Gaudian Edge Data Recovery

Symantec's GuardianEdge software provides excellent encryption that has proven especially useful for cloud and mobile applications. Designed to protect email archives and other potentially sensitive data, GuardianEdge offers full-disk hardware and full-disk software encryption options. The program is popular for its relative ease of use and reliable data protection, and it is used by many military, government and healthcare offices for its versatile feature set.

Gaudian Edge Data Recovery

Secure Data Recovery Services has the technology to treat encrypted email archives while maintaining excellent security.

Secure Data Recovery Services offers data recovery services for hard drives, RAID arrays, smartphones, NAS, SAN, solid-state drives, flash media and other digital devices encrypted by GuardianEdge. Our engineers have decades of combined experience and can develop an effective recovery plan for virtually any device.

Secure Data Recovery Services provides:

  • Dedicated, Proprietary Recovery Techniques for Encrypted Email Archives
  • Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom Data Recovery
  • Dozens of Offices across the United States
  • Fast Turnaround Times
  • Online Case Monitoring and Regular Status Updates
  • 24/7/365 Emergency Data Recovery Services
  • Best-in-Class Security Certifications
  • Customized Services for GuardianEdge Encrypted Data

Unlike many other data recovery companies, we offer proof of all of our security certifications, and we offer a variety of return options for recovered data. To set up a new case or for more information, contact Secure Data Recovery Services today.

Security Certifications and Credentials

Secure Data Recovery Services has more relevant security certifications than any other data recovery company, and we were the first provider to earn a SSAE 18 Type II Certification. Qualified third parties regularly audit and test our laboratories, and we hold our protocols to the highest standards available.

Secure Data Recovery Services is:

  • A General Services Administration (GSA) Certified Contractor
  • An Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) Member
  • SAS 70 Certified
  • SSAE 18 Type II Certified

GuardianEdge is commonly used for PST files and other email archives. At Secure Data Recovery Services, we know that data loss can cause serious problems for any businesses, and email archives are especially sensitive. We always use strict security protocols when handling GuardianEdge data, even if that data is completely encrypted, and we closely monitor our laboratories to ensure compliance. You can access many of our certification documents online.

As a GSA contractor, we can handle GuardianEdge data recovery cases for our military and government clients through the GSA schedules. Contact our customer service team for more information or for a more in-depth overview of our security practices.

Data Recovery Techniques for GuardianEdge Files

Our engineers start each case by performing a thorough media evaluation. Depending on the type of media and the failure scenario, we may perform physical repair procedures in order to restore your device to a readable condition.

We perform every physical repair in a Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom. Its technology prevents harmful media contamination during physical repairs through advanced filters and environmental controls, and Secure Data Recovery Services was one of the first companies to use Class 10 ISO 4 standards to treat media safely.

After we perform physical repairs, we make a bit-by-bit copy of the media, preserving all GuardianEdge data in its original encrypted format. We then treat logical issues with specialized software and utilities. Our engineers work directly with data in most cases. We then check the recovered data securely. Our engineers can recover many cases while maintaining encryption, allowing for easier contracting and compliance for many of our customers.

We can return recovered data in an encrypted or decrypted format. We will need password information in order to provide decrypted data. Secure Data Recovery Services is dedicated to providing the best possible services for our clients, and we offer custom services to help meet your exact needs. You can monitor your case through our online status system.

If you need fast data recovery for an encrypted system, Secure Data Recovery Services' 24/7/365 data recovery services provide excellent response times in emergency situations. Our engineers recover most emergency cases in 48 hours or less, and we maintain our excellent security protocols and media safety procedures when handling emergency cases.

No-Risk Media Diagnostics and Starting a Case

We offer free media diagnostics for fully or partially encrypted media. Within 24 hours, we can provide an accurate data recovery report with an estimated turnaround, a price quote and a media failure analysis. When possible, we return a list of recoverable files, although this is not always possible with encrypted devices.

If you decide to pursue recovery, our flexible turnaround and service options will allow you to customize your case to meet your business's needs. We always use the same security protocols and excellent media procedures to deliver the best possible results for media encrypted with GuardianEdge.

To start a case or for more information, call Secure Data Recovery Services today.