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Drive Failures Take Pediatrics Group's NAS Offline

Drive Failures Take Pediatrics Group's NAS Offline

An administrator with Wee Tots Pediatrics, a group medical practice based in Arlington, Texas, recently contacted Secure Data Recovery Services through one of our local partners offices. The Dell EqualLogic PS6000 NAS server the group used to store patient records and other files went offline. Wee Tots needed emergency RAID data recovery.

The Dell EqualLogic NAS included 16 Seagate Enterprise 600 GB Cheetah hard drives configured as a RAID 10 and running Windows. Multiple drive failures took the NAS offline and made patient records stored on VMs in SQL and EPRO database files inaccessible. An administrator opened a data recovery case and used our prepaid FedEX shipping label to send the 16 drives to our data recovery center.

Expert RAID Data Recovery

Our expert data recovery engineers conducted a thorough examination of the drives. Several of the drives had failed read/write heads and severe platter damage, all of which would require repairs before the full recovery process could begin. Some of the drives also had service area corruption in the firmware, lost RAID configuration, and file system corruption that would have to be corrected manually by our development team using purpose-built utilities.

Once our expert engineers received authorization for emergency RAID data recovery service, they made all necessary hardware repairs and successfully cloned each device in a certified Class 10 ISO 4 cleanroom. Our development team then restored the RAID configuration and rebuilt the original volume architecture. Using custom tools designed for this case, they manually extracted all drive contents, repaired the user data corruption caused by damage to the file system, and successfully extracted Wee Tots’ lost data to our secure storage server.

Industry-Leading Service

Many of the drives in the Wee Tots server had severe platter damage, which often leads to permanent data loss. But our data recovery engineers were able to successfully recover 99% of the group practice’s lost medical information, comprising about 2.3 TB of data. All recovered files were transferred to an 8 TB DAS device for secure return shipment.

Secure Data Recovery Services specializes in complex RAID data recovery and repair. Our development team has proprietary tools for any RAID data loss scenario, and they maintain a documented 96% success rate. Our flexible data recovery options include 24/7 emergency services that will have you back online with minimal downtime.

Call us at 800-388-1266 for a free consultation or to open a new RAID data recovery case. We offer a free diagnostic and no-obligation price quote. If for any reason we can’t recover your data, you pay nothing. That’s our “no data, no recovery fee” guarantee.

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