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Hard Drive Recovery Services from an Industry Leader

Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

With certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom technology and an extensive track record of success, Secure Data Recovery Services offers professional hard drive repair and recovery with verified security. We specialize in treating all types of hard drive failure including read/write head crashes, electronic damage and more.

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Hard Drive Failure Sounds: Typical noises of a failed hard disk drives.

Clicking Heads
HGST 320 GB Hard Drive - Clicking Heads
  • Clicking Heads
    HGST 320 GB Hard Drive - Clicking Heads
  • Dead Heads
    HGST 320 GB Hard Drive - Dead Heads
  • Torn Heads
    Hitachi 1 TB Hard Drive - Torn Heads
  • Scratched
    Hitachi 2 TB Hard Drive - Scratch
  • Stuck Motor
    Seagate 500 GB Hard Drive

Click on any of the links below to view our data recovery capabilities for different types of hard drives, operating systems and hard drive manufacturers.

Featured Specific Services

The pages below detail our services for different types of hard drives and related technologies. Secure Data Recovery Services provides confidential options for all digital devices, regardless of physical size or other factors, and we proudly offer high success rates for all formats. Click on one of the links below for more information.

Desktop Data Recovery Services

Desktop Data Recovery

When failures occur, desktop hard drive require treatment in a certified Cleanroom. This page explains our process for identifying issues and recovering data from standard desktop drives.

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Laptop Data Recovery

Laptop Data Recovery

Laptop hard drives commonly fail due to physical shock, electronic issues or liquid damage. We deliver high success rates for laptop drives by using specialized tools to protect media throughout the data recovery process.

» More

Hard Drive Data Recovery

External Hard Drive

Several factors can influence the chances of success for external hard drives, and this page details how our technicians limit risks while ensuring exceptional results.

» More

SSD Data Recovery

SSD Data Recovery

Solid-state drives (SSDs) are rising in popularity, and while these devices are relatively robust, they can still fail for a number of reasons. We offer a full set of data recovery options for all SSD brands.

» More

All hard drives are treated with the same certified technology, and our data recovery engineers follow strict security procedures to protect recovered data from unauthorized access. When it comes to recovering data from a failed hard drive Secure Data Recovery Services maintains high overall success rates of over 96 percent.

Operating Systems Supported

We currently provide hard drive data recovery services for all operating systems. Operating system can affect the logical (non-physical) portion of the data recovery process, and we employ a team of skilled software technicians to treat every case as effectively as possible.

Apple Registered Partner


Secure Data Recovery Services employs Apple Certified Mac Technicians (ACMTs) to safely recover files from all types of Mac OS devices.

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Microsoft Approved


Our hard drive data recovery services provide an excellent resource for Microsoft Windows users, and cutting-edge technology ensures dependable results for all versions of the operating system.

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Linux Data Recovery


Linux systems require dedicated attention, especially when file corruption and other logical issues occur. We support every Linux distribution along with other Unix operating systems.

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Our technicians have experience with every operating system and can find appropriate solutions for any type of physical or non-physical failure. We create many of our software tools in-lab, allowing for fast results with unequaled security.

Approved by Leading Hard Drive Manufacturers

Secure Data Recovery Services provides options for all hard drive brands, and our services never void your active product warranties. As a recognized leader in our industry, we are recognized by many of the world's most popular hardware vendors. View our hardware partners below.

Seagate Approved


We are a Seagate Data Recovery Partner, and our verification gives you peace of mind as your case progresses. View this page for our partner certificate and more information.

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WD Data Recovery

Western Digital

This page showcases our options for Western Digital hard drive owners. We maintain a partnership with Western Digital and offer customer-focused services with special discounted rates.

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Toshiba Registered Partner


Secure Data Recovery Services is a Toshiba Registered Business partner, and we support all Toshiba devices including hard drives, solid-state drives and servers.

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Samsung Registered Partner


We are a Samsung Registered Business partner and offer simple warranty-safe data recovery options for all Samsung product owners. Our services include hard drive data recovery, flash media recovery and more.

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We also support other hard drive brands not listed above. Our large onsite hardware library allows for efficient and dependable results, and every case is treated with appropriate security controls to provide a private experience.

Customer Reviews (479)

Average Rating:

This service was rated 4.9 out of 5.0 based on 479 review(s)

  • Reviewed on Feb 15 2019  |  Superior, CO

    Ryan Wiggins is the man!

    Losing your data can be stressful as hell. At first, I was given an estimate for way too high. Ryan was able to lower it for me. Then the lab sent over the wrong data. Ryan, got the correct data and sent it to me over a flash drive. Sure there were a few mistakes along the way, but none of them were Ryan''s fault. he was able to help me get exactly what I wanted. He made a stressful situation much less stressful. Communication between and the lab and me was the only issue, and Ryan was able to solve it. Would I recommend Secure Data Recovery to a friend? Absolutely! In fact, I already have!

  • Reviewed on Feb 15 2019  |  KNIGHTDALE, NC


    Awesome Service! The company offers great rates to repair your hard drive.

  • Reviewed on Feb 14 2019  |  Holland, OH

    Response time was fast with Secure Data Recovery

    When my desktop computer crashed about 10 years ago, Best Buy told me that they couldn''t retrieve any of the data. I was heartbroken because I had stored a lot of photos of my young children on that computer. I had Best Buy remove the hard drive and, because I save everything, I put the non-functional drive in a drawer and forgot about it. I found it recently when I cleaned out my file cabinets and decided to see if anyone "out there" could retrieve the photos. Scott and his team at Secure Data Recovery offered a very quick turnaround time, at a fairly reasonable price, for something that is truly priceless. They recovered a few thousand photos for me and I''m relieved and happy that I saved the hard drives for "maybe someday..." I wholeheartedly recommend Scott Moses and Secure Data Recovery!

  • Reviewed on Feb 14 2019  |  La Habra, CA

    Awesome Service with Secure Data

    I would like to say how satisfied I was with the professional service and most importantly personal service I received from Secure Data. I have a small international ministry media network where we broadcast through social media and television when we tape our programs we don''t always have the time to immediately backup our broadcasts which carry hours of editing our segments which uses a number of media clips and production music for each program.

    when we had an issue with our main hard-drive we called Secure Data and spoke with Ryan Wiggins who was on top of things right from the get-go.... to getting our data retrieved from our damage hard-drive he worked with us on a great and fair price for their service was always available to speak with or would email me right back and answered all my questions very personable and very professional even at the end when I received back the final product of their great service needed help with my pin code from one of their secure drives that replaced my old drive and was quick to return my call to assisting to opening the secure drive to retrieve my data.

    If you''re looking for a company that where you may have important data to retrieve from a damage hard-drive I highly would recommend SECURE DATA without question. Call Rayn Wiggins he''ll take good care of you as he did with me.
    Thank you Secure Data for an awesome job and thank you, Ryan, for everything. I would highly recommend purchasing one of their Secure Hard-drives their awesome drives to protect your data with check it out.

    Evangelist Joel Torres

  • Reviewed on Feb 14 2019  |  Richfield, OH

    Saved twice by Secure Date - Thank Jeff Hart

    You guys have saved some very important information for our company.
    what I really like of working with Secure Data is the whole process it''s so clear and quick.
    The communication with Jeff it''s been always the best.
    By the way I love the Encrypted HD.

    Thank you again Jeff for everything.
    Your number it''s on my speed dial for the future.

  • Reviewed on Feb 12 2019  |  Coronado, CA

    Jeff Hart and Secure Data saved my bacon

    I thought I was backed up to the cloud. But backup settings were wrong, and I wasn''t. Then my hard drive crashed. I thought I lost everything - family pictures, scanned documents, ripped music, EVERYTHING - until a buddy pointed me to Secure Data Recovery.

    From my very first contact with Jeff Hart, I knew I was in good hands. I first got a quote that was more than I could afford (still a good price, mind you, but I''m on a limited income), and Jeff worked with me on price points and recovery times to get me down to something that I could truly afford.

    Secure Data recovered almost everything off my damaged drive and didn''t break my wallet! I hope to never need them again, but if I do, I''d use them again in a heartbeat. Many thanks to Jeff and team.

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