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What is an SD Card?

In the computer world, convenience often comes at a high price. An SD card is a removable storage device about the size of a postage stamp, or smaller, that can hold tremendous amounts of data. These storage cards are commonly found in digital cameras or as micro SD cards in smartphones. You can store tremendous amounts of data on SD cards, but they tend to cost significantly more than USB flash drives. Still, SD cards offer a portable storage option that tablet and smartphone owners appreciate.

What is an SD Card?

SD cards are the portable storage and transport option for files on tablets and smartphones.

What Is An SD Card?

The full name of an SD card is a secure data card. They come in regular format, mini format, and micro format. The mini and micro formats can be put into a special adapter that allows them to be read with the standard-size SD slots on computers and tablets. When you are working online, you can save data to your SD card and move that data easily between your mobile computing devices and your computers at home or at the office.

What is a micro SD card? A standard SD card is 32 mm wide by 24 mm across. A micro SD card is 11mm wide by 15 mm across. You may wonder, what is a micro SD card used for at such a small footprint? The most common use for a micro SD card is in smartphones and other smaller mobile computing devices that allow storing data. Almost every device that accesses the Internet needs some kind of storage, and micro SD cards fill the bill well for smartphones and the smaller Internet devices that are being developed.

SDHC and SDXC Capacities

One of the early problems with SD cards was their inability to hold more than a few bits of data. What is an SD card useful for if it cannot hold more than a few pieces of information? That problem was solved by the SDHC and SDXC protocols.

The SDHC protocol stands for secure data high capacity, and it allows SD cards to hold up to 32 GB of data. This is the most common type of SD card on the market, and it significantly changed the role of SD cards in the consumer electronics world.

The SDXC protocol stands for secure data extended capacity, and it has a maximum capacity of 2 TB. This protocol is still being developed, but it has allowed manufacturers to develop SD cards that can hold up to 256 GB.

How Does An SD Card Work?

An SD card relies on flash memory storage chips to be able to store data. Flash memory is the same kind of technology that is used in USB flash drives, and it is also being used in high-speed desktop computers as well. The SD card has a very small circuit board that uses electronic current to store data and make it retrievable with any SD card reader.

What Do I Do If I Lose The Data On My SD Card?

If you have hundreds of pictures or important documents on your SD card and the card suddenly cannot be read, then give us a call. We will give you a free quote on what it would take for one of our certified technicians to retrieve your data. In most cases, your data is still on the flash chip: You just need a professional with the proper experience and tools to be able to access your data.

We know how important your family pictures and corporate documents are, which is why we take data retrieval very seriously. When your SD card won't give you the data you need, call us: We will recover the data from your card.