Logical Hard Drive Failure

In data recovery terminology, a logical hard drive failure occurs when a hard drive cannot access due to non-mechanical issues. If data is accidentally overwritten or affected by virus damage, for instance, the drive has failed logically and needs treatment from a professional data recovery company.

Logical Hard Drive Failure

Common logical data loss issues include file deletion, corruption and virus damage.

Common types of logical hard drive failures include:

  • File Directory Damage from a Virus or Malicious Program
  • Unintentional File Deletion
  • Unintentional Formatting
  • Overwritten Data
  • Operating System Corruption

Some logical media failure mimic the symptoms of physical media failures. A hard drive may not be able to boot its operating system, and files may appear corrupted or unreadable. However, the computer's BIOS will still recognize the hard drive if it suffers from a logical failure. The HDD will appear to function normally and will not make unusual noises or present other physical symptoms.

Secure Data Recovery Services offers logical repair and data recovery services for all hard drive brands and models. Our engineers have experience with every operating system and filesystem, and we offer high recovery rates for logically damaged hard disk drives. Contact us today to set up a free price quote and media evaluation.

Data Recovery Techniques for Logically Damaged Media

We create an individual data recovery plan for every logically damaged hard drive in order to provide fast, effective services. If our engineers do not detect physical media issues during hard drive diagnostics, they will make a complete bit-level clone of the drive, thereby preserving your media in its original condition. We work with clone media throughout the rest of the data recovery process to avoid accidental overwrites or media damage.

Many computer users have trouble differentiating between logical and physical failures. If we determine that your hard drive has damaged actuator heads, seized spindle bearings or other common mechanical issues, we can perform repairs in a Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom. This specialized environment prevents potentially harmful media contamination, allowing our engineers to safely work with exposed internal hard drive components.

Secure Data Recovery Services' engineers have decades of combined experience with corrupt, deleted and overwritten data, and we use proprietary utilities developed in our laboratories to repair damaged files and directory structures. Under most circumstances, we can recover data within several days of receiving your hard drive.

If you need a faster turnaround, we offer an emergency service with an average case completion time of less than 48 hours. We dedicate a team of experienced engineers to your case and work 24/7/365 to obtain the fastest possible recovery.

A Secure Data Recovery Option for Logically Damaged Media

Professional data recovery companies deal with hundreds of terabytes of recovered files every week, and in order to keep client information safe from unauthorized access, they need to use secure networks and protocols.

Secure Data Recovery Services was the first provider to earn a SSAE 18 Type II Certification, and as a member of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA), we take an innovative approach to security. We hold more relevant security certifications than any other data recovery provider.

Our credentials include:

  • SAS 70 Certification
  • SSAE 18 Type II Certification
  • PCI Security Certification and PCI-DSS Compliance
  • General Services Administration Contractor Certification

Unlike other data recovery companies, we post our full certification documents and audit reports online. Visit our certifications page for more information or contact our customer service team for our GSA contracting number.

Protecting Your Data After a Logical Media Failure

Most computer users immediately try to recover their data with software after experiencing logical media failures. We do not recommend commercial data recovery tools, as many programs can overwrite data when used improperly. Data recovery software offers significantly lower success rates than in-lab treatment from a professional engineer.

Likewise, you should not attempt to boot your hard drive if you suspect a logical failure. Hard drives constantly read and write information while operating, and booting your drive may overwrite data and complicate the recovery process.

Turn your drive off and contact Secure Data Recovery Services to set up a free media evaluation. We can determine whether key files are overwritten and generate a recovery report within 24 hours of receiving your hard disk drive, providing you with a price quote, turnaround estimate and a list of recoverable files. You are under no obligation to pursue data recovery services after receiving our evaluation report.

To schedule free media diagnostics at one of our facilities, contact Secure Data Recovery Services today.