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Image Archive Lost When WD Ultrastar HDD Fails

Image Archive Lost When WD Ultrastar HDD Fails

Creative professionals such as graphic designers, photographers, and videographers generate massive amounts of content that need to be stored safely over long periods of time. These assets often get saved on portable storage devices or an NAS hard drive. Archiving creative assets requires careful planning and regular maintenance because hard drives don’t last forever.

Michelle Cadari, a professional photographer from Brazil who works out of New York City and Miami, Florida, recently suffered data loss when her Western Digital helium-filled Ultrastar DC HC310 hard drive suddenly stopped working. The macOS-formatted drive held nearly a terabyte of images taken for clients of Michelle Cadari Photography, and the continuity of her business operations required a quick restoration of her lost image files.

Assessing the Damage

Secure Data Recovery Services maintains several world-class data recovery centers across North America. Ms. Cadari reached out to our customer support team and set up free shipping for her failed WD drive through one of our more than 250 authorized partner locations. Upon receipt, our expert technicians conducted a thorough diagnostic to determine the cause of the data loss.

They determined that Ms. Cadari’s lost files could be restored. After receiving authorization to proceed, they successfully cloned the failed WD Ultrastar drive in a certified Class 10 ISO 4 cleanroom. Next, they scanned the disk image to locate all available user data and extracted it to a secure storage server.

Your Trusted Data Recovery Partner

Secure Data Recovery Services is a Western Digital Platinum Data Recovery Partner. This means that our data recovery engineers specialize in successful data recovery from every WD product line, including HDDs, SSDs, RAID arrays, and NAS devices – all with no risk to any existing manufacturer warranties. Our data recovery team restored access to all of Ms. Cadari’s lost image files, amounting to nearly 1 TB of recovered data.

Secure Data Recovery Services has worked hard for more than a decade to build its reputation as the most trusted name in professional data recovery. That reputation rests on the dedication of our expert data recovery team, which has the most industry-specific certifications available, the sophistication of our data recovery labs, and our commitment to providing the best customer experience possible.

Every Secure Data Recovery Services customer receives a free diagnostic, a full report on the cause of data loss and the scope of work required for a successful recovery, and a no-obligation price quote. We maintain a documented 96% successful recovery rate, making us your best chance at a successful recovery. If for any reason we can’t recover your lost data, you pay nothing. That’s our “no data, no recovery fee” guarantee.

Call us at 800-388-1266 for a free consultation or to open a data recovery case. Our customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you, and we provide emergency and on-site recovery services for the most urgent or sensitive data loss situations.

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