Remote Data Recovery Team Restores Deleted Veeam Backups

Remote Data Recovery Team Restores Deleted Veeam Backups

DiversiTech, a major manufacturer and distributor of HVAC, electrical, retail hardware, and automotive products in North America and Europe, has relied on the expertise of Secure Data Recovery in the past to recover lost data. Recently, they reached out again when they required remote data recovery for their RAID 5 server.

The company uses a Cisco UCS 3260 server as a Veeam backup & replication repository within an XFS formatted volume on a RAID 5 with 48 drives. The server also features multi-layering and employs about 40 VMware virtual machines ranging in size from a few hundred gigabytes to several terabytes.

Remote Veeam Data Recovery

Recent popularity and overall dependability of tools like AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Veeam as the primary backup solution for data centers and organizations across the world has significantly reduced the stress associated with data loss and disaster recovery. Veeam backup & replication tool is a widespread data backup solution capable of handling complex object storage for massive amounts of data offsite as well as on-premises. With numerous failover systems in place to help with data retention, our team is only employed when the unforeseen happens.

When multiple .VBK files in the Veeam backup repositories were permanently deleted, DiversiTech reached out to Secure Data Recovery as the trusted source for emergency data recovery. We recommended that the affected array be shut down to prevent the deleted data from being overwritten and permanently lost. This is especially important for Linux formatted file systems.

DiversiTech’s project was assigned to our senior data recovery specialists to perform the restoration remotely. This method would ensure that Secure Data Recovery was well-positioned to retrieve the lost data quickly, securely, and as efficiently as technologically possible.

Restoring Deleted Veeam Backup Servers

Our first step was to establish a secure connection to DiversiTech’s server via SSH to allow our engineers to perform emergency diagnostics. With direct file-level access, our initial analysis found remnants of all deleted Veeam backups fragmented across the entire file system.

The archives stored thousands of individual files ranging from complex SQL databases to office documents and images. The scope and complexity of the data loss made it impossible to restore the full backups by employing any industry standard techniques.

Custom Solutions for Veeam Data Loss

The development team at Secure Data Recovery had to create custom utilities specific to DiversiTech’s case, which would carve the XFS file system for all standalone .VBK files as well as any .VIB incremental backup file fragments, and then stitch them together into archive chains.

Upon recovery of the deleted backup files, we also had to perform a manual VM recovery from a subset of the data to ensure that all critical databases and file shares were retrieved completely. Our specialists were able to conclusively restore all Veeam archives comprising over 14 TB, resulting in a complete backup recovery.

Leader in Remote Data Recovery

At Secure Data Recovery, we specialize in complex RAID data recovery, supporting all architectures, RAID configurations, and virtualization types. For more than 15 years, our senior engineers have successfully conducted on-site, in-lab and remote data recovery for enterprise and government clients who have stringent data protection controls and require a near instant recovery to reduce costly downtime.

Our team is the best-credentialed in the industry and maintains a documented 96% success rate—the highest among professional data recovery companies. Whatever the cause of your data loss, Secure Data Recovery has custom solutions for any digital disaster.

Call 800-388-1266 any time to receive a free consultation or to open a new data recovery case. Our customer support team is available 24x7 to assist you.

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