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SNAP Server Data Recovery Services

Secure Data Recovery Services provides specialized solutions for Snap server data recovery and media repair. As leading Snap specialists, we can help your business limit downtime and restore mission-critical files after any type of server failure.

SNAP RAID Data Recovery

SNAP servers offer relatively dependable storage, but when failures occur, you need help from a certified data recovery provider.

SNAP servers have gained popularity over the last decade as a flexible and dependable network attached storage (NAS) appliance. Most modern SNAP servers use RAID 5 or a similarly redundant drive arrangement to prevent data loss, and all systems use GuardianOS or SnapOS. These operating systems have several built-in features that protect against logical file corruption.

Unfortunately, no storage system provides perfect protection from data loss. Servers can stop functioning for a number of different reasons, and Snap failures present serious challenges for hundreds of businesses each year.

Some of the most common data loss scenarios for Snap servers include:

  • Accidental File Deletion and User Error
  • Multiple Hard Drive Failures
  • Electrical Issues and Controller Card Failures
  • Damage from Malicious Software
  • File Corruption

At Secure Data Recovery Services, we specialize in both Snap Server and SNAPSAN data recovery. Our engineers regularly work with GuardianOS™ and SnapOS and have developed a number of proprietary file utilities to treat these systems effectively. We maintain an industry-leading 96 percent success rate, and unlike other data recovery providers, we offer a no recovery, no charge guarantee with every case. Contact our customer service team today to get started.

What to Do When a Snap Server Fails

Most Snap servers provide diagnostic messages after hard drive failures and other potentially serious events. For instance, a "Cannot Read Device" error on a Snap server typically indicates more than one failed hard drive, while a "Degraded Operation" error may indicate a single failed RAID member. Some Snap servers automatically alert server administrators via email when a server error could cause permanent data loss.

For the best possible chances of a successful SNAP data recovery, keep track of any error messages that your device displays. Do not attempt to rebuild a Snap server after a failed rebuild. Do not use any type of RAID data recovery software, as you could accidentally damage or overwrite your most important files. Immediately turn off the device and contact a qualified Snap server data recovery company to discuss your options.

Advanced Resources for Reliable Snap Server Data Recovery

Secure Data Recovery Services offers free evaluations for all Snap appliances. We treat all malfunctioning hard drives in a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, which allows our engineers to safely perform mechanical repairs without risking media damage, and we always keep your warranty intact while performing our services.

Our expert teams regularly work with SNAP appliances that use both block-level and file-level services, so regardless of your appliance's configuration, we can help you cut downtime while staying within your budget. We also offer the industry's only certified secure 24/7/365 emergency Snap data recovery services, which provide an average turnaround of 48 hours or less.

Secure Data Recovery Services offers:

  • Experienced Snap RAID Data Recovery Engineers
  • High Success Rates for SnapOS and GuardianOS
  • Flexible Service Options and Fast Turnaround Times
  • Expert Customer Service Team and Online Case Tools
  • SSAE 18 Type II Certified Security
  • Compliance with FERPA, HIPAA, PCI-DSS and More

At Secure Data Recovery Services, we provide a fast, reliable resource for Snap data recovery and media repair. We invest in our facilities to maintain exceptional success rates, and our SnapOS data recovery specialists undergo ongoing training in order to give each case the best possible treatment. Whether you need a single file from a legacy server of a full recovery of a newer GuardianOS appliance, our teams are ready to help. Call us today to start a case or for more information.

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  • Reviewed on Sep 19 2016  |  Houston, TX

    Professional and competent

    No one in IT likes to face the possibility of significant data loss and it's attendant cost and recriminations. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens. When it does, these are the folks. We lost an old SnapServer with expansion going into Labor Day weekend. As it was a fairly complex mix of RAID arrays, volumes, and iSCSI disks, I wasn't sure of the recoverability, but after talking with Alec, my rep and Eric, my engineer, I was convinced by their assurance. We shipped all of the drives in and they required the full treatment, repair in the cleanroom, then rebuilding the arrays and extracting the data. This was done in a timely manner (over Labor Day weekend) and the recovered data was returned on an external disk. Communication during the process was smooth, questions were willingly answered and the recovery professionally executed. While not cheap, these folks are the real deal if you are serious about data recovery. Kudos!

  • Reviewed on Apr 16 2015  |  Carrington, ND

    Impressive operation!

    The service was second to none! Jeremy was the first call I received after half the company was in a panic over missing data. The assurance and quick response waylaid our fears and we were able to move forward.

    I have never been treated so well by anyone. Jeremy is the best! And Secure Data rocks!

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