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Data Technology

Data Technology

Each year, computer storage technology advances considerably, allowing for faster access speeds and higher storage capacities. This section of our blog features information about new types of hard drives, solid-state drives, hybrid drives, RAID systems and much more.


The Evolution of Data Connectors

The tangled mess of cords needed to connect your computers and other devices is a thing of the past as technology moves towards Bluetooth, Apple’s Airplay, and wireless transfers of information. However, today’s Universal Serial Bus (USB) still has a


5G Networks Are on the Rise: What Consumers Should Know

Inventions we previously thought were inconceivable have become a reality. Apple watches, drones, and smart homes have become a sort of technological norm for consumers. The technology industry is pushing the boundaries again by creating a 5G network to make


Raspberry Pi Welcomes Windows 10 As New Operating System

The world’s most popular wallet-sized computer will now be running Windows 10 on its operating system. The Raspberry Pi is a computer created with the intent to encourage students, teachers, and families alike to learn about computing and more specifically,

5 Essential Steps To Safely Upgrade Your Device

5 Essential Steps to Safely Upgrade Your Device

There are many important reasons why you should upgrade your device, but do you know how to safely upgrade your device while also protecting your sensitive data? When a new smartphone, laptop, tablet or computer catches your eye and gives

3 Trends in Data Storage Technology You Should Be Watching

3 Trends in Data Storage Technology You Should Be Watching

Innovative data storage technologies are emerging at a record-setting rapid pace. We covered storage trends in February and another update is already needed. In just a few years, we’ve observed a massive shift from CDs to USB drives to massive

Top 5 Things You Need to Know about GDPR and Your Data

Top 5 Things You Need to Know about GDPR and Your Data

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect today and there are a few things you should know about changes to the way your data will be collected. You’ve probably noticed a large number email updates to privacy policies from

SecureDrive, our new self-encrypting hard drive offer top security and top performance

SecureDrive, our new self-encrypting hard drive offers top security and top performance

Encryption is one of the most effective strategies to protect data from loss and compromise. Self-encrypting drives (SEDs) offer unique technology and an extra layer of protection within the hardware itself. SED users use a password, which serves as a

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