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WD Blue HDD Crash Threatens Priceless Family Data

WD Blue HDD Crash Threatens Priceless Family Data

Sometimes we all need reminding just how vulnerable our most precious memories can be to data loss. It pays to keep important images and videos backed up in multiple locations. Trusting them to an external drive can be risky, as Una Majmudar discovered earlier this year when the WD Blue external drive she used for family photos and videos suddenly stopped working.

Una Majmudar’s device, a 1 TB drive configured for use with a personal computer running Windows OS, would spin up but was no longer able to read the stored data. Fearing that her irreplaceable files might be lost forever, she reached out to Secure Data Recovery to see if anything could be done to restore access to the drive.

Recovering the Irreplaceable

Secure Data Recovery treats every data loss case with the same level of care and commitment, whether our expert engineers are manually restoring file system architecture or extracting data from a failed external hard drive. After receiving Una Majmudar’s drive at our data recovery lab, our technicians conducted a free and thorough diagnostic analysis to determine the nature and extent of the potential drive damage.

We found that in addition to read and reallocation errors, the WD Blue drive experienced service area corruption to the firmware and damage to the read/write heads. After repairing the firmware damage using custom utilities and replacing the read/write heads, our technicians successfully imaged the drive in our Class 10 ISO 4 cleanroom. We recovered Una Majmudar’s data and transferred it to a FIPS-validated and hardware-encrypted SecureDrive KP external drive.

The Right Outcome

Secure Data Recovery successfully restored 99% of the contents on the WD Blue external drive, including images, videos, and family documents. As a Western Digital Platinum Partner, Secure Data Recovery’s services can be carried out with no threat to existing manufacturing warranties. We also have experience with the full Western Digital storage device product line.

Your first call is the most critical when data loss strikes. Our expert technicians and developers maintain an industry-leading 96% success rate. Secure Data Recovery’s customer service specialists are available 24/7, and we offer several data recovery options to fit your immediate needs.

Secure Data Recovery customers receive free inbound shipping of failed media directly to one of our data recovery centers or via one of more than 250 partner locations across North America. In addition to a free and full diagnostic analysis, we provide a no-obligation cost estimate and a “no data, no recovery fee” guarantee. You pay nothing if we can’t recover your data.

If you experience data loss, call us at 800-388-1266. The longer you wait for professional data recovery service, the more likely it is that your data loss will become permanent. Secure Data Recovery has flexible data recovery options, and our US-based customer service representatives are standing by 24 hours a day to assist you.

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