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The most important tool in your arsenal against data loss is knowledge. When you are educated in the signs and symptoms of a failing hard drive, or the proper steps to recover data from a flash drive, and the best time to call a dedicated data recovery expert, then you are prepared to make the tough choices for protecting your important files.

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Secure Data Recovery Services has gathered the following resources together in order to provide our customers with an in-depth and comprehensive collection of do-it-yourself and recovery-based support articles.

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Hard Drive Information

Learn more about your hard drive with articles based on diagnosing and repairing common support issues.

How to Repair a Hard Drive How To Backup and Recover a Hard Drive How to Recover Data From a Hard Drive With Software

Flash Drive Information

Learn about flash drives and the best ways to recover data in the event of a failure.

How Does a Flash Drive Work

Defrag Information

Learn more about defragmentation and how it can extend the life and performance of a hard drive.

What is Defragmentation?

Laptop Information

Learn more about how to replace and recover a hard drive in your laptop.

How to Identify the Type of Hard Drive in a Laptop

External Hard Drive

Learn more about the steps used to recover and restore data from an external hard drive.

How to Backup Data to External Drive

SD Card Information

Learn more about the SD card and the difficulties with recovering data from this technology.

What is an SD Card? How to Fix a Damaged SD Card

Computer Information

Learn more about your computer and the recovery options and reasons for the issues it may experience.

What if Computer Keeps Freezing How to Fix a Crashed Computer How to Retrieve Deleted E-Mail How to Transfer Files Between PC's

Data Recovery Information

Learn more about prevention and troubleshooting common issues with hard drive recovery.

Prevent External HDD Failure Prevent Internal HDD Failure How to Recover Data from a HDD