RAID 0+1 Data Recovery

Secure Data Recovery Services offers data repair for all nested RAID configurations including RAID 0+1. By treating each RAID as a priority, we have developed a reputation for our professionalism and attention to detail, and we offer an outstanding 96 percent success rate for RAID data recovery.

Raid 0+1 Data Recovery

RAID 0+1 is a fairly common type of nested RAID that provides fast operation with built-in redundancy. While there are some disadvantages to RAID 0+1, it offers ideal functionality for storage servers, web servers and other types of high-performance systems.

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As its name implies, the RAID 0+1 configuration level combines the speed of RAID 0 with the fault tolerance of RAID 1. The segments of the system are individual RAID 0 arrays, mirrored to provide redundancy. If a single hard drive fails, the RAID will not lose data, but will effectively operate with the fault tolerance of a RAID 0 until the damaged drive is replaced. However, RAID 0+1 is by no means perfect, and a sudden controller failure or other event can prevent users from accessing data.

Some of the most common failure scenarios for RAID 0+1 arrays include:

  • Multiple Hard Drive Failures
  • RAID Controller Card Failure
  • File Corruption
  • User Error
  • Software and Operating System Errors
  • Virus Damage
  • Electronic Damage

We invest heavily in our facilities to provide the best RAID 0+1 data recovery services available anywhere. Secure Data Recovery Services was the first RAID repair company to use a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, and we maintain a large library of RAID controller cards and components to ensure reliable results. Contact our customer service team for more information or to start a case.

What to Do When a RAID 0+1 Fails

If you notice symptoms of a RAID 0+1 failure, you should immediately disconnect power to your array. Never take unnecessary risks with mission-critical systems; by shutting your RAID down, you will substantially limit your chances of permanent data loss. Do not run any file or disk utilities.

Secure Data Recovery Services offers free RAID 0+1 data recovery diagnostics. Our specialists can determine whether your system has recoverable data and provide you with a full recovery report, including a price quote and turnaround estimate.

We also offer industry-leading turnaround times through more than 40 facilities across the United States. If you need fast access to your files, our 24/7/365 emergency RAID 0+1 services have an average turnaround of less than 48 hours. We also offer RAID 0+1 repair services, which further reduce your downtime.

Choosing a RAID 0+1 Data Recovery Provider

When your RAID fails, you need a data recovery team with relevant experience and a working knowledge of RAID 0+1 architecture. You need reliable results from an industry leader. Secure Data Recovery Services has a dedicated and experienced RAID engineering staff; and with dozens of state-of-the-art tools and file utilities, we offer exceptional results for all nested RAID systems.

Secure Data Recovery Services offers:

  • Fast Turnaround Times and 24/7 Emergency Services
  • Online Case Monitoring Tools and 24/7 Customer Service
  • High Success Rates for Nested RAID Systems
  • Dedicated Attention from Experienced RAID Engineers
  • Easy Access to a Wide Network of RAID Recovery Facilities
  • Certifications from All Major Media Manufacturers
  • Excellent Security Credentials and SSAE 18 Type II Certification

At Secure Data Recovery Services, we take pride in the quality of our RAID data recovery facilities. We have extensive experience with RAID 0+1 and all other nested RAID systems, and we can provide fast results regardless of failure scenario, operating system or other factors. When you need a safe way to restore important data from a damaged array, our specialists are ready to help. Call our customer service team today to set up a media evaluation or visit our testimonials page to read letters from our clients.