utilities to restore data on a RAID 0 system?

    File utilities cannot treat physical hardware issues, and most commercial programs are not designed for striped data. By running your RAID 0 in a failed condition, you could contribute to file corruption issues. You could also overwrite data, which greatly limits the possibility of a full recovery.

    We recommend shutting your RAID down right away when data loss occurs. Do not attempt to repair damaged hard drives and never run data recovery software.

  • Can you repair a single failed drive from my RAID 0 array and return it to me?

    This approach will not result in a full recovery under most circumstances. Because RAID 0 systems stripe data across multiple disks, file corruption often occurs when a single hard drive fails.

    Our engineers will need to repair your damaged drive, then work directly with your array to restore the system to a functional condition.

  • What tools do data recovery companies use to treat RAID 0 arrays?

    We are uniquely qualified to treat physical media failures and logical issues on RAID 0 systems. Secure Data Recovery Services operates a Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, and our teams have decades of combined experience with striped data. We also keep an on-site inventory of RAID controllers and hard drive parts.

    Additionally, we have a number of proprietary data recovery utilities that allow for fast, safe treatment. We maintain an overall success rate of 96 percent for our RAID data recovery services.

    For more information or to discuss data recovery options with an expert, call our 24/7 customer service hotline today.