Data Rescued from Crashed Synology NAS Device

Data Rescued from Crashed Synology NAS Device

High-end digital capture and post-production companies require uninterrupted access to creative assets. Clients rely on this, and business reputations can suffer without it. But data loss can strike any organization at any time. When it does, businesses need immediate and professional data recovery services to ensure limited down time and successful data restoration.

D-Factory, a Los Angeles-based post-production firm, recently contacted Secure Data Recovery Services when both volumes on its Synology NAS crashed. The company’s server, a 12-bay DS2415 with a 12-bay DX1215 extension configured in SHR mode as a RAID 5 and running MacOS, held 140 TB of business-critical data essential to the continuity of their operations.

Assessing the Problem

In the immediate aftermath of the crash, the company reached out to Synology for assistance. Technicians from the manufacturer spent two weeks attempting a remote recovery of the company’s data. Ultimately, those efforts were unsuccessful. Synology referred the company to Secure Data Recovery Services.

Secure Data Recovery has a department dedicated to RAID recovery and repair, as well as custom tools and utilities developed for every major manufacturer. After receiving the company’s failed storage media, our technicians conducted a free and full diagnostic analysis of each drive to determine the cause of the data loss.

The diagnostic revealed numerous problems with the RAID array as well as physical and logical errors with three of the server’s 23 drives. These Issues included read errors, reallocation errors, an unstable drive head, lost RAID configuration, damaged partition and boot sector corruption, and damage to the file system.

A Customized Data Recovery Solution

The bad drives were repaired and successfully imaged inside a Class 10 ISO 4 certified cleanroom. All Secure Data Recovery operations take place in cleanrooms to ensure no additional damage occurs to sensitive internal drive components. Once imaging was complete, the case went to the development team.

The server’s original volume architecture required repairs to reconstruct damaged file structures. After de-striping the RAID, the development team used proprietary utilities to manually extract and repair all user data affected by damage to the original file structure. All data was then successfully exported to secure storage servers.

Secure Data Recovery was able to restore 99% of the data from the damaged Synology server – more than 12 million files comprising 100+ GB of data essential to the success of ongoing production projects. All recovered data was transferred from our secure storage servers to customer-supplied storage drives before being shipped back to the company.

The Right Fix for Every Data Recovery Case

Each data recovery case has its own specific challenges, whether it’s a standard hard disk drive, a solid-state or other flash memory device, or high-capacity NAS, SAN or RAID systems. In each situation, successful data recovery requires the right set of skills and the right tools for the job. Nowhere is this more evident than with damaged RAID systems.

RAID systems can fail because of faulty hardware, problems with the underlying software, human errors, or a combination of all of these factors. In each case, data recovery engineers must correctly diagnose the problem, determine the most effective solution, and then successfully implement the data recovery strategy.

The technicians and developers at Secure Data Recovery Services have decades of combined experience creating custom solutions for successful data recovery on every type of digital storage device. Our proprietary technology helps us meet any challenge and contributes to our industry-leading and documented 96% successful data recovery rate.

Your first call can make the difference between temporary and permanent data loss. Secure Data Recovery Services provides free diagnostics and a no-obligation cost estimate. Our “no recovery, no recovery fee” guarantee means you pay nothing until your lost data has been restored.

Preparing for the unthinkable can help you avoid catastrophic data loss. But when the unthinkable becomes unavoidable, we’re here to help. We offer free diagnostic analysis, free inbound media shipping, and a “no data, no data recovery fee” guarantee. And our certified experts have a 96 percent success rate.

Call us at 1-800-388-1266 for more information or to open a data recovery case.

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