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Family History Rescued from Media-Damaged RAID 0

Daniel Aviles contacted Secure Data Recovery Services through one of our local offices in Miami, Florida. An immigrant from Cuba, Mr. Aviles has lived in Florida for many years, during which he has preserved a large collection of images, videos,

Oracle Database Recovery from an HP ProLiant Server

An energy infrastructure company on the East Coast recently contacted Secure Data Recovery Services about a problem they had with one of their servers at its large-scale R&D testing facilities. This green technology innovator lost access to master data files

Recovering Data from a Damaged SanDisk Flash Drive

Flash drives keep important documents close at hand. These small, high-capacity devices fit on keychains or in a pocket. Many are rugged enough to withstand the bumps and bruises suffered by most portable storage drives, but they can – and

Rescuing Financial Data from a Failed RAID 5 Server

Florida-based VLP Holdings is a family-owned and operated real estate company that has served Miami and surrounding communities for nearly five decades. The IT department uses a standalone server configured as a RAID 5 to store critical business files and

Restoring Data from Failed HGST Ultrastar Drive

In addition to his work as a Project Officer with Ottawa Public Health in Ontario, Canada, Darren Brown has spent more than two decades as a professional editorial photographer and videographer for several Ottawa-based newspapers and as the proprietor of

Expert VM Data Recovery on a RAID 10 Array

Elite Dental is a family-run practice based in Fountain Valley, California. Azadeh Ashtiany DDS, or Dr. Azi, as she is commonly known, manages patient records with Patterson Dental’s Eaglesoft software running on a standalone server. The server features four 2

Drive Failures Take Pediatrics Group’s NAS Offline

An administrator with Wee Tots Pediatrics, a group medical practice based in Arlington, Texas, recently contacted Secure Data Recovery Services through one of our local partners offices. The Dell EqualLogic PS6000 NAS server the group used to store patient records

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