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RAID 6 Data Recovery Services from an Industry Leader

RAID 6 Data Recovery

Secure Data Recovery Services offers professional RAID 6 data repair with perfect security and an outstanding 96 percent success rate. We specialize in RAID technology, and with offices in most major U.S. cities, we provide a fast, reliable way to get your business back up and running after a server failure or other disaster.

RAID 6 Data Recovery Services

RAID 6 is fundamentally similar to RAID 5 as both stripe data across member hard drives with a distributed parity block. This parity block allows the RAID to reconstruct data after a single hard drive failure. RAID 6 adds a second parity stripe, which provides improved redundancy for the system. A standard RAID 6 can sustain two hard drive failures without losing data.

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Because RAID 6 systems need to perform twice the parity calculations, write speeds are often limited as compared to RAID 5. However, this is not necessarily the case; specialized RAID controllers with optimized firmware can reduce parity calculation times.

Common RAID 6 data loss scenarios include:

  • Multiple Hard Drive Failures Past Point of Redundancy
  • Errors During Rebuild
  • Damaged RAID Controller Card
  • Accidental Overwrites, Formatting or Partitioning
  • Re-initialization Resulting in Overwrite
  • File Corruption
  • Virus Damage
  • Fire, Smoke or Water Damage

At Secure Data Recovery Services, we know how RAID failures can affect your business. We operate the world's most advanced RAID repair laboratory, and with numerous certifications and a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, we provide an exceptionally consistent way to avoid data loss after RAID failures and other disaster.

Call our customer service team today to set up a detailed evaluation for your RAID 6 or for more information about our award-winning data recovery and RAID repair services.

What to Do When a RAID 6 Fails

RAID 6 systems can fail suddenly, usually during a rebuild or when a controller failure causes serious parity issues. If your RAID 6 stops functioning or if you cannot access data, make a note of any error messages and shut down the array as quickly as possible. Do not attempt to recover files or replace any failed system components. Clearly label each drive in the array and contact Secure Data Recovery Services to discuss disaster recovery options.

Secure Data Recovery Services' specialists regularly work with all RAID levels. We have an extensive library of RAID controller cards, and because our teams have relevant experience with RAID 6, we offer higher recovery success rates than many of our competitors.

Unlike many other providers, we offer risk-free standard diagnostics for all RAID arrays. Our experts will evaluate your system at one of our facilities and provide a price quote, turnaround estimate and a full failure analysis. With advanced data recovery technology and a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, we provide industry-leading turnaround times of 2-5 business days for most RAID 6 systems. We also offer an expedited 24/7/365 service with an even faster average turnaround of less than 48 hours.

A Secure Option for RAID 6 Data Recovery Services

Our engineering team starts each case by analyzing damage and creating a plan for recovery. We treat media damage in our Cleanroom, then make individual clones of every RAID 6 member in order to create a functional copy of your array. Our engineers can typically simulate various RAID systems using specialized hardware and our onsite controller card inventory.

Secure Data Recovery Services' teams have experience with all common RAID operating systems and file formats, and we can quickly treat logical damage to restore your system to a working condition. As the first RAID data recovery provider to earn a SSAE 18 Type II certification, we exercise extreme care when handling recovered data in order to protect our clients' confidentiality.

Advantages of Secure Data Recovery Services include:

  • Fast Turnarounds and Flexible Case Options
  • Advanced RAID 6 Data Recovery Facilities
  • Experienced Engineering Teams and High Success Rates
  • Emergency Services Available 24/7/365
  • No Recovery, No Charge Guarantee
  • Online Case Monitoring, 24/7 Customer Service and More

Secure Data Recovery Services also offers RAID 6 repair. Our specialists can replace damaged controller cards and other components while recovering your data, greatly limiting system downtime and productivity losses.

When you need to recover from a sudden RAID disaster, you need help from experienced RAID specialists. Secure Data Recovery Services' talented staff provides the results you need to restore your RAID after an unexpected event. To start your case or to speak with a RAID 6 data recovery specialists, contact our customer service team today.

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  • Reviewed on Jan 27 2017  |  Kirkland, WA

    Nice to have our family photos and videos back!

    The data recovery process was very organized and Jeremy Provchy was very helpful responsive. We were able to recover almost all of our priceless family photos and videos from our failed external hard drive and have learned a valuable lesson in keeping redundant storage solutions.

  • Reviewed on Jan 23 2017  |  Westminster, CO

    RAID Failure Recovery

    The team responded quickly at a time where we were in our worst position. Our server drives failed and had 'lost' five weeks worth of data. The same day I called SDR, I had a FedEx label in my email and my corrupted drives were on the way to their lab. Within a few days, I had learned that they were successfully able to retrieve all of our missing data and received everything on a hard drive one day later. I couldn't be more willing to recommend this company for your data recovery needs!

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