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A Professional Resource for Sun Data Recovery Services

Secure Data recovery Services offers a professional set of services for Sun RAID servers and storage systems. We specialize in RAID repair and provide fast turnaround times through an extensive network of offices, restoring important files after virtually any type of data loss event.

Sun RAID Data Recovery

Our RAID specialists have years of experience with Sun RAID configurations and the ZFS filesystem.

Many Sun systems use traditional RAID 5, 6 or 10 configurations, but Sun's ZFS file system is also capable of triple-parity RAID, which the company calls RAIDz3. Unfortunately, whether your system is double, triple or single parity, failures can still occur under certain circumstances.

The most common reasons for data loss on highly redundant systems include:

  • User Error or Accidental File Deletion
  • Failed RAID Rebuild and Configuration Issues
  • Multiple Simultaneous Hard Drive Failures
  • Unexpected Electrical Events
  • Virus Damage and Other Logical Data Issues

When you need to quickly regain access to information on a Sun server, Secure Data Recovery Services can help. Our experience with Sun servers is unparalleled, and we consistently lead our industry with excellent success rates and fast turnaround times.

We regularly work with StorageTek devices, Sun Blade Servers, x86 servers and SPARC servers, and our laboratory offers 24/7/365 emergency RAID data recovery services for all of these devices. All of our services feature a no recovery, no charge guarantee, and we provide risk-free diagnostics for standard Sun data recovery. Contact our customer service team today to get started.

Advanced Technology for Sun RAID Data Recovery

In order to treat Sun servers effectively, data recovery providers need access to highly specialized tools and equipment. Secure Data Recovery Services regularly invests in laboratory development and research. We maintain exceptional success rates by applying an individualized process to every Sun RAID case.

Our teams can treat both physical and logical failure scenarios effectively. We use proprietary utilities designed for RAIDz3 data recovery, and our certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom allows our engineers to safely repair damaged hard drives and solid-state disks. By using our hardware libraries and our extensive selection of RAID repair equipment, we can safely restore your RAID to a working condition before treating file corruption and other logical issues.

Secure Data Recovery Services offers several case options for Sun RAID systems. Our 24/7/365 emergency service limits your downtime substantially after a data loss disaster, and we offer remote data recovery services in many circumstances. You always get the peace of mind that comes from working with a certified data recovery provider, and our no recovery, no charge policy eliminates unnecessary risks.

What to Do When a Sun Server Fails

Any server failure can result in downtime and productivity losses. In order to get your server up and running as quickly as possible, you should refrain from taking any actions that could increase your chances of media damage or file corruption.

Turn off your Sun server as soon as you notice signs of data loss. Keep the system powered down; do not attempt to restore or rebuild your array, as this could cause serious read/write issues. Never run data recovery software on your system. Most commercial applications are not designed for Sun systems and cannot provide reliable results.

Set up a media evaluation at one of our facilities as soon as possible. Our teams can quickly evaluate your Sun system to provide you with a full price quote and turnaround estimate.

Advantages of our Sun data recovery services:

  • No Recovery, No Charge Guarantee and Risk-Free Diagnostics
  • SSAE 18 Type II Certification and Other Credentials
  • Advanced Technology and a 96 Percent Success Rate
  • Online Case Tools and Around-the-Clock Customer Service
  • Flexible Service Options

Secure Data Recovery Services' engineering teams have experience with hundreds of Sun servers, and with state-of-the-art technology and perfect security credentials, we offer the best available option for Sun data recovery and server repair. To start a new case or for more information, call our Sun specialists today.