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Expert VM Data Recovery on a RAID 10 Array

Expert VM Data Recovery on a RAID 10 Array

Elite Dental is a family-run practice based in Fountain Valley, California. Azadeh Ashtiany DDS, or Dr. Azi, as she is commonly known, manages patient records with Patterson Dental’s Eaglesoft software running on a standalone server. The server features four 2 TB Western Digital Enterprise-class  hard drives configured as a RAID 10.

Multiple drive failures took Elite Dental’s RAID 10 offline, making vital patient information including billing, x-ray imaging, and other business-critical data completely inaccessible. The most essential data was stored in a series of virtual machine drives. Dr. Azi needed immediate assistance to restore access to the practice’s lost data.

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Secure Data Recovery Services took possession of the four failed Western Digital drives at our secure data recovery lab. Our expert engineers analyzed the drives to determine the full scope of work required to successfully restore the lost data. They found mechanical damage to the read/write heads on two of the drives, as well as light platter damage where the heads had made contact with the magnetic surface and caused scoring. The RAID configuration was also lost and the file system had sustained damage.

Upon authorization from Elite Dental, our data recovery team replaced the damaged read/write heads and successfully cloned the drives in our certified Class 10 ISO 4 cleanroom, paying close attention to the VHD files that housed the bulk of the lost data. Next, our development team rebuilt the RAID and manually stitched the file structure back together. Using purpose-built utilities modified specifically for this case, they repaired the file system and extracted all user data to a secure storage server.

Industry Leader in RAID Data Recovery

The extent of the physical damage to Elite Dental’s RAID disks could have resulted in permanent data loss. The engineers at Secure Data Recovery Services specialize in Western Digital RAID systems, and they employ custom hardware and software solutions to successfully resolve even the most complex data loss situations. They were able to recover nearly all of Elite Dental’s lost data, comprising 379,169 files in 18,634 folders, for a total of more than 278 GB.

Secure Data Recovery Services has over more than a decade built a reputation as the most trusted name in professional data recovery services. Our data recovery engineers have the most industry-specific certifications, and they maintain a documented 96% successful recovery rate. If for any reason they can’t recover your data, you pay nothing. That’s our “no data, no recovery fee” guarantee.

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